World’s First All-Electric Cargo Ship Will Transport…Coal

DEC 31 2017 BY MARK KANE 32

Hauling coal. That’s the task for the world’s first all-electric cargo ship. Such a shame.


China’s Guangzhou Shipyard International Company manufactured the first and largest all-electric, 2,000-metric-ton cargo ship.

This massive EV will be mainly used for carrying… coal. That dirty coal will be used mostly for the generation of electric power.

The 2,400 kWh battery translates into range of approximately 50 miles (80 km). Top speed is 8 mph (12.8 km/h).

Charging of such big ship requires two hours, but loading the cargo probably will certainly take a lot longer than that, so charge time shouldn’t be an issue.

It’s expected that soon electric ships will become increasingly common in China.

Source: China Daily

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Does it have auto pilot? 🙂

The mst ironic will be to use all that coal to charge the electric ship 🙁 Net zero work.
This shows the reality of China’s EVolution.

First: there is no such thing as “Clean Coal”. But: Chinese coal furnace technology must be at peak efficiency to be profitable, and must burn as clean as possible due to the health concerns in that land. Onshore large stable coal plants are certainly cleaner than smaller on board fires of any sort. Good Job China!

Better than bunker oil.

So many ppl fail to realize that China’s electrical push is NOT about cleaning up the air. They are adding 30-50 GW of new coal plants each year. This is about not importing oil. Right now, if they get into a war with the west, all we have to do is stop the oil from flowing there and china stops in several months.
Once they are heavily based on coal, then they will no longer import oil.



Maybe they will send the coal to a compression facility & compress it down to Diamonds…lol… ..Not Defending coal and I don’t agree with coal powered plants but some modern coal burning plants are surprisingly very clean . A far cry from yesteryear. Still no excuse for them..

What is sad is that you have been told the facts about the electricity in China and what is happening and yet you spread misinformation.
Sad, sad indeed.

Your statistic is no longer true.

Chinese coal consumption is dropping – but one Strategy is to build new 43% efficient coal fired generation to replace 29% to 34% efficient coal power plants.
But closer to 15 GW/year.

When the “Power of Siberia” natural gas pipeline opens in 2019, natural gas will start taking a reasonable fraction of generation. Plus 20 nuclear reactors under construction and much more Wind & Solar than anyone else.

China is closing more coal plants than they are opening and what’s remaining is running at less than half capacity on average. China is getting rid of coal long term but it takes a long time to turn around a country as big as China.

They have cancelled a ton of new coal plants – some that are half built. Fortunately for all of us they realize they are killing their own people and it is not good for China or the leaders. Thus the crazy accelerated push towards renewables.

They are turning on a dime – as fast as a large country like china can, but much faster than we can.

50 miles?? So I hope there’s a range extender on board, yes? Or is this truly “all electric” as the title says?

I can’t imagine they actually load these things up for a 50 mile trip.

For some reason none of the usual sources have any current details about the business case, however when I read about this a couple months ago, it was explained that it was to be used in riverine transport. Coal is very inefficient to transport by truck, since it’s very high volume, cheap per volume, and a lot of it is needed. Every trip this ship will make saves hundreds of trucks making the same trip.

That said, I think the passenger/vehicle ferries being used between Denmark & Sweden (on one of the busiest routes in the world), and the Norwegian ferries, are much more impressive.

Hmm interesting. Thanks for the insight!

This is great news! These electric cargo ships means no more reliance on foreign oil. Who cares if it’s used to haul coal, if china has coal then they can use it. What matter is no more paying for oil which then funds other countries and probably terrorists. Coal does not have this problem.

If a ship can go electric, then all barges, trains, earthmovers can.

Probably aeroplanes could be the next.

When battery technology makes that Big breakthrough they will. Everybody is feverishly working on Batteries, It’s not far off.

Wat is transported is secondary, the important thing is that cargo ships are turned into electric vehicles asap.

As coal gets phased out it can easily carry other bulk ores.

such a shame = completely unacceptable

2000 metric tons is about 4,400,000 lbs. A semi can carry 80,000 pounds, so this ship will replace 55 truckloads times 100 miles round trip or 5500 truck miles. At five mpg, they would require 1100 gallons of dirty diesel. And that is per trip. It would be nice if it were carrying solar panels or wind turbines or some other green commodity, but 1100 gallons less diesel burned (per day?) is a start.

I think the math is correct.

“A semi can carry 80,000 pounds”

No, a semi can weigh 80k pounds, including the truck and trailer. The payload is much less, depending on the weight of the truck. Also, that’s only in the US, China is most likely different.

Not being a trucker, pardon my mistake. If load is closer to 50,000 or 60,000 pounds, that would mean even more trips. I do remember trucks being pulled over in rural Kentucky coal country having a total weight of 150,000 pounds. Just a little over the limit.

Yes, this is an ironic headline It is also another milestone in our history.
Clipper ships used no fuel, crossed oceans with freight and were only obsolete mere decades ago.
Now, ocean freight is easy but unbelievably, incredibly dirty, somewhat because of the bunker fuel used.
We are building windmills offshore, it could be that wind kites or rotors, solar panels atop containers, and battery/electric power will move our ships in the future.
Then, as mentioned above, commerce would have energy independence from geo-political dis-function, right down to a single shipment.

“World’s First All-Electric Cargo Ship Will Transport…Coal”

Call Guinness! We have a new standard for irony. 😉


Double irony if it is charged by coal generated electricity!

2.4Mwh battery, charges in two hours, The megacharger has. Landed!

A lousy 2,4 MW. Here in Sweden we have a 11,2 MW EV charger 😉

“probably will certainly”

So which is it?

Wow, let’s make coal great again! Shorters, fudsters, and big oil conspirators will not get it, but just think how many clean electric cars can be powered with these coal deliveries!

Yup, I already miss the coal plant that was a mile or 2 from my house when it closed in march 2016. Took in Coal and just made plant food and Drywall. 98% SO2 reduction and 90% mercury reduction (so the dental and vaccine industry can breathe a sigh of relief since there will be no shortage of ‘preservative’).

The current EPA head has a plan to make sure there are enough ‘strategic’ Coal plants in service in the USA, so a major gas line failure does not completely shut down electricity availability. Too bad my state’s DEC silly regulations (only allowing running at 15% maximum capacity) forced NRG to shut it, before the change of command.