UPDATE: Volkswagen I.D. Vizzion Boasts Massive 111-kWh Battery, 413-Mile Range


Volkswagen I.D. Vizzion

There’s no steering wheel or controls because VW imagines it as a purely autonomous vehicle.

*UPDATE: February 27 – VW has published a very short video (below) with its latest concept, which by the looks of it will feature a built-in hologram inside its futuristic cabin.

Volkswagen has released the first teaser for its latest electric vehicle concept. The I.D. Vizzion will premiere at the Geneva Motor Show as a stylish sedan with fully autonomous capability. Inside, there won’t be a steering wheel or pedals. Instead, occupants will use voice and gesture controls to tell the vehicle where to go.

The company’s teaser only shows a sketch of the Vizzion in profile. It features a rounded front end with a short overhang and skinny headlights that wrap around the nose. A flowing roof starts with a skinny A-pillar and leads to a thick C-pillar. There doesn’t appear to be a B-pillar, which could provide the sedan quite a stylish look with the windows down.

Volkswagen I.D. Vizzion

VW sees the Vizzion as the premium sedan among its family of I.D. concepts, and this is also the largest of them. The model also packs cutting edge tech like what the company calls a “digital chauffeur.” Occupants can talk to this artificial intelligence, and it can even learn an owner’s preferences. The combination of size, luxury, and ease of use makes VW think this would be the perfect vehicle for folks that have problems driving – like the elderly.

The Vizzion packs a 111 kilowatt-hour lithium-ion battery pack that powers an all-wheel-drive system with a pair of electric motors for a total output of 302 horsepower (225 kilowatts). The setup also allows for a total range of 413 miles (665 kilometers) and a top speed of 112 miles per hour (180 kilometers per hour).

Volkswagen I.D. Vizzion

The I.D. family of concepts  is VW’s effort to show what its future EVs could look like. The existing models in the family include the standard I.D., which imagines a Golf-sized five-door hatchback, the I.D. Buzz, which is a retro revival of the Type 2 Transporter, and the I.D. Crozz crossover.

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Press blast below:

World premiere of the I.D. VIZZION in Geneva

Volkswagen shows the potential of its new range of I.D. models

I.D. VIZZION: the AUTO-mobile of the future – driving autonomously
and electrically

I.D. VIZZION: innovative technology makes the car clean, safe and comfortable

I.D. VIZZION: futuristic interior and control concepts

The potential of I.D. Family models: from a compact Golf-class electric vehicle to a fully automated premium class saloon

Volkswagen electric vehicle campaign: 20 all-electric vehicles by 2025

Volkswagen concept car I.D. VIZZION

The I.D. VIZZION1 supports the Volkswagen claim for future individual mobility. Its electric drive system makes the car clean in road traffic, and its automatic driving control will make it safe and much more comfortable. At the same time, this innovative concept car at the Geneva International Motor Show demonstrates how elegant and emotional the design of a vehicle of the future can be. Inside the I.D. VIZZION, a completely new feeling of driving and living is created without a steering wheel or visible controls.

The largest model and innovative product campaign in the history of Volkswagen is entering its next stage. After presenting the first all-electric vehicles of the new I.D. Family models , the Volkswagen brand is now showing, for the first time, a concept of an autonomously driving automobile. Volkswagen is currently advancing the development of modern vehicles in all areas. The goal: to apply innovative technology to making the automobile cleaner, safer and much more convenient and comfortable. With these new qualities, the car will be able to further extend its significance and value for future mobility. Furthermore, use of this car will be made possible for customer groups who cannot drive today, e.g. because of their age.

The new I.D. VIZZION concept car is the fourth member of the Volkswagen I.D. Family. With its innovative technology, fully-automated operating concept and elegant form, the premium class saloon is showing the direction Volkswagen is taking in the technology and design of its future electric models.

