By End Of 2019, Tesla Autopilot Miles Likely To Top 2.3 Billion


More miles means more learning and a more accurate system.

Tesla Autopilot miles now stand at some 1 billion, but by the end of next year, that figure will grow exponentially to 2.3 billion or so.

Though Autopilot is still far from perfect, the system has improved over time by learning. As more and more miles get added into the mix, Tesla will be able to improve upon what’s already considered the best in the biz.

And with the fleet now growing more quickly than ever, thanks largely to soaring Tesla Model 3 sales, the miles will rack up faster than ever before.

That’s the projection of Lex Friedman, who mocked up this simple chart below. The chart shows the expected growth of Autopilot miles through the end of 2019. The curve’s rise will continue to sharpen as more and more countries around the globe begin to accept Model 3 deliveries.

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Projection graph via link above:comment image

How many none auto pilot miles are there so far?

What they could do is take the total ev miles of Tesla and then divide it up by 22 miles a gallon and then see how many gallons of gas and barrels of oil were saved in a year by Tesla.

This could also be used to calculate how much damage Tesla has done to Big Oil.

Percentage of EV’s on the road are still minuscule compared to ICE, not enough to have big impact on Big Oil. I think we are at the early stages of the S-curve but still long ways to go, probably a decade. Good thing is EV/plug-in sales in US is 3% of new car sales and climbing fast!

That Data is worth billions of dollars by itself! The military and Apple have had talks with Musk concerning this Data!