Volkswagen’s I.D. Trio (I.D., Buzz, Crozz) Meets For First Time


Family photo time!

Out in California, and ahead of their on-stage debut at the Los Angeles Auto Show, Volkswagen is bringing together its I.D. trio for its first family photo shoot. On hand is the I.D., I.D. Buzz and I.D. Crozz.

All three vehicles are currently slated for production, though launch schedules seem to change from time to time (typical VW when it comes to electric cars).

For the U.S., we should see both the I.D. hatchback and I.D Crozz around the same time frame of late 2019 or early 2020. The I.D hatch boasts a claimed range of 250 to 370 miles NEDC, while the I.D. Crozz apparently goes some 311 miles on a charge.

Arriving later will be the I.D. Buzz, in 2022 or so. This too has a claimed range that’s quite high at 270 miles (first drive here).

Volkswagen I.D. Family Photo

Video description:

“Family visit to Los Angeles: At the LA Auto Show Volkswagen presents I.D., I.D. BUZZ and I.D. CROZZ together for the first time.”

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Anyone want to guess on the Crozz price?

Guess: Start at $39,995 for a 200 mile version. AWD standard and doors that open in the good ole regular fashion.

Is that in today’s money or far future dollars? 😀

I’ll go with $45k to $55k for the top trim model after incentives.

“The I.D. CROZZ-based electric vehicle will be an affordable and stylish electric SUV—and there is more to come!” said Hinrich J. Woebcken, President and CEO, Volkswagen Group of America.

Don’t know where affordable starts and ends, though.

Gee, one of them looks almost not a concept!

Yeah. Didn’t I read in one InsideEVs article that VW had claimed a dozen times that the I.D. Buzz (the Microbus) was to be put into production, with never any follow-through?

VW is the king of vaporware!

The ID Buzz even tops out at 25mph, in keeping with traditional EV disinformation.

At least the software engineers looking to replace human drivers will be happy.

“VW is the king of vaporware!”

Indeed, that’s what “VW” stands for — vaporware.

Only for sale in California?

Probably. The main problem with VW EVs in Texas is that none of the VW dealers are certified to service EVs. One advantage Ford and Chevrolet dealers have in Texas is that many dealers are certified to service EVs.

It’s not that big of a deal. At least not for a regular educated mechanic. They have to do some classes at VW, and pass 3 tests. It’s the same with BMW for example. This is (at least in Norway) paid by VW, BMW, Ford or what ever. It they are an independent repair shop, they may have a harder time.. The dealer will have to invest in some extra equipment, but that is kind of like a one time investment. In addition they have to provide safety equipment for the mechanic. In Norway, a mechanic learns a lot of electronics to begin with. All they have to learn is the safety procedures with high voltage, and the new maintenance routines. A lot of the mechanical work it usually just like a normal car. Breaks, shocks, driveshafts and so on. It is kind of the same change that happened in machining, where older people struggled some to learn CNC programming, since they had learned manual use of various machines. The problem was that the younger once only learned CNC, and not the older machines. Kind of a shame, since it is a skill they should learn. We have a few… Read more »

In Portugal, it will probably cost more than 60,000 euros, otherwise who would buy a, smaller, diesel and with fewer bhp, Tiguan 2.0 TDI 240 DSG 4Motion which costs 52,000 euros?

Where is the Volkswagen “I. D.-One” Waiting On VWaporware?

Should be a family of Four – Not “Four” Sale!

Serial anti tesla troll thomas

What about the Tesla M3 Vaporware? In a few days we will see.

I’m starting to see them now doubting Thomas.

Why don’t you go suck on your clean diesel?

Ooh, you went biblical on him.

(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

If the BUZZ had AWD ~MAYBE~ I would consider it. The others……….meh.

I think all three would sell like hotcakes. The obvious next step is a rear drive I.D. Beetle, I think.

Are these newer prototypes, or the same units we have been seeing, for a while now?

These are all prototypes in various stages. Right now they are working on regulations, and a lot of calculations. What are they going to include in the production model, how can they automate the production of the vehicle they have planned. What have to be changed due to cost, production speed/price/automation and so on. The platform is like 95% finished, the rest is just car design, pre testing, production line setup, pre production testing, changes, post testing – and then it’s full production. The three models here are in various stanges, and it will normally take 5 years from when one model is released to the next comes. Depending on the changes, and what platform they use. Normally they show the prototype 1-3 years ahead of the production launche. In the EV market, they have showed their protype early. There are probably two reasons for this. To show they are working on it, so future customers can prepare themselves for an EV when they buy a car the next time. The other it probably to show strengh, to show they have several models in the pipeline, and to show suppliers where they’re heading – and to work on their brand,… Read more »

Lovely photo of evs with the LA drowning in smog in the background. Just perfect!
I was under the impression that the ID was not going to make it to US and stay in EU. When did that change?

Yeah the smog here in CA is really bad. Apparently despite all our efforts we still have the worst polluted cities in the country. I think a lot of people don’t understand that the clean air regulations out of CA are no joke. We really need them here. I hope that one day EVs are ubiquitous and maybe we can have truly clear skies.