Inside the I.D. VIZZION, engineers have systematically exploited the potentials of autonomous driving. The ‘digital chauffeur’ with its many assistance systems assumes control of the vehicle – without a steering wheel or visible controls. For the ‘driver’ and passengers this signifies a new dimension of safety and comfort. The concept car drives, steers and navigates autonomously in traffic, enabling passengers to freely structure their time during the drive. A virtual host, with which passengers communicate via voice and gesture control, knows the personal preferences of the vehicle guests – thanks to complete embedding into the digital eco-system – and it adapts to each of them individually.

The system power of the 5.11 metre long I.D. VIZZION is 225 kW. Its top speed is 180 km/h. The 111 kWh lithium-ion batteries enable a driving range of up to 665 kilometres when braking regeneration is factored in. Based on its intelligent management, the two electric motors cooperate with maximum efficiency and drive all four wheels of the saloon.

The I.D. VIZZION clearly demonstrates the great potential of the all-electric architecture from Volkswagen. It is the technological backbone of future Volkswagen electric vehicles, and it enables long driving ranges and maximum space utilisation at optimal costs. By 2025, the brand plans to introduce more than 20 electric vehicle models. Starting in 2020, the I.D.2 will launch as an electric car in the compact class; this will be followed, at short intervals, by a new electric SUV – the I.D. CROZZ3 – and the I.D. BUZZ4 which is a spacious saloon.

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111 kWh?

Currently there is only a VW e-Golf with a 35.8 kWh battery pack.

This is just another useless drawing from VW that looks inspired from the cover of Purple Rain.

Maybe they are moving away from their previous Tron look for their EVs concepts?

I would like to present VW with the Jules Verne award for Automotive Vision of the 22nd Century and applaud their Never-production Concept Dep’t for another display of snazzy sketching that will never see the light of day.

“Jules Verne award”! Hehehe! Good one!

Not only that but they’re keeping up with Tesla spec’s too.
Good research.

I must protest — they don’t deserve anything named after Verne. Many of Verne’s ideas actually came to pass, like long-range submarines, rockets to the moon and even steam-powered vehicles…

+1 🙂

RE: “never-production” days just grew shorter. The Leipzig ruling came down today, in favor of Germans over German car companies.

Relevant stuff (just no plugs).

Those kWh battery packs are much easier to produce on paper than in real life.

Thank you. Is 111kWh possible? yes. Is VW capable of doing it? No.

Look, I don’t blame Fred/Inside/Bruce for covering this, it’s still news. But how dumb does VW think the car buying public is? Concept after concept and still all you can buy is a s***y egolf. These may work as cheap PR counters to the diesel cheating scandal, but we’ll be old and gray before you buy one.

No one seems to mind pointless model s vs ice car drag races. I say this is more news.


They should Stop racing it is Pointless! Because, the ICE Doesn’t Have a Snow Ball’s Chance in Hell Of even Coming Remotely close to the Get Up & Go of a Tesla, And They never Will .So I AGREE , They are ZER0 Competition to Tesla, So , Enough Already ! ICE Cars Suck & are A waste of time Against a Tesla .

Actually, even though I am an avid Tesla fan, I am sick of the never-ending drag race with every other car on the market. I am also getting tired of yet another M3 review just like the last 10. I love the car, just don’t like re-reading the same info looking for something new.

Joking? At least there are Tesla drag races. What claim to fame does VW have? Diesel-gate and an endless supply of concepts.
One you can buy right now (and drag race if that is your bent), the other you can buy right now (and pollute the planet in ways never dreamed of before) oh, the other you can’t buy right now (and most likely never will).
You can choose not to watch the drag race just like you can choose not to look at another VW concept.

RE: “What claim to fame does VW have?”

I dunno. A PHEV with a 6:56 ‘Ring time?

Actually, I do mind them, and I’m a Model S owner. We get it: a 5-door, 5-adult family sedan can smoke all but 2-door, 2-adult super cars. Enough already! That Model X vs Jeep run was just overkill. What were they expecting?! (Although setting a new record was kind of cool.)

