2016 US-Bound Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV To Be “Completely Different” From Today’s Outlander PHEV

JUL 9 2014 BY MARK KANE 27

Mitsubishi Concept GC-PHEV Foreshadows Upcoming Plug-In Pajero

Mitsubishi Concept GC-PHEV Foreshadows Upcoming Plug-In Pajero

AutoBlog recently released an interesting story after speaking with three Mitsubishi Motors North America (MMNA) executives at the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb.

The main topic was the Outlander PHEV, which is now scheduled for US launch in late 2015 thanks to some problems with certification in California.  (Specifically the lack of a battery monitoring unit)

According to MMNA Executive Vice President Don Swearingen and US PR chief Alex Fedorak, when the electrified Outlander finally hits the showrooms in the US it will be completely different.

This mean that we probably should expect changes in design, drivetrain and/or battery pack, as well in performance.

“Fedorak told us that, “The touchy-feely points we’ve been getting dinged on” will be upgraded, so expect materials feels and looks less value-oriented. We were told that the battery monitoring software mandated by California regulators doesn’t just report on the state of the entire pack but rather it can monitor individual cells. As for when the anticipated hybrid will get here, Fedorak said “probably late November [2015] is my best guess at this time.”

It’s possible that on the exterior, the Outlander PHEV will get some design elements from latest concepts like GC-PHEV or XR-PHEV.

Anyways, despite Mitsubishi reporting that for its US dealers, the second-most-common question asked of Mitsubishi is, “When can we get the Outlander PHEV?” sales will not begin in the US for approximately 1.5 years.

Source: AutoBlog

Mitsubishi Concept XR-PHEV

Mitsubishi Concept XR-PHEV

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the question is, will GM, FORD, BMW, Volvo, Chrysler have a similar SUV out by then? Mitsubishi has a tremendous opportunity if they do this 3rd generation EV+ right with sufficient battery range to provide average 50-60mpg when running on hybrid model for long distances. It could blow the socks off all 1st / 2nd generation voltec or similar hybrids.

100%. My lease for my gas guzzler is up in 2016. perfect timing. If the other companies have any brain, this is the segment to enter. small gas cars fuel economy is already very good. As Bob Lutz said, “we electrified the wrong end of the industry.”

Need to electrify both ends. The big end can help get more rewards but you need to do it with PHEV usually.

At the light end, you can go completely electric with a relatively small battery if you design an aerodynamic car. Sadly, no one has done that except Tesla . . . and they cancelled their small battery version. :-/

+1 except for this part “It could blow the socks off all 1st / 2nd generation voltec or similar hybrids.”

Not sure what you mean by that. The Mitsubishi operates differently from Voltec, and second gen Voltec isn’t due out until next year.

“Mitsubishi has a tremendous opportunity if they do this 3rd generation EV+ right with sufficient battery range to provide average 50-60mpg when running on hybrid model for long distances”

I am pretty sure that the Outlander PHEV will NOT get 50-60mpg in extended range model. By weight and aerodynamic alone, that is just NOT possible by the law of thermodynamics…

But thank you for your wishful thinking…

The Outlander PHEV has already sold over 50,000 units around the world, just none in the USA. Sit tight a wait for the updated 2016 model.

That’s pretty surprising since the third generation Outlander just came out in July 2012.

Bring back the third row of seats and I’m in!

They really do, it’s one of its biggest flaws because the Outlander used to boast how it was only the few crossovers left that offered a standard 3rd row, while some competitors never offered one! The PHEV just ditched the 6th and 7th seats.

They really have to out some effort into packaging the car’s rear inverter, charger and motor. Remember that new white tin can Mitsubishi or Mitsubishi Electric took pride in a few months ago? They had developed a new electric motor with an “integrated silicon carbide inverter and improved cooling”.

Now that would be very cool if they mass produced that tiny, little but meaty 80bhp motor.

‘It’s possible that on the exterior, the Outlander PHEV will get some design elements from latest concepts like GC-PHEV or XR-PHEV.’

So a perfectly respectable small SUV is to be turned into a vomit-comet!
They actually PAID ‘stylists’ to draw those!

“despite…second-most-common question…sales will not begin in the US for approximately 1.5 years.”

cue Looney Tunes music. Mitsu has almost nothing to cannibalize. Just a growth opportunity, that’s all.

