In 2018 Nissan Sold Close To 40,000 LEAFs In Europe

JAN 9 2019 BY MARK KANE 23

More than 39,000 LEAF sales in Europe is the latest number from Nissan

Nissan didn’t release its European sales report for November and December, so we eagerly wait for any news about the results of best-selling electric car – Nissan LEAF – in Europe.

According to the latest update, via the Nissan LEAF e+ launch, total LEAF sales in 2018 in Europe was above 39,000.

“The launch of the Nissan LEAF 3.ZERO follows a historically strong year for Nissan electric vehicles, with the new LEAF performing particularly well. The new LEAF has been the highest selling EV in Europe for 2018, with over 39.000 cars sold across the continent. The LEAF remains the world’s best-selling electric vehicle, with more than 380,000 units sold globally since the original car launched in 2010.”

EV Sales Blog indicated over 38,500 sales as of the end of November, but we can’t verify if that number already includes December. If not, the results should be way above 40,000 (43,000-44,000 maybe).

The closest other EV is theĀ Renault ZOE with probably 5,000+ fewer sales in Europe.

As the new Nissan LEAF e+ will hit the market from Summer 2019 (see prices here), it will have a moderate impact on sales in 2019, especially if there is a long ramp-up phase. Anyways, a 40,000-50,000 forecast would be a base forecast. Or maybe theĀ Tesla Model 3 will spoil the party?

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Wow, that’s terrible. That’s the kind of volume you should be moving in 1-3 months. Taking a full year is kind of pathetic.

Do Not Read Between The Lines

They’re selling more “dying” Leafs than Hyundai plans to sell next year of the Kona EV.

I didn’t say it was the worst.

And Model 3 launching in Europe this month should be the upgrade for many if the current Leaf owners.

the used Leaf price will be very kind to used leaf buyers.

The leaf have been outselling it’s ICE cousin, the Nissan Pulsar in Europe in 2018. More than double number og Leafs have been sold, compared to the pulsar. So that is really not that bad. I would say that it is pretty great.

40 000 Leafs per month in Europe? There is only one car selling in those numbers and that is the impossible and super popular VW Golf, no other model comes close.

I think they mean 40,000 – 50,000 per year. And that would only be a small increase from this year,.

About 50,000 Nissan Leaf deliveries in Europe in 2019.

I think you are too low.

I hope that it will be a lot more.

About 150.000 model 3 too.

Not even close, it is way too expensive for those numbers.

Nissan has really let the LEAF atrophy. It is very sad. They were a pioneer but they’ve really let their EV division rot.

Over 90 000 units sold in 2018 with the new Leaf only launched after April in several countries. It should be the 2nd most popular EV worldwide behind the Tesla model 3.

I don’t understand the negative thinking about the number of units sold (I don’t talk about the qualities and defaults of the car).

Third most popular… but with almost twice the sales of the fourth most popular EV.

They sold 22,600 LEAFs in 2013. They sold only 14,700 in 2018. That is literally a serious drop in sales while the EV market has tripled.

I’m just giving you the hard facts.

Not in Europe they didn’t. Please stick to the topic.

Good luck to Nissan when the Model 3, Kona, and other more advanced EVs arrive.

Model 3 will spoil the party in H2, 2019 when lower priced version sell.

All model 3 sales in Europe are subject to much speculation. Depends entirely on how well the delivery chain will work for volume sales. We may not see the base model to EU at all, or it may arrive mid year and sell in tens of thousands.

Sold or Leased?

There is a serious risk the leaf will see the Osborne effect on the 40kWh version. That will reduce 2019 effectively to a 7 months sales year. Some of those will be low due to ramp problems.
Why is Nissan with fire in their most important market?