Watch Renault Twizy Race Mercedes-AMG GT R In Reverse


Let’s do this a bit backwards.

When you think of the Renault Twizy, you would probably liken it to a lawnmower or a golf cart, but beating a Mercedes-AMG GT R in a race would never cross your mind, right? I mean, who in the right sense would put these two on a drag strip? Apparently, Top Gear did, and it’s probably the most fun video we’ve had to watch this weekend.

Yes, yes, the AMG GT R could obviously smoke the Twizy on a straight-line race, twice or even thrice, before the Renault could even finish the quarter-mile strip. But there’s a catch here: the Merc races in reverse.

Now, we’re talking.

Now, as for the Twizy, being a two-seat environment-friendly machine has its downside – it can only produce 17 hp and 42 lb-ft of torque, allowing it to reach a maximum speed of 50 mph. Disappointing, but at least that’s faster than a rear-facing AMG GT R.

With the figures laid out above, we reckon, is a quarter-mile enough for the Twizy to catch the AMG GT R given that the EV has a higher top speed? Which do you think would win? Watch the video above and see the cutest drag race of the year.

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6 Comments on "Watch Renault Twizy Race Mercedes-AMG GT R In Reverse"

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This is journalism for these style-over-substance guys and the likes of Matt Watson.

This is just a bit of fun. IMHO, no one could take this as being serious.

They should have raced against Daniel Abt. He did 210 km/h backwards in the Schaeffler electric Audi.

Hope Renault will make a new facelifted Twizy with proper doors, and a tiny AC and heater unit. Hopefully at the almost the same price.

Where do you put the golf clubs in that thing?