Additional Videos/Images From Latest Tesla Model S Crash In West Hollywood


Half Of Tesla Model S Being Towed Away - Image Via Christian J Simpson

Half Of Tesla Model S Being Towed Away – Image Via Christian J Simpson

Tweet Associated With Image Seen Above

Tweet Associated With Image Seen Above

In our all-out effort to cover the tragic crash in which a stolen Tesla Model S ended up split in half, we scoured the Interwebs for every additional image/video we could find.  Here we present to you what we discovered.

Image Via Corbin Keegan

Image Via Corbin Keegan

Image Via Corbin Keegan

Image Via Corbin Keegan

The above video was posted with this description of the chain of events:

A pursuit suspect is in critical condition after being ejected from a stolen Tesla in West Hollywood on Friday, police said.

One other person is in critical condition. Several other people are injured. La Brea Avenue is shut down at Lexington Avenue.

The chase began around 2:00 a.m. According to LAPD, the Tesla was stolen from a dealership lot. Officers pursued the vehicle until a cruiser was involved in a minor crash. The officer had minor injuries.

The Tesla continued for 7 miles into West Hollywood. Police said the driver was travelling in excess of 100 mph down La Brea when it hit other vehicles, including a Honda with several people inside. The Tesla became airborne, took out several light poles and split in two.

Part of the Tesla remains wedged between two buildings. The other half landed in the street. Witnesses said the Tesla’s batteries burst into flames and began sparking like fireworks.

“I’ve never seen a half of a car wedged between a building before and it’s sad, innocent victims were involved in this,” said Lt. Mike White with the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department.

The sheriff’s department is handling the investigation.

Video above has this description:

My boyfriend came upon this crash scene last night/early this morning in West Hollywood after what was apparently a high-speed chase involving a stolen Tesla, which crashed into another vehicle then into a building and caught fire.

The driver (suspect) was ejected from the Tesla right before it caught fire. No fatalities, amazingly!

A police squad car crashed too, apparently.

One of the cars had fireworks in it and they were going off all over the place, you can see some in the video.

Short video with following description:

A short clip recorded right before the longer 20-minute clip I posted of the crash scene in West Hollywood involving a stolen Tesla after a high-speed pursuit in the wee hours of July 4, 2014.

Our original breaking report on the Tesla Model S crash is linked below:

Stolen Tesla Model S Crashes, Gets Cut In Half, Goes Up In Flames – Video – Updates

We’ll continue to follow this story in hope that we are eventually able to provide you with all of the details.

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It is sad when so many innocent people were injured when a car thief decided to steal a car and go on a high speed chase; regardless of the type of car.
I hope none of them have any serious or debilitating injuries.

Despite the horrific accident and being ejected from the car; I do wish that the person responsible a quick full recovery so he can face the consequences of his actions.

Good can still come out of this- Decades from now; if everyone has recovered, perhaps the car thief as part of his sentence could give talks to high schoolers about the importance of wearing a seatbelt and implications for speeding and car theft.

Going through a windshield, being revived, and having part of the car wedged in between two buildings along with the video make powerful visual examples.

Yeah, telling high school kids the consequences of stealing a car and crashing the car at over 100 mph while fleeing police and not wearing a seat belt results in the thief surviving relatively unscathed and receiving a sentence of community service giving speeches to high schoolers to “do as I say, not as I do” will teach the kids that there aren’t any serious consequences for such reckless behavior. A story of cheating death won’t dissuade kids from engaging in the same activity; kids will do it and post a video of them doing it for clicks, likes, and their fifteen minutes of fame. It’s like a YouTube video of someone doing stupid stunt that goes wrong where the person could have ended up a quadrapeligic, but instead gets up uninjured and laughing.

The windshield is still intact, so the unbelted thief was ejected from the shattered panoramic sunroof or gaping hole behind the drivers seat.

Actually the theif is in critical condition current- so not unscathed.

I’m saying after his jail sentence has been complete as part of his probation.

Have him give talks about his jail sentence, his physical therapy and his experience after.

There was one guy who was a drug dealer, paralized now from a drug bust at age 25, in a wheel chair, so now he goes around and gives talks to dissuade people from doing drugs- even made a HBO movie about it in the 90’s I think.

Yeah, being forced to give talks to kids as a condition of his probation will really make his sob story seem to come from the goodness of his heart and his desire to make the world a better place. Throw the book at him and give him the maximum sentence possible for the crimes he committed. He can film a PSA from prison urging kids not to do what he has done in a veiled attempt to win an early release on parole. After serving his time, he can volunteer to give talks to kids. But I doubt this scum will give these talks if there is nothing in it for him.

ok, so was there or was the not a fatality? I keep seeing conflicting stories.

ok, answering my own question. after reading other stories about this including the IEV one. No, there was not a fatality. Both occupants of the Tesla are alive and recovering.

It was a little confusing in the early reporting as first on the scene reports is that the driver was deceased. Then later he actually died, but paramedics revived him and took him to hospital, where he is still in critical condition.

There were not two occupants from the Tesla, just the thief. Second person in critical condition was from the white Honda.

And another Tesla involved in a crash in Palmdale on July 4. Tesla rear ends a Toyota and the Toyota bursts into flames and unfortunately 3 die in the Toyota.

“One of the cars had fireworks in it and they were going off all over the place, you can see some in the video.”

Yeah, I don’t think those were fireworks. Those were more likely cells from the Tesla going into “thermal runaway”. I’m wondering if Tesla pushed the envelope too far by selecting a relatively volatile battery chemistry in order to pack a high capacity battery into the car.

4th of July weekend… they could very well have been fireworks. Let’s wait til we know for sure.

Yes, I think they were superheated batteries venting and going airborn from the jet exhaust.

No, this is not a case of Tesla pushing the envelope. Even the worst, most volatile lithium batteries are 100X safer than gasoline. Look at the Model S/Corolla collision to see what I mean. The occupants of the Corolla died because the fire occurred in seconds after the collision. There was no chance to rescue them. In the vast majority of (if not all) battery fires, it takes time to actually going and this give the occupants/first responders time.

That’s a pretty expensive fireworks, and pretty deadly way to do that. Some people really go to extremes to do simple things.

I was just wondering, if the Tesla had a gas tank and the back end of the car had launched into the building the same way, wouldn’t the building be at risk of fire because of the gas tank catching on fire?


So if this was a gas car, the building would have caught on fire because the gas tank under the back seats would have burst into flames. Got it!

Why Tesla don’t stop the car remotly over 3g ?

everyone monitoring teslas was partying

Maybe they didn’t have all the information they needed to stop it remotely. How do they get the VIN? What if there was no license plate on it?