Volkswagen Meets With Suppliers: Starts Countdown To I.D. EV Launch

DEC 8 2018 BY MARK KANE 49

Volkswagen hopes to not enter production hell with I.D.

Volkswagen Group CEO Herbert Diess and brand Board members met with more than 30 CEOs from suppliers at the MEB Supplier Event, with whom VW is carefully preparing the launch of the all-electric I.D. family.

The importance of the first model, Volkswagen I.D. hatchback, is compared to the first Beetle or the first Golf. Production will begin at the end of 2019 at the Zwickau plant in Germany, which means that the original timeline was maintained.

Currently, Volkswagen is one of the smaller manufacturers of all-electric cars, but by 2025, the brand hopes to produce 1 million BEVs annually. The all-new Modular Electric Toolkit (MEB) platform is expected to be used in 15 million cars.

Total investment in e-mobility, digitalization, autonomous driving and new mobility services is about €11 billion by 2023 alone and more than €9 billion falls on the I.D. family.

“With the fully electric, fully connected ID., Volkswagen will be bringing onto the roads a new generation of vehicles that will set new standards for digitalization and connectivity. The ID. will always be online and connected to the Internet via an Automotive Cloud. Updates and upgrades will continuously make the car better. Against this backdrop, Volkswagen is stepping up its cooperation with software companies and developers. One of these companies is Elektrobit (EB) from Erlangen.”

“In the case of the ID., Volkswagen involved its top suppliers in design and development at a considerably earlier stage and more intensively. Ralf Brandstätter, Chief Operating Officer and member of the Board of Management of the Volkswagen brand responsible for Procurement: “We have redefined our cooperation with suppliers. We say what we need and the suppliers tell us how they can produce it with the best possible quality levels as efficiently as possible. This means that we can rapidly incorporate the best innovations into the car. Customers benefit directly from this new type of cooperation.” Suppliers also appreciate this cooperation among equals.”

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Well VW, it’s on you. Simply deliver and shut everyone up (like me). We’re waiting.

yea, hopefully the countdown dosent go into negative numbers, they go on forever ya know…..

1 milion by 2025, that’s around 13 888 cars per month starting from now. Not that much to be fair

Yes, one big step towards this goal is the factory in Anting (Shanghai) CN that is under construction, with car production stating in 2020. Annual production is planned for 300K EVs.

1 milion annually. 😉 Still it will be only 1/10 of their production…

The statement in the article is incorrect. The 1 million is for the VW brand only. Across the group, they are aiming at something around 3 million per year by 2025.

Good point on the monthly production. That hadn’t occurred to me. Sounds like the ramp could be rather slow, with production in the first couple years being similar to what Hyundai or GM are currently capable of now.

Germans do things slow and steady. No Manhattan projects for them. I’ll take a million per year in 2025 from a single manufacturer. If another dozen or so match that, I would call that good progress. It would also mean that Tesla should still be the dominant EV manufacturer at that time.

My guess is Tesla is selling 1 million units/year by 2021.

Leaders following Trolls??

By stating “Currently, Volkswagen is one of the smaller manufacturers of all-electric cars” you of course mean VW has the 4th best selling plugin vehicle (eGolf/GTE-Golf) in the world through October??
And one of only 7 plugin name plates to surpass 100k so far this year??

And YES YES YES I know the GTE-Golf is a PHEV but when the insideEVs stops counting PHEVs then I will stop too…
And frankly I would like them to stop…

I don’t know how to read it is not this year it is of all time and 9th…

And by OEM they are 8th this year and 4th not counting Chinese OEMs…

The sentence you cited explicitly says “all-electric” — so GTE clearly doesn’t count in this context, no matter how InsideEVs counts elsewhere.

Frankly, counting PHEV variants and BEV variants as one model seems inappropriate anyway…

Why? It is one model. If I ask you for the first example VW Golf sales you will of course count both diesel and petrol (and the rest). If looking at plugin sales you will of course count both the BEV and PHEV version of the model.

eGolf/GTE-Golf is #4 outside the Top-5 which means that model combo is #9. Please read that article fully.

“…you of course mean VW has the 4th best selling plugin vehicle (eGolf/GTE-Golf) in the world…”

No, certainly not worldwide. I think that’s true in Europe, but not elsewhere.

Not 1 woman in that photo — VW is still way too OLD SCHOOL

ROFL. So VW is supposed to select its suppliers on the basis of the gender of their CEO?
Or do mean they should simply create one of those stock image type photographs and put up some minorities, women and * people?

My company did the latter. We do not have any women in the R&D department yet the pictures on the website look like all senior roles are filled with women while men are only depicted in labcoats in the background. None of the people actually work for us.
They should fire the whole marketing department that came up with that nonsense.

It’s not VW’s fault that they’re all men, but it should worry those that believe that fifty percent of the potential talent pool for accelerating EV development is somehow not being brought on board. Like fighting a naval battle with only half the crew complement in your ships of the line of battle. Will you win?

That was a group of suppliers.

