Watch Tesla Model 3 Performance Lay Down New 1/4-Mile Record


There’s a new mark to beat if you’re trying for the record.

By now, the world knows the Tesla Model 3 Performance is lightning quick. It dusted a BMW M3 just the other day. But did you know it can rip down the 1/4-mile track in less than 11.8 seconds? Sure you did, as DragTimes laid down an 11.782 run with it against that poor Bimmer, but today there’s new video and a new record.

The new record was reportedly set with the Model 3 Performance at 11.722 seconds for the quarter, an impressive figure for sure. State-of-charge was 95%, which is probably ideal for the run.

We’ve seen the Model 3 Performance rip to 60 MPH in a record-shattering 3.13 seconds, but up until recently, there haven’t been a whole lot of attempts in the quarter. Now, with this new time set, we suspect owners will hit the tracks in droves in an attempt to gain the crown.

Video description: 

After an initial run of 11.75 seconds, The Performance Model 3 set a new 1/4 mile record at 11.72 seconds. SOC for the record-setting run was 95%.


  • R/T … 0.010
  • 60′ … 1.853
  • 330 … 4.936
  • 660 … 7.514
  • MPH … 94.45
  • 1000 … 9.782
  • 1/4th E/T … 11.72

The record-setting time belongs to car and driver: George Parrott, former President of the Sacramento EV association. George has been a long time and dedicated advocate of the EV movement.


Tesla Model 3 Performance - Dual Motor Badge
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It’s Time to Get Rid Of My Bimmer !…..

Hmm… a lot of sudden interest in talking about “Tesla > BMW”.

I love my BMW.

And I still want a Tesla!

Walk Quietly & Carry a Big Stick !

Maybe my “Liquid Copper” look is not all that quiet?

Looks great !

I’d paint the brakes for sure !!

Personal Report from the Driver’s seat: Totally drama free. Power off the line was completely linear without the sharp “thrust” of my previous Model S P85DL (which ran an 11.37 second quarter here in 2016.). One interesting big difference is that I was getting zero regenerative braking after each run since apparently I had such a high SOC when I started each of my 3 runs last evening. By the way, I also FORGOT to lower my tire pressures and with the super warm day we had (98 degrees max which was the time I left the Folsom Superchargers to drive the 12 miles to the drag strip), I was up around 48 pounds tire pressure. At a lower tire pressure, I might eke out enough extra grip to get under 11.7? Also of note is that the traction control on the Model 3 Performance is SO DIALED IN that it never once even “chirped” off the line. There was absolutely NO fractional traction loss getting going.

I just ran 11.777 last night in Denver. I think the big difference here was ambient temperature. My run was at about 72 degrees, but the batteries can provide a fair bit more current at 98. (In fact, that’s near ideal temperature for the battery pack. Maybe even a bit cool yet.) Not sure if you had the 20″ wheels/tires or not. I was driving on brand new (<200 miles) 18" MXM4s, which are not very sticky. Fortunately, the track was well prep'd.

I've always wondered if the extra grip of lower tire pressure isn't offset by the higher rolling resistance. I didn't think to test it last night.

I ran at Bandimere (sp?) a couple years ago with my P85DL and got a then new best time. “Up there” you have less air pressure and a bit less gravity, so a heavy Tesla should perform better than at sea level (as mine did back then). OTOH, I did not get best times for 60′ and 660′ but did “compensate” once I got really going. My P85DL was NOT getting good grip on the heavily used burn zone in that early segment of the track (that car had the max range tires, NOT max performance option).

Gravity doesn’t matter on a flat track. Mass does and the mass isn’t any different at higher altitudes

I think the tiny difference in gravity at higher altitude is going to be within experimental error.

But the lower air pressure at high altitude will certainly reduce aero drag, and that should have a measurable effect when clocking at thousandths of a second.

No slip start? Does slip start even help at all? I haven’t been able to chirp the base Michelin Primacy MXM4s which you would expect to have less traction. Apparently the traction control is very very aggressive at limiting slip.

I’ve seen it argued that spinning the wheels at the beginning of a drag race, for a purpose-built gasmobile drag racer, can help get a faster start, because it gives the car faster access to the higher torque that a gasmobile engine develops at high RPMs.

But that doesn’t apply to an EV powertrain, which develops maximum torque even at zero RPMs. Slipping or pinning your wheels in an EV racer means you’ve lost traction, which of course means your car will be slower.

I believe I have seen some research recently that concluded a limited amount of slip (~10 IIRC) actually improves traction — though it depends a lot on conditions, and it’s probably impossible to dial in precisely…

“…a limited amount of slip (~10 IIRC)…”

10 what? Feet of distance? RPMs? Foot-pounds?

Anyway, I find your comment interesting and would like to know more. It seems to be counter-intuitive, but then physics sometimes is.

Sorry, 10%.

Thanks for your personal report, George! 🙂

Was that record set using a stock, unmodified TM3P? Or do you use some upgrades such as specialty tires and/or rims?

Add a couple corners and the M3 will dust the TM3. AND it has a proper interior.

What the heck do you mean by proper interior? My BMW owning neighbor was ready to trad his in the first time he sat in my Model 3 — said he wished his BMW was so simple and elegant….

Yeah, just like everyone prefers a BlackBerry to an iPhone, because the BlackBerry has all those physical buttons an iPhone lacks.

Oh, wait…

Is this actually true? I suspect the TM3 should be able to handle corners reasonably well considering the low Centre of mass. Someone have actual numbers?

Interesting that everybody responded to the second point (interior), but no one dared rebut the main point! 🙂

Ferrari Fxx-k evo!!!

What exactly is the record that was broken? Seems to be EV specific no? Didn’t watch the video.

Let’s face it… the stock F80 Bimmer is a tenth faster. As much as I love EVs I think you guys should really do some research before releasing such articles. 11.66 for the F80! In which world is this Model 3 some 15% faster? No wonder they got Musk by the balls! I call BS