Watch & Listen As Tesla Semi Accelerates With Trailer Attached


Yet again, we get new footage of the Tesla Semi, this time up-close, pulling a trailer.

Yes, it is a semi-truck, but it’s also a Tesla. The Silicon Valley automaker will likely never make a vehicle without absurd acceleration. Even its more mainstream, less expensive Model 3 has proven its prowess and the dual-motor all-wheel drive Model 3 Performance variant is kicking butt. There’s no doubt that there will likely be a performance package for the Tesla Semi as well. It’s what the electric automaker does.

With a zero-to-60-mph time of five seconds without a trailer (and likely even better in the production version), the Tesla Semi is a force to be challenged. Unlike Tesla’s previous vehicles, the company hasn’t really attempted to keep the cover on its upcoming hauler. In fact, it has been out on a public tour for the world (and potential buyers) to see and appreciate. In this latest video, we get to see and hear it up-close as it makes easy work of pulling a trailer.

So, crank up the volume and check this video out. Then, share your thoughts with us in the comment section below.

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So Smooth !

Well it certainly destroys diesel, they should stack It up vs Toyota’s FC truck. I will beat it two probably by a few seconds, at 0-60.

Isn’t the Toyota FCV semi in production? The semi is years from that milestone.

LOL. No, the Toyota FCV Semi is not in production. It produced a 2nd generation Prototype in July. And signed a deal with the Port of Los Angeles to sell 10 trucks.

Tesla will get to 1000 Semis years before Toyota reaches 1000 FCV Semis (if it ever gets there).

Tesla will likely have 1000 Semis before Toyota starts production.

Jesus, is there a single EV site you don’t troll on? You really need to get a life.

Are you stalking him? 😉

Let me spell it out for those who haven’t noticed it: 😉 denotes irony.

Video doesn’t play.

However I found it in your source and it works directly from the site.

Thanks, Dougie for finding the source link! I thought it was something wrong on my end.

Quieter than typical Semi, still a lot of gearing noise, louder than I expected. Maybe it is mostly tire noise.

Doesn’t sound like tyre noise to me… Gearing would be my guess as well. (Certainly doesn’t sound like typical electric motor noise…)

Have to look at road surface as well. Tires and gears can be quite loud. Also sounds like auto gain control on mic might be cranking up gain pretty high. Need a diesel truck doing the same thing.

There is no doubt that it’s *much* quieter than a diesel truck would be at full acceleration… I was just surprised at the type of noise it made.

I’d guess that, unlike a car, the motors are basically open to the elements. In a car the motors are well insulated within the chassis/body, but looking at the semi it looks like the motors are just there in the open.
Noone said electric is silent, just listen to the Formula E cars, they make much the same sort of noise, just a lot higher pitched because they are revving at such a higher rate.

Performance pkg for Tesla Semi?
I seriously doubt that. It makes little sense.
Far better to add more MPC.

It’s not like they could just decide to do one instead of the other…

But I agree that performance package sounds pointless — Tesla or not.

Is the trailer fully loaded? Than this is really astonishing 😮.
And space for passenger to. 👍

I also am interested in the Gross Vehicle Weight with the trailer in the video. The TSemi has driven all across the USA visiting customers, and several of those visits have generated videos of the TSemi pulling trailers — but the GVW never gets mentioned.

Yup, none of these stories since the reveal have yet said if the trailer is loaded and/or with what.

Why is this impressive? Show me a flat bed trailer (so I can see that it’s loaded) with 80,000+ lbs on it. Then repeat the performance. Everybody seems to be focused on how fast these trucks are, when it’s the least important aspect a semi needs. Give a fleet driver a fast truck, and they’ll rake up citations against the fleet fast too.

“Everybody seems to be focused on how fast these trucks are, when it’s the least important aspect a semi needs.”

It’s pretty obvious you have no experience driving a heavy truck. Every professional “big rig” driver in the world would love to have a truck which can accelerate back up to speed as fast as this Tesla Semi Truck, after stopping at a stop sign or stop light, when towing a fully loaded trailer. They would also love to have a truck which can maintain highway speed while climbing a relatively steep grade, as Tesla claims their semi can.

And your insinuation that Tesla is faking its performance by towing a mostly empty trailer, is pretty desperate FÜD. Whatever trucking fleet Tesla is doing this demo for knows perfectly well how much weight is in that trailer. Do you really think trucking fleet buyers are so easily fooled, or that Tesla would risk getting caught pulling a scam?

So, what’s the weight of the trailer and of the semi? Do you know?

It’s probably the maximum allowed tow capacity allowed in the US without being a special transport. Doing anything else would be a pr disaster.

Have they ever said how much they have towed?

It’s impossible to tell. Watching the trailer sway as it goes around the corner, plus the speed characteristics, it does seem to have some weight in it, but tires don’t look overly compressed. Taking off it seems to have to work to get up to speed, then gets going quickly. It would be great if Tesla was giving more information to these sightings, but I guess we have fun wondering.

This technology together with auto pilot will change America. Give these semi trailers their own dedicated highway lane and you will save tens of thousands of lives currently lost to traffic accidents.

Another Euro point of view

People not listening to the noise of a not yet produced truck with no clear production time line nor clear funding nor detailed specs may miss the news I found allover the net this morning that Hyundai just signed a deal regarding the deployment of 1000 fuel cell (hydrogen) commercial trucks in Switzerland starting in 2019. Did I know that Hyundai had a production ready heavy duty hydrogen truck ? No. It appears some companies work and shut up then sign a deal for thousand of copies with first delivery starting about 3 months from now. Hydrogen infrastructure to be deployed by company H2 energy. Hydrogen trucks may be a real thing after all. The Swiss are not known for making silly uneducated decisions.

They will be delivered over the next 5 years…. The first production Hyundai fuel cell truck is announced for end of 2019. So we will see who is first.

What JP said plus Hyundai is selling the first of these trucks to hydrogen companies that supply hydrogen. Obviously self-serving PR. So not exactly selling them to impartial 3rd party operators like Tesla is.

So what you are saying is we are wasting our time talking about an electric truck because has not been delivered to customers yet, so let instead talk about a hydrogen truck that has not been delivered to customers yet.

Your logic is ….

…flawed 😉

You do know trucking is a very tightly competitive financial business? At the end of the day, if Tesla can make a truck for $200k-$300k that can go 500mi for about $70 of electricity (as per Elon claim of $0.07/kWh) and recharge in about 30 minutes, what do you think the trucking industry will do? How much does it cost to drive a Diesel semi 500mi? Average 5.9mi/gal at $2.5/gal that’s $210/500mi. If Tesla semi just cut your fuel cost by 1/3, or even 1/2, that’s a clear competitive advantage. Not to mention the probable maintenance savings as well. Now look at the hydrogen semi. What’s that going to cost? From everything I can read 1kg of hydrogen is at least $14 at the moment (some claim it will get cheaper as it scales up, but come on its already a $100bil industry, how much scale do you need before you see costs come down?). Nikola claim their truck will give 15mpg. Ok, so it’s hard to calculate this accurately, but if you look at the well known Mirai that claims 66mpg then you can estimate the hydrogen truck. 66mpg / 15mpg is 4.4, so you need 4.4 kg of… Read more »

Sounds much more like a tram/trolley with tires taking off

Isn’t that kinda what it is, though? 😉

Of course it must be loaded. Didn’t Elon say they used a 2,000 mile long extension cord? They have to keep it somewhere.