What Car? Tests Out Kia Niro EV: Specs, Price, Release Date


The Kia Niro EV is one of few new all-electric entrants with space, practicality, performance, and outstanding range.

What Car? refers to the new Kia electric crossover as the e-Niro. The publication’s focus is on its eco-friendliness and potential to rival the Nissan LEAF and Hyundai Kona Electric. We can only hope that Kia plans to make this SUV in volume, even if that’s not the case early on.

What’s most impressive about the Niro EV is its official 301-mile WLTP range. Of course, this is number will drop a bit on the EPA cycle, but it’s still outstanding in comparison to the competition. Aside from some of Tesla’s vehicles, only the Hyundai Kona Electric is proving similar range figures.

Unlike the Kona, the Niro is already out and has been for some time, at least in a traditional hybrid configuration, which was followed by a plug-in hybrid variant. This means there has been a good amount of information available about the crossover. However, details on the all-electric configuration are just starting to come to the forefront. The e-Niro shares its powertrain and battery pack with the Kona Electric: a 201-bhp electric motor and a 61-kWh lithium-ion battery pack.

What Car? tested a Korean-market model, which may vary slightly from the Euro-spec and U.S. model. The publication was shocked by the Niro EV’s quickness, drivability, and regen. Interestingly, the reviewer even went so far as to call the vehicle “sports-car-like,” but then noted that its handling is not up to par and its ride is bumpy …

In comparison to the ICE and hybrid Niros, the car is very similar inside, with its standard infotainment screen and “mixed bag” cabin quality. Adults should fit just fine in the Niro EV’s rear seats, cargo space is good, and load height is low.

According to What Car?, the e-Niro will arrive in Europe in February of 2019 and carry an estimated price tag of £30,000.

Source: What Car?

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“Aside from some of Tesla’s vehicles.”
No Tesla is that efficient: 301 miles with a 61 kWh battery.
Kia and Hyundai are the real efficiency masters. I drove the Ioniq and that car is great. The quality/price is outstanding with these brands.

“Aside from some of Tesla’s vehicles, only the Hyundai Kona Electric is proving similar range figures.”

The article says nothing about efficiency here, just range.


Well if every 60kWh battery goes 250mi then they all arguably have the same efficiency, but if one can go 300mi then arguable it is more efficient.
Tesla so far appear more efficient on the highway, which makes sense given they have worked hard to reduce aerodynamic effects. It might be possible, but I’ll be surprised if these boxes on wheels are as good on the highway.

That’s 300mi using WLTP scale. No idea of EPA rating yet.

The Niro EV will dominate the EV market in the US at least until the base ($35k) Model 3 becomes widely available.

Not unless they increase production by a few thousand percent. Kia/Hyundai EV numbers in the US have been incredibly feeble so far.

So far, the TM3 with the average price of $60k dominates the EV market. Go figure.

Probably because you can actually get it (talking about US markets here). Nissan Leaf would be the only other EV you can purchase easily. All the others are either confined to compliance states or made in very low quantities.

While I like the Niro and what I have seen it seems it will cost 40k in the US. I also have not heard when you will have it in the US. Seems to me unless someone just wants a small SUV over a sedan the Model 3 will sell far far more. At any rate more EVs to choose from is a win win and will only hurt the ICE cars more.

Do Not Read Between The Lines

2019 total production will be 50k next year.
That’s an average of 4166 2/3 per month.
For the whole world.
Which has waiting lists all over the place for BEVs.


50,000 would actually be quite an improvement over the IONIQ…

I’m not sure why InsideEVs is doing so much guessing about what the Niro EV range will be (based on WLTP, based on NEDC, based on nothing etc. etc.).
Kia says it is targeting 240 miles, right there on its US website. https://www.kia.com/us/en/content/vehicles/upcoming-vehicles/2019-niro-ev
Probably worth a mention.

It will be 250. 🙂

How does the heater work in a all electric car