Watch Tesla Model 3 Top Speed Run On Autobahn


There are still sections of the Autobahn without speed restrictions, so why not conduct a top-speed run there in a Tesla Model 3?

Well, the easy answer to that would be that the Model 3 isn’t available in Europe yet, so testing one there might be a bit difficult.

Thankfully though, there’s this car touring Europe, the same one we caught up with in the U.S. awhile back:

We Hitched A Ride With The Tesla Model 3 Road Trip

So, performing a blast to top speed on the Autobahn in a Model 3 is possible and that’s what we present here:

We should point out that performing such a test on a low battery isn’t advisable and there’s a chance it might be a bit faster if the battery was topped off prior to the run, but still the Model 3 doesn’t seem to struggle getting up to speed, but the pace of acceleration certainly begins to fall off as it approaches its top speed.

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LOL. No one saw the low battery before the test start???
Come on guys, try again.
Maybe during the day too.

There’s too much traffic during the day and possibly also speed limits.

228 k = 141 miles.
I think we’re going to see a Performance version to give us the definitive number. M3P
Not bad for the standard version though.

After actually “racing” (against) a friend who drive an S on the Autobahn I can all but guarantee the 3 does NOT reach that speed without help. Next time try using a GPS in the shot. You will notice a pretty significant difference.

If needed I can also submit a video driving at 280+Km/h Ina car limited to 250Km/h.

Your experience with the Model S really has no bearing on the Model 3. It’s a smaller, lighter car with better cda and a more efficient powertrain.

228 km /h, that is good for a model 3 with just 100 km left on the battery, wonder if there will be more km left, if it was fully charged

Get them to run the Nurburgring, that would be an interesting video.

228km/h… for how long? then: WARNING: LOW BATTERY!!!! JAJAJAJAJ!!

“Thankfully though, there’s this car touring Europe, the same one we caught up with in the U.S. awhile back”

– a while.

Because awhile=for a while
“…we caught up with in the U.S. for a while back”
doesn’t make sense

Wow, that is super slow! I’m surprised it was this slow. What’s th HP on this?