Workhorse Receives $7 Million Order For Plug-In Trucks


Workhorse announced that the company received a follow-on order for all-electric delivery trucks worth $7 million.

It’s a big order for Workhorse, which according to the report for 2017 noted revenues of $10.8 million (including $5.5 million in Q4).

We don’t know the customer, but vehicles are to be deployed in the Greater San Diego area.

Workhorse UPS Truck Rendering

“These all-electric vehicles are being deployed by a major delivery company in the San Diego area. Like Workhorse range-extended electric trucks, the all-electric trucks are powered by Panasonic batteries, deliver a 100-mile range, offer significant fuel and maintenance savings, and provide uncompromised fleet performance.

Workhorse’s ground-breaking technology redefines the economics of fleet truck use by improving mileage efficiency from an average of 5.5 MPG to more than 30 MPGe while significantly lowering the cost of fleet maintenance.”

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Duane Hughes, Workhorse President and COO said:

“We have entered an exciting new phase of our production operations. We see this gross margin positive $7 million order as the first of many more electric truck orders to come.”

“Our proven electric truck platforms continue to garner customer adoption all across the country. We are excited to have these trucks destined for deployment in San Diego this year.”

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7 Comments on "Workhorse Receives $7 Million Order For Plug-In Trucks"

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Who wants to bet that it’s SDG&E? They’ll probably never even plug them in, they just want to spend more on CapEx so they can pass the cost, and their guaranteed profit on the cost on to the rate payers…

Will be interesting to see if Workhorse can sell these at positive margins or not!

Didn’t UPS express interest?
You know, to use and lower their operation expense ( gas ) considerably?

Did you read the article? “These all-electric vehicles are being deployed by a major delivery company in the San Diego area.”

Yeah, but DJ says they will never plug them in, so are they going to use an on board solar roof PV charging system?

No plug necessary, with the new “plug free EV” coming from soon from Workhorse!


The fact that a $7 million order is a big deal for Workhorse really underscores just how small this company is.

Well, here’s hoping that they are successful at selling EVs and that the company grows!

Go Workhorse!


Someone with huge budget should buy them… 😉


…and let me add something… (before the usual suspects call fanboi on me…) I am not thinking of TESLA… A plug in hybrid surely doesn’t fit well… (while the vehicle type would surely fill a gap…)

Maybe a major delivery company could jump in with some money just to jump-start the business.
I recently saw the plant where StreetScooter now produces their vehicles. Formerly used by Ford… …quite a while ago… With DHL buying Street Scooter I can imagine seeing the same with Workhorse and ???