ABT VW e-Transporter Tuned Electric Van Revealed

FEB 15 2019 BY MARK KANE 14

ABT e-Transporter has more kWh than any electric VW so far.

ABT Sportsline, as the world’s largest tuner for vehicles of the Volkswagen Group (especially Audi), through its ABT e-Line subsidiary, is introducing a very special version of the Volkswagen Transporter – the ABT e-Transporter, which will be presented at the Geneva Motor Show.

The ABT e-Transporter (already hinted last fall together with ABT e-Caddy) is based on the Volkswagen T6 and will be officially available also from Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles. First deliveries to customers are expected to begin in the 3rd quarter of 2019.

ABT offers the e-Transporter with a single (37.3 kWh) or double battery (74.6 kWh) in commercial or passenger version. The bigger battery version seems reasonable, but the 400 km (250 miles) of NEDC range will be difficult to achieve in normal conditions.

ABT Volkswagen e-Transporter specs:

  • 37.3 kWh for some 208 km (129 miles) or double pack 74.6 kWh for 400 km (250 miles)
  • payload 1,050 kg or 750 kg (with double battery)
  • cargo space stands at 6.7 m3 (only long wheelbase version is available)
  • electric motor power 82 kW (111 HP) and maximum torque of 200 Nm
  • energy consumption about 18 kWh/100 km (62 miles) as per NEDC
  • at a CCS quick charging station (40 kW), the battery can be charged to 80% capacity in 49 minutes (37.3 kWh version) or 98 minutes (74.6 kWh version)
ABT e-Transporter
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ABT e-Transporter ABT e-Transporter ABT e-Transporter ABT e-Transporter ABT e-Transporter ABT e-Transporter

Press blast:

ABT e-Transporter with complete tuning package

The Palexpo convention center, where the Motor Show will take place from March 7 – 17, 2019, is only a brisk walk away from Lake Geneva. The water level in the lake is regulated by the Barrage du Seujet power plant, which generates around 21.1 million kWh/year. This could be used to charge the battery of the new ABT e-Transporter more than half a million times. With this vast amount of energy, you could also drive around the earth nearly 3,000 times. The vehicle will be presented at the auto show as a tuning version for the first time even before start of series production – at stand 1244 in hall 1. The fully electric vehicle is an in-house development and is based on a VW T6, which is electrified at ABT e-Line, a subsidiary of the tuner ABT Sportsline. The company is an official PremiumPartner of Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles, meaning that sales are also handled by the vehicle manufacturer. The first deliveries to customers are expected for the beginning of the 3rd quarter of 2019.

Worth seeing: Aeropackage and 20-inch wheels

The comprehensive tuning package is sold exclusively through the dealer network of ABT Sportsline. The exhibition vehicle features a complete Aerokit with ABT front skirt add-on, front grille add-on, side skirts, rear wing and rear skirt set, in addition to covers for the tailpipe trims – for obvious reasons, no exhaust system was fitted. Instead, the eyes can feast on 9.0 x 20 inch alloy wheels type ABT Sport GR. As a highlight, the rims with “glossy black” finish feature a green edge on the exhibition vehicle. They are combined with Continental tires in 275/35 ZR20. ABT suspension springs do not only improve the handling, but also the look of the vehicle. Last but not least, the custom-made film wrap creates a link to the ABT RS6-E prototype, which was presented in 2018 and caused quite a stir with a system power of up to 1,018 HP (749 kW). The ABT e-Transporter is perhaps even more of a revolution in its own way.

Useful: variable battery size and larger loading space

The electric motor in the ABT e-Transporter has a power of 82 kW (111 HP) and a maximum torque of 200 Nm. The 37.3 kWh battery achieves a range of 208 km, assuming a consumption of 18 kWh for 100 km as per NEDC. A larger battery with 74.6 kWh is expected to be available for those who intend to take longer trips. It extends the range to around 400 km. At a CCS quick charging station (40 kW), the battery can be charged to 80% capacity in 49 minutes (37.3 kWh version) or 98 minutes (74.6 kWh version). There is also plenty of capacity in other respects: The ABT e-Transporter, which is always delivered with a long wheelbase, offers 6.7 m³ loading space. Other versions, like the Caravelle, are available for passenger transport and look particularly attractive with the ABT tuning package.

Also worth a look: the new ABT e-Caddy

For transport tasks which do not quite require the size of the ABT e-Transporter, there will also be an ABT e-Caddy as an alternative. With up to 4.2 m³ in the load compartment and five seats, it is ideal for a variety of uses. It has the same motor, and therefore performance data, as its big brother. While the e-Caddy is only available with the smaller of the two batteries, it still has a slightly longer range of 220 km. This is due to the smaller dimensions and lower weight.

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That’s a pretty modest power for a motor, but I guess it’s still something…

Not every vehicle needs to go from 0-60 in under 5 seconds. IMHO

Then why does it have to look like that?

To draw attention to itself?

Still, 111 HP is very low. Think about getting out from a charging station and back on the highway, at night, with everyone going at 130 km/h around you.

Probably not a problem due to it being an electric motor (full torque from start) AND at least in Europe highways have rules on where you drive (at which speed). You will merge in the right lane, which is the slowest- where trucks drive i 90km/h. Then the traffic will gradually move quicker for each lane you go to the left of the slow lane. You don’t see cars swirl from lane to lane at high speed – because they would have gotten some expensive tickets from the police ( you’re only allowed to overtake a vehicle on the left side). There is also a set minimum distance for a car to accelerate, before it merge with traffic – or else the speed limit is reduced in that area. I’m sure that motor is chosen because it’s a standard VW part, and not because it’s the best for this vehicle. I guess the same with the batteries. Probably 1 or 2 e-golf batteries. I could have a need for a vehicle like this IF it can tow (1400-1800kg). I could live with the rest of the limitations. The styling crap is not something I need. Good value for money is… Read more »
Rasmus Birkegaard Christensen

I wonder if that is the same Bosch drive line as the fiat 500e. specs are almost the same.

Don’t you think they have been in the e-golf parts bin and picked what they had there?

I going to wait for the 200 kWh battery version, with at least a 200 hp motor.

We’re probably talking 2025 at best then..
And the cargo limit would be very limited.

Probably OK for skinny people transporting styrofoam, glasswool or candyfloss..

If they make it for the new weight rules that will come – I would love your version of the vehicle for sure.

Having solar roof on this would sure would make lot of sense (about 800wh potential there…)

I guess if you have to ask the price, you can’t afford it but, it would be nice to know how much one of these bad boys is gonna set you back?

Maybe it’s the same 82kW Motor Kreisel Electric used for their Caddy. If so they propably have used their battery tech too.
It’s pretty weak though and wouldn’d make any sense for ABT.

How do I buy one in the USA? Has anyone ever tried buy a vehicle like this abroad and import it?