How dumb does VW think the buying public is? Answer: incredibly dumb.
(and, they’re correct)

Cool concept cars are a dime a dozen.

just wasted 40, make that 50 seconds.

Another Euro point of view

At least Mercedes decided to come to Geneva Motor show with an EV in production version. If VW does not do that sometimes a year from now they will collect deserved sarcasm. Besides, 111kWh battery from which cells battery supplier and in which are the yearly battery cells volumes agreed ? I think their approach to subcontract battery cells is making industrial sense but yet those factories and raw materials supply has to follow, I don’t see that happening tomorrow given such a huge battery unless this is “GM Bolt” production volume territory (+/- 30K cars per year).

Yet another ‘Not-Gonna-Happen’ offering from VW. I love how these companies seem to have unlimited budgets to perpetually create vaporware concepts that will never see the light of day, yet have zero budget to create anything.


Yea, another picture of a fanciful EV that will never be made!

I would rather know the battery size of the ID hatchback that is actually in pre-production right now…

Must be around 60-70 kWh.

So we now have a battery pack race among the vaporware vehicles? Cool. I likely have a few car drawings, um, designs, I created in my early teens. I can dust off one of those bad boys, cross out the part that says “1,000 HP!!!” and write in “200 kWh!!!”

C’mon VW, just stop it. Get to work and bring real cars to market that will boost our transition to electrified transportation, which I will gladly help you promote, or shut your freaking pie holes.

Don’t forget to take out the steering wheel.

How about they start making regular ev’s available and stop wasting time on random concepts. Stop designing for a non existing tomorrow and start producing and improving current ev’s and introducing cars you can actually buy.

Increase battery size on the egolf and make it available to purchase! Rather than just have useless drawings. Still cant buy an egolf in canada.

They are going to produce ID next year.

VW creates not a concept, but a whole family of concepts. Looks like they went to a local high school and hired all the techie-car-doodlers. (Same guys that drew all the tail fins in the 50’s.)

Save your breath. Until I see one for sale at the local dealership, it is only a drawing on paper. Current E-golf is not available in my state either.

Your press releases are a wasted effort to try to make me forget that your cars are still illegally polluting the air I breathe. And will for years to come.

They are spending the money they promised they would on evs, and this is what they are spending it on.
Ridiculous concepts that will never see the light of day, but they are spending it on the promotion of evs so their tax lawyers can include the expenses they engendered creating this garbage as related to their ev efforts.

Just detraction while the reverse engineer a Model 3 in a hidden basement lab.

Why not position face to face the two seat rows ? Without the steering wheel looking through the front window turns unnecessary !

Motion sickness. . .
Had a van that could turn the seats that way.

Just breathe and keep enjoying driving electric now in my Model X… or our LEAF… been cruising since 2013… or drive a fantasy unicorn that may never exist… suicide doors and no steering wheel… silly really… How about you great German automakers actually make a great one NOW!#E@#%$$!$ I’m going back to my Model X… see you all in 2020 when I am still loving it with my evolving, updating, always improving car. Cheers

VW is full of vapor. Why anyone still buys from liars and filthy cheating dirtbags I have no clue.

They are out of their mind I will never ever buy a car that has no steering wheel. They are confusing the taxi cab market and the car market, two completely different things tomorrow just like they are today.
There is a growing dictatorial trend in wanting to put people in robot taxis as if we where AI controlled cattle.

It has no steering wheel!

Assuming they can get level 5 going where in the world is that legal to drive?

It will still be three to five years before any government is ready for a car that will drive itself at high speed with no human in control possible, so I wonder where thy think this car can sell.

So VW has the eGolf, an EV with about the smallest battery in its class, in the very limited compliance market. Yet they concept vehicles with bigger batteries than the leader in all markets.
VW, please get with the program. Release the eGolf into every market. Update the design so it can take a bigger battery without losing the boot storage. Then we can see you have some real intent. At the moment the intent is to keep your EV market small and continue to tease with never released concepts.
I really hope this ID vehicles get built, but I suspect they will also only be available in the compliance markets and in limited quantities.

