2020 Polestar 2 Debuts Today: See The Livestream: UPDATE


The livestream will start at 6:55 EST

Watch the first all-electric Polestar — the Polestar 2 — unveiled on the official livestream below from the brand’s global headquarters in Gothenburg, Sweden. One week from now, the car will be presented at the Geneva Motor Show. Below the video, we included some background info on Polestar and Polestar 2.

***Update: Livestream is over, but you can watch the replay below.

Polestar is the new sub-brand from Volvo exclusively featuring plug-in vehicles. Its first offering is the limited production, high-performance Polestar 1.

The Polestar 2 is the brand’s first mass production offering. Designed to compete directly with the Tesla Model 3, this four-door sedan boasts a range of over 300 miles and about 400 horsepower. The price is said to range from between $40,000 and $65,000, depending on the trim level. It will also be offered through a subscription service.

The Polestar 2 already has its own app, which you can download directly to Android phones and tablets. Though mostly for demonstration purposes, it should be updated and ready to use with the cars once they start rolling from the company’s new Polestar Production Centre in Chengdu, China.

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That’s a helluva good looking vehicle roof!

Photos are up at netcarshow.com (scroll down to mid-page, click link). Stunning looking vehicle. Let’s hope they can produce it in volume. Nice job Volvo!!

AN: Polestar 2 takes aim at Tesla Model 3
The Polestar 2, introduced Wednesday ahead of its formal debut at the Geneva auto show, will be powered by two electric motors and a 78 kilowatt-hour battery, delivering 275 miles of range.

The efficiency isn’t there. It is more like 250 miles of range on the 78 kWh battery. Convert WLTP to EPA and you get about 250 miles. Considering they haven’t done any real crash tests, this is an early prototype.

EPA is given in the configurator as 275 miles

The claimed production volume is 50k annually, which seems like a decent EV commitment. Certainly better than many others.


If with a tow hitch and a heated steering wheel, it will be very tempting to many over the Model 3.

Heated steering wheel is available in the GUI demonstrator mentioned above in the main article. 🙂
Tow hitch would really tick the last box…

Tow hitch confirmed on official Polestar Facebook page!
Can’t attach pictures here, so trying a link instead:

This is a Tesla Ki..er

The only Tesla ki..er out there at the moment is the Securities and Exchange Commission.

Will there be only 1 battery pack option (78 kWh)?

If the base model Polestar 2 (with the starting price of €39,900.-) will be equipped with that 78 kWh battery pack, then I think that this really is a great offer.

The car looks stunning by the way.

Well done

Production will start in February 2020.

The base model will be available as from the the summer of 2021.

How many do they plan to produce, sell and deliver in 2020?

Absolutely beautiful, as is the CEO’s jacket. Interested to know if it’s made of vegan materials?

LOL! Good one!

Not sure if the CEO’s jacket is vegan, but it definitely looks like his assistants jacket shrunk or he grew up after his parents bought it for him. When your first reaction to a video is to laugh at the speaker, something is not working.

I don’t know what it will do to the Model 3. That might be a bit of a reach, given that I don’t think it quite has the range, power, self driving, charging network, maybe safety…, but it sure could put the squeeze on everything else. Would you buy a Kia/Bolt/Hyundia/e+ if you could get the Polestar with equivalent range, AWD , kinda fancy Euro styling, and another 100 hp for another 5000$? Tesla will need to a get busy on offering their lower end M3s and Y because it looks like there is finally some competition in the 40-50,000$.

Will be, not is.
Still a year away for the launch edition.

I have 2 Volvos then replace in the next years.

And Imdo like it being a hatchback, as the 3 should have been.

The impact will be modest because of the volumes. For example, assume 50% of Polestars are Model 3 conquest sales. That’s 25k per year, which is 5-10% of Tesla’s expected annual M3 production.

Of course, if it is an immediate hit, Polestar could ramp up production, at which point things would become interesting. Note that also would have a significant battery supply chain impact.

All good news for the greater electrifaction objective, though.


Interesting they don’t have a Super Charger Network or the 310 mile range of a Tesla model 3.
It won’t be here until 2020, that is when the Tesla Roadster II 600+ mile EV will be out.
I also noticed that they listed all the counties yet California was listed against the counties. LOL Go Tesla

They are an Electrify America partner. Nice vehicle, especially if you grew up in Volvos.

The battery TMS is not as good as Tesla”s but otherwise it is excellent car.

I continue to smirk or actually be sad about all of these 2 year away vehicles…they’re needed NOW! I consider all of this just vaporware till sold in QUANTITY… Just look at the exciting Kona and eNero…NEITHER is available in ANY amount that will make a F’n bit of difference to saving our planet! There’s only ONE company REALLY trying to save our bacon… and you all know which company that is.

275 mile range for $45,000 is the same as model-3 with 260 mile range for $42,900. We have to see the dimensions of Polestar-2, but its 5 door body style could be an advantage. Anyway Volvo is not going to sell at the volume of Tesla.

Despite all this talk, Europe sold just 33,000 plugin vehicles for 28% YoY increase. But the good news is BEVs sales increased 67%.
I guess the worldwide sales stands somewhere at 145,000 – 150,000 for last month which is a tremendous increase. Much of the increase is because of the China sales.

Why didn’t they bring the car out right at the start? Watching this 45min video and wondering if there was actually a real car or just a bunch of VWesque (if you know what I mean?).
Then we see the car for 30sec. No test rides, no real excitement. One prototype.
People knock Tesla, but that tiny comparative company had 3 prototypes and test rides right at the reveal for Model 3. How much of the way Tesla does things do these guys need to watch before they get it and really start to copy it?
Anyway, looks nice, seems like it should be a great addition to the EV market place when it gets here in a year or two.
Pity, Australia didn’t seem to be in that roll out map.