Watch Tesla Model S P100D Accelerate With Drag Radials On The Street


Toss some Mickey Thompson drag radials on and it really hooks up.

A Tesla Model S P100D is no slouch, but as with any street car, traction can be an issue. An issue that’s easily taken care of with the proper choice of tires.

On the road, you need street tires, but when on the track, some drag slicks are often desirable.

So, what do you choose when on the street and seeking maximum hook-up? Well, there’s a subset of tires designed for exactly that. Approved for street use, but basically useless in the wet and snow, this set of Mickey Thompson Super Streets is road-legal, just barely.

If you’re seeking maximum off-the-line acceleration, then toss these Thomspons on and you’ve got an electric rocket of a car. Watch the Model S P100D grab and immediately accelerate here.

Video description:

Testing the Tesla Model S P100D back on the street to see if it will hook.

Having a lot of problems lately on OEM Tires if the surface just isn’t perfect they will not hook. Ended up trying some sportier tread Michelin Sport Cut 2’s, they still wouldn’t hook.

The Tesla ends up de-powering, pulling power, and making it slower to get traction. Using slip start helps but still doesn’t solve the problem completely.

The answer was getting back on the Mickey Thompson Super Streets which are a much softer compound and a lot wider of a tire in general. Will the car hook now??? Probably going to need some radials on the Roadster too!

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Sounds like fun (under the right conditions) But please don’t actually buy these tires for street use on any daily driver.

Their only reason for existence is to bend the rules for street racing classes because they are technically DOT approved. They are good for use in fair weather on a warm track. But they are NOT suitable for use on the street in any type of weather or when cold. Even driving through a gutter full of water can lead to unexpected handling.

Friends don’t let friends use Thomsons for daily street driving.

Yeah. They are called slicks for a reason.