There is no reason to release the E-Golf to more markets. They’re not able to meet demand, and it is an outgoing model in Europe.

Look at the factories VW and AUDI have chosen for their first volume EV production.
Volume is key, and AUDI have said volume is more important then profit.

Will be interesting to see if the price is competetive enough.

I’m not convinced about selling fully autonomous cars to regular people. I think there will be full auto at some point in the near future but why would people buy it? They are going to be very expensive so it makes more sense to have fleets of them running commercially and when there are dirt cheap and easy autonomous taxi services, why would you spend the money and buy a car?

Intelligent helpers for improving safety, yes. Automated parking, lane keeping, adaptive cruise, collision avoidance, dead angle warnings, side traffic detection and all that, yes sure.

The only thing this proves is , what with 100 Models on the drawing board and counting, VW is the largest fantasy ev maker by an even greater margin.

As far as cars go in my area, the LARGEST vw dealer in the area only recently sole a dented up 2015 E-Golf and currently has nothing (new or used) for sale.

So VW has great Artists that can visualize their lastest fancies. Whoopty doo.

It’s a design studie guys, it’s not CAD drawings of a new model.

A coming model may have a line that it may share with this model – that is all.

They will have a steering wheel due to regulations, another chassis for safety, and so on.
They’re testing design lines, and feedback will be part of what makes a design stick, or not.

OMG not another VW Vapourware R&D requested VW marketing department BS experimental sketch. Will someone just bankrupt VW to put an end to this endless misery they inflict. Oh and buying public are dumb – especially in Australia where people still buy normal VW’s along with total crap warranty, poor reliability and expensive services / parts. Even bigger numb skulls buy the Audi (Tarted up VW) to feel exclusively financially ripped off. Sadly the public are very DUMB.

Fully autonomous vehicles for everyman? Completely unconvinced. For many years, full autopilot has been used in aircraft, yet regulations STILL mandate pilots. Not an accurate analogy but close enough.
Too much money, time & expertise spent on this fantasy, IMO.

Agreed. This is one area I think is being way over-promised. EV’s are coming, for sure; but full autonomous driving is a long way away.

Update: VW adds a hologram to their future imaginary concept that will get 1000 miles of range from their fusion stardrive powertrain.

I think it’s a bit silly to claim a battery figure for a car that doesn’t even exist.

Tesla Semi?

(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

Weird, is this another bug where old posts creep to the top?

It’s updated

Another VW ( Vapor Ware ) press release, an obvious futile attempt to delay, delay, delay their way to playing catchup to Tesla. It ain’t gonna fool the EVangelical Teslarati Faithful!

leave it in the ground

This piece of vapor will never roll out of the gates of Hell at Wolfsburg.

Over here in Europe we’re stuck with at least 10 million dieselcheaters. In two hours when i go to work again i will encounter about 20 in a 6 minutes drive (audi/seat/skoda = is all the same dieselcrap).

Those damn politicians don’t give a damn about EU lungs. VW got aways with everything. Bastards should #@&**#&€

Just curious as to why this article has been ‘recycled’?

I read down the comments and to my surprise I had already commented over a week ago.

That’s what the janitor said when jumped out of his closet. Supplies!

VW = Volks Wagen?

No, it’s = Vapour Ware.

The picture of Volkswagen I.D. Vizzion Boasts Massive 111-kWh Battery, 413-Mile Range

I fixed it for you.

(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

IMHO, I sure as hell won’t buy a car that ~I~ can’t drive for that money!!!!

My magic unicorn har 666 kWh and not only rides itself but also can fly and travel through dimensions to pixie dust land.


Distraction from gasing monkeys. Nice try VW.

And then … there was light …