Watch Formula E Gen 1 Vs Gen 2 Battle: Plus CNET Drives Audi FE Car


It’s a battle between old and new.

This video matchup pits the first-generation Formula E race cars against the much-improved second-generation racer.

Video description:

Challenge: Testing of new Formula E brake-by-wire technology in a race from 0 to 150km/h and back down to 0.

Plus, below is some bonus video content from CNET’s time behind the wheel of the new Gen 2 Audi Formula E car:

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8 Comments on "Watch Formula E Gen 1 Vs Gen 2 Battle: Plus CNET Drives Audi FE Car"

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“This video…”

There is no video.

There is now. Gen 1, 9.18 sec, Gen 2 7.87 sec. 1.31 seconds difference or 14% improvement.

According to Motortrend the P100D does 0-161 km/h (100 mph) in 6 seconds….

NOT and back to ZERO!

Haha, I guess I missed that one.

(It does does 0-161-0 km/h in 10.2 s, probably 0-150-0 is about the same as the Gen 1 formula E car, pretty impressive still)

Impressive for sure, but the formula car has better brakes and probably better motor and battery cooling.
I would rather be a P100D owner then a formula car owner (if I had to keep it, and was not allowed to sell it of course. I would guess the formula car is crazy expensive).

Loved both videos; informative and straight to the point. Thanks

2.8s 0-100 is pretty good with RWD