Sorry maam, no women in the nazi fatherland. Neither they believe in women, nor in electric vehicles.

I thought all the people complaining about what a different set of engineers under a different CEO did about diesel was pathetic, but you are going to roll all the way back to Nazis to complain about their cars? Awesome…

Do we use the same metric for others as well?

This photo is utterly ridiculous, the tiny demographic shown. You don’t pick suppliers based on the gender of their CEO, but you can bet the CEOs love to hang out and give each other pats on the back. It’s not just a coincidence that 30 CEOs happen to basically be middle age white males.

I think that banner behind the executives should read “Electric for All — Together we keep our JOBS”

End of 2019 will easily become Early 2020 and whether its delayed further or not is big ?.
They are just hyping to discourage people from buying Tesla Model-3

The target to start production has always been 2020, since the announcement of the ID platform. The same with other manufacturers. The reason is not Tesla, no matter how hard you (or I) wish it to be true.

The reason is EU mandated average fuel consumption standards. Last target was 130g CO2 /KM implemented since 2015, and a tightening of this standard to 95g CO2/KM starting in -drum roll- 2020.

Production start is end of 2019, deliveries start in 2020.

That is indeed a highly concentrated group of old white guys, not withstanding the one possibly Asian guy at the far right and maybe the guy in the middle.

I’m not seeing much diversity there.

But then Europe isn’t supposed to be the land of immigrants as the US is supposed to be. And yes indeed, not a single female in the group does say something about Europe too.

Yeah, all whites and one Asian. Where are all the paragons of innovation and productivity from Africa? Must be a racist conspiracy.

All hail your fuhrer the Trump!

Well, you buy the diversity-sourced car, comrade. I prefer the excellence, regardless of where it comes from.

I’d buy one of Gwynne Shotwell’s rockets anytime.

“Where are all the paragons of innovation and productivity from Africa? Must be a racist conspiracy.”

Yeah, the racist conspiracy that killed off millions of people of color, in Europe, between 1939-1945. Kinda hard for those who got killed off to leave descendants who might appear in recent photographs. It also might, just might, tend to discourage more people of color to move to the regions where that racist conspiracy ruled.

Many, many more whites and Asians than blacks were killed between 1939-1945. The Jews were almost wiped out but they are still at the forefront of intellectual achievement. Your argument is really weak and besides the point. The point is that there is no black faces in the photo because there simply are no such suppliers for electric vehicles. The why is a whole different discussion.

Almost 40 millionaires to make a single EV car.
EV are expensive!!!!

Ethnicity is not a skill.

That photograph is hilarious. They’re begging you not to buy a Tesla because “they’re coming!” If you believe that I have a beautiful bridge to sell you.

Are you talking about the base Model3 once promised for $35k ?

How many thousands of times have you “promised” Tesla would fail? Hey, maybe you should re-start the “Tesla Death Watch” blog series. 😆 😆 😆

And how’s that long-term TSLA short investment working for you, tftf? LOSER!

No name calling – you are better than that.

Except that TSLA short sellers are literally losers, unless the comment poster was not one of those, in which case an apology is in order.

I think the base model 3 will be out before the ID.

That is not to say I believe the ID is vapourware. Both will be out by 2020.

I just don’t believe the ID will be as good of a car for 10k€ less, like VW has claimed before.

Now, we’ve learned that Volkswagen’s I.D. line will be entering production in November 2019.
Model 3 SR will be on production by May 2019.
Ohh mamma!

If current rates of growth (around 60% py) continue – by 2025 over 42 million electric cars will be sold worldwide – so if VW is only contributing 3 million to this (around 1%) they will be a small EV company.

Who’s going to be producing the other 39 Million… growth rates are skewed due to the ramp up of the Model 3 so taking a tangent off that is not be greatest option…

Half of all cars sold in 2025 are not going to be BEVs, no matter how much you want them to be.

“Half of all cars sold in 2025 are not going to be BEVs”
Hallf of 42 million cars?
No 42 million cars will be sold on 2025, forgive that.
Less than 35 million cars will be produced on 2025: Ford, GM, VW…. all of them are closing models into 2019 and beyond.

Talk is cheap………….. been waiting for years and no action……………. wake me up when your start producing…………….

So, after crying “Wolf! Wolf! Wolf!” dozens of times about how they were gonna start making and selling plug-in EVs in large numbers, VW apparently thinks we’re gonna get excited about this latest claim.


Hey, Volkswagen! Do let us know when you actually have cars rolling off the assembly line. Until then, stop wasting our time with all your vaporware.

Do you really think they will not be selling 1 million by 2025? If you had to place a bet – yes or no, would you actually bet no? I would be no for Mazda, but not for VW. Germans plan far ahead and move slowly, but in a steady fashion. I would bet against those that are silent at the moment.

Do you really think they will not be selling 1 million by 2025? No.
You know the plants and models? Battery packs? please, go to china to ask for them and then tell us how they make the battery packs and delays like the e-tron one (supossed software delay /real upricing of battery packs from LG).