Volkswagen & Mobileye Team To Commercialize Self-Driving EVs


Next year the first autonomous Volkswagens will be tested in Israel

Volkswagen, Mobileye (acquired by Intel) and Champion Motors announced plans to develop and launch in Israel the first self-driving ride-hailing service, called also Mobility-as-a-Service (MaaS).

The joint venture will be started in early 2019 and roll out in phases (from several dozen to hundreds of self-driving electric vehicles) through 2022 when full commercialization should be possible.

Volkswagen Group will be responsible for electric cars and its in-depth knowledge and competency about design and deployment of user-centered mobility services, while Mobileye will provide its level-4 AV Kit – a turn-key, driverless solution comprised of hardware, driving policy, safety software and map data. The third partner – Champion Motors – will run the fleet operations and control center.

Dr. Herbert Diess, CEO of the Volkswagen Group said:

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You’ve really got to hand it to the PR department at VWAG because they do so very much publicity with so little actual news about real cars.

If you look at all the thumbs down on this thread to negative views about VW, the PR department is also busy on these comment threads.

Believe it or not, some people here dislike pointless bashing without having a personal stake.

Look at all the negative VW comments and thumbs up, and it’s obvious Tesla’s PR department is using internet bots to downplay other automakers. That or just the obnoxious Tesla fanbois that don’t really care about EVs and Autonomous Tech if it doesn’t feature the Tesla badge.

Great news, also when a VW autonomous vehicle kills someone when it detects it is in Police investigation mode the car will automatically delete the footage. VW software engineering at it best.

“safe, clean and emission-free mobility,” Things they have recently taken an interest in, at least in saying that they are concerned about them. Of course if they had not been caught cheating on emissions tests in the first place maybe not so much.

“Clean Diesel” anybody?
“safe, clean and emission-free mobility,” anybody?

lol, this is just a cheap knockoff of the Tesla Network car sharing service.

Come on, VW, you need to lead, not follow!

Just to clear up things Champion Motors is simply the Israeli importer of all the VW brands (a fairly large importer).

I’m quite suspicious anything will come of this in the timeline they’re talking about… They’d have to change quite a few national laws to allow autonomous cars with no human test drivers on the roads here. Local driving conditions are esp. difficult for any SAE L4/L5 systems, because much if not most of the time, it’s not actually possibly to drive legally (for example, most local drivers don’t use anywhere near the minimum legal following distance, because if they did, they could never merge with other traffic), and I foresee lots of liability issues with an autonomous system that regularly needs to break the law.