Watch Voltec Being Built For Next-Generation 2016 Chevy Volt – Video


This may well be the most behind-the-scenes look we’ll get at the Voltec drive unit to be featured in the next-generation 2016 Chevrolet Volt.

Watch as CNN’s Peter Valdes-Dapena (with some assistance from employees at General Motors’ battery lab in Warren, Michigan) assembles the next-gen Voltec drive unit:

“Go inside the largest automotive battery lab in the world that engineered the battery pack for the new Chevy Volt. And after Peter Valdes-Dapena builds a Volt drive unit, we’ll let you decide if he has a future in auto manufacturing.”

Of particular interest to us is the overload of close-up shots we get of the various next-gen Voltec components.  Some of the images in the video show never-before-seen angles of the components that make up the 2016 Volt.

2016 Chevy Volt Battery

2016 Chevy Volt Battery

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Very cool. I like that the gen 2 Volt is a step forward but it’s very likely that if my 2014 Volt remains relatively trouble free, I will keep it until Gen 3 Volt is sold and by then, who knows what the market will bring. I thank GM, Tesla, Nissan and now Kia for forcing the market to improve with great competition, the same way the Camaro wouldn’t be as good without the Mustang and vice versa.

How can you compare a Tesla with those ill ranged EVs. Nissan and GM made +125 miles BEVs 15 years ago. (EV1 Ni-MH and Altra-EV)…
And now they have lost the recipe?!?
This is only make believe competition.
Tesla deliver more than twice the range of the others. Where is the competition? They had two full years to improve battery range. They are just playing us while protecting their ICE market.

Blah, Blah, Blah. I’m not even sure that is worth responding to. But to be clear, the GM EV-1 might have been rated at 125 miles of range (actually the original one was quite a bit less), but it was an impractical car, it was not rated on the same EPA cycle used on modern cars, and would have been extremely expensive had people paid the full cost of manufacture on that car.

It is not in any way fair to compare a Tesla to something like a Leaf when Tesla’s battery pack costs more than the entire Leaf does. I don’t think it is any problem at all for any manufacturer to deliver an EV with Tesla-like range, but it will have a Tesla-like price and thus greatly limit its appeal. Nissan has sold WAY more Leafs than Tesla has sold anything.

I applaud Tesla for helping to make EVs cool again, but honestly the companies making the affordable products will be the ones that change the world.

Thank you! I swear, some of the comments on this site are ridiculous.

Lustuccc, Model S gets twice the range using 5x more batteries. Don’t even think you need physics 101 to figure that out. At $500/kWh you’re looking at $42.5k just for 85 kWh. People were already squawking about how expensive a FFE, Leaf, and Volt initially were. You think if they throw in 5x more batteries adding another $40k to the car’s cost that’ll sell?

Are you willing to pay $70k for a Ford, Nissan, or Chevy?

and BMW

Cool video. Visually, I can’t tell any difference in the battery pack. But the drive unit definitely looks different.

Reporter calls Volt a hybrid not an electric vehicle,extended range or otherwise.

it is a PHEV Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicle. GM is using a bit of deception touting it as an electric or extended range electric, since the beginnings of marketing it. BMW and Via motors (make GM trucks into hybrids) picked up on it. I don’t care what they call it, it has a full 4 cylinder ICE in it, with all of the maintenance an ICE requires.

This is the video I spoke of yesterday. Go to 1:22 and check out the pack before they start up the ramp. The base plate of the pack indicates what GM’s statement asserted – that the pack sits lower as the T portion is higher. This would be perfect to allow a bench seat in the rear.

Or is this just wishful thinking on my part?

🙂 I sincerely hope there is a 3-across seat, and am upset GM is keeping this a secret. What a stupid thing to keep a secret – IMHO.

Not exactly. There is more components that go on top of that. Picture:×533.jpg

My info is that there will be a bench seat.

The cord testing longevity may be due to them, but the extremely long pigtail on the current LEAR voltec unit is due to Yours Truly, when they told me to turn in my old Lear for a new one that had too short a pigtail on it and they (after hanging around the dealership for 4 hours, and about 15 calls to Detroit) finally decided to buy me an extension cord under warranty.

You’d think that with 50,000 engineers (supposedly what GM was going to hire), and 85,000 square feet of research space, that someone would have bothered to check if the cord was as long as the one in Owner’s Manual. They wanted to give me my old unit back, but the dealership had already sawed the unit in half, and they didn’t have any old models in Detroit either for the same reason.

Now supposedly the new Voltec with the 2016 is going to either be an Aerovironment-esque wall wart, or else its going to be built into the j1772 thingy at the car. About time.

I saw a photo of the rear hump in a 5 passenger 2014 Malibu. There would be no problem at all fitting the new T pack in that size hump. I have little doubt the 2016 Volt will have a bench rear seat.

I guess I never realized how large the prismatic battery cells were. Did they get bigger for the 2016 Volt?