Call me old fashioned, I prefer windows I and my passengers can see out of rather than a ‘design reminiscent of a sprinter off the blocks’.

Even more quaintly, I think form should follow function.
Not good enough for Mitsubishi ‘stylists’.

No way would I get one of the new look cars, whatever the petrol economy.

Blech- a pox are both of those concepts. Mitsu, just get your act together and start shipping the Outlander PHEV. I added a 3rd-party BMU to my i-MiEV in 5 minutes that gives better data than the dumbed-down output that a dealearship tech can see. Cell-level data is already on the CANbus, just tweak it to get the Californicans off your backs!

*slaps forehead*

By all accounts if Mitsubishi released the current version of the Outlander PHEV tomorrow it would be a success but instead they’re going to delay it 1.5 years and change it??

1.5 years might as well be 5 years.

Cash is in my hand!!

If they can improve the design of the vehicle, this may be a HUGE hit. But looking that those concepts, I worry that they will make the design look worse, not better.

I wouldn’t put too much weight on the concepts. How often do production cars look like the concepts that preceded them? Even the BMW i3 got a lot more “normal” looking in production format.

I do wonder what improvements they will make. Like gsned57 said, I hope they fit the 3rd row of seats back into the PHEV.

I’m 100% sure Mitsu will again miss the boat and have low sales.

Mitsu I was released in Japan before Leaf but released in US a year after Leaf. So they missed all the early adopters.

If Toyota or Honda come up with a PHEV for their high selling compact SUVs, outlander will not be a roaring success it could have been.

It’s now very likely Mitsubishi won’t make it in the us before this launches
And Volvo among others will beat them to market with the phev SUV ticket

Except, expect the Volvo XC90 PHEV will be EXPENSIVE. Like it will go head-to-head with the Porsche Cayenne Diesel or Mercedes GL Diesel. The Outlander at $35,000 will be half the cost. Totally different markets, like Leaf to a Tesla.

Ps Mitsubishi, when Volvo beats you at anything you really stink

This is going back into the territory of comparing EVs, like how people constantly compare the i3 or ELR to the Model S, or comparing the ELR to the Volt or comparing an i-MiEV to a C-MAX Energi (yeah, I did see that comparison).

The Volvo XC90 T8 is a luxury performance SUV, more inclined to bash heads with the Audi Q7 and Tesla Model X.

The Mitsubishi Outlander PHEV is nothing close to luxury or performance. It’s only real competitors are the C-MAX Energim, B-Class ED and RAV4 EV although it wont be sold when this comes out. It’s a crossover, that’s the simplest way of putting it.

I just hope no one will compare the Model X to the Outlander PHEV, now that’s just stupid.

Hmmm … people always cross-shop irrespective of what you think is the “right” comparison. As long as price is kept in mind – comparisons are fine.

It makes perfect sense to compare Model S & Leaf or i3 & Leaf for people cross shopping.

People tend to cross shop illogical segments, like say a Subaru Outback (plus utility trailer) and an F150. Or they’ll cross shop a fully loaded Outback ($35k+) with a base XC70 or A4 All-Road.

People don’t usually cross shop $30K Leafs and $65K Model S’s. They are aiming at two different markets, the Leaf is aiming for the middle-income Prius/VW Tdi crowd. While the Tesla aims for Porsche/BMW/Audi drivers with an ecological side and the fully loaded Prius crowd who can afford expensive things they just drove the Prius for ethical reasons.

Here is what Edmunds reported about the 2016 Outlander PHEV back in February:

“all of the sheet metal from the windshield forward will be restyled on the 2016 Outlander, adopting the brand’s new identity. Specifically, the grille, headlights and front fascia will be new, as will the hood and front fenders.”


Based upon the brand identity stuff, I’d guess we’ll see the almost shark-nosed style look of the new Outlander Sport from the link, instead of the soft double-chin look of the current Outlander.

I definitely don’t think it will look like any concept car like AutoBlog suggests. Those guys over there like to rumor monger just to get the most page hits and foment the most debates. AutoBlog is barely a step above Jalopnik. Edmunds actually cares about accurate information.

So basically just a mid-cycle refresh. Totally normal. 4 years in, the product gets stale, thus you sex it up a bit.

Would love to see Toyota offer an aftermarket plug in conversion for the older Highlander hybrids.

Ford missed out on the Escape hybrid it had going. Some engineering changes and it could have been like the outlander.