Volkswagen Hints Debut Of Long Range EV “For A New Era” Ahead Of Paris Debut

SEP 16 2016 BY MARK KANE 44

Volkswagen’s new all-electric concept, around the size of a Golf, with an interior the size of a Passat is to be unveiled at the 2016 Paris Motor Show.

Volkswagen presents an electric car for a new era - Think New.

Volkswagen presents “an electric car for a new era – Think New”

The EV is expected to hit the market around 2019 and offer a much longer range than anything VW offers today, thanks to the company’s new modular electrification kit (MEB), that we have seen house as much as 101 kWh in the past (via the BUDD-e concept).

The German manufacturer released a few first images ahead of its presentation of  “An electric car for a new era – Think New.”

Mondial de l’Automobile Paris 2016: Volkswagen presents an electric car for a new era

  • Think New. – Iconic design study with the potential to define history

Wolfsburg, 16 September 2016 – The presence of Volkswagen at this year’s Paris Motor Show (1 to 16 October) is all about “Think New.”  In presenting the world premiere of an iconic design study, Volkswagen introduces a new ambassador to the automotive world.

This one-of-a-kind concept car signals the Volkswagen brand’s entry into a new era. The vehicle is as revolutionary as the Beetle was seven decades ago, before it evolved into the world’s best-selling car of the last century. This car, too, has the potential to make history with its completely new vehicle concept. The production vehicle which follows will be the first Volkswagen to enter the market based on the new modular electrification kit (MEB).

Volkswagen presents an electric car for a new era - Think New.

Volkswagen presents “an electric car for a new era – Think New.”

Volkswagen presents an electric car for a new era - Think New.

Volkswagen teases some first images of its new, long range all-electric car to arrive in ~2019

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Is that in the back a puck hires Lidar Velodyne? So this is autonomous.


If I had a $1 for every “we’re going green” VW propaganda piece, I could have paid cash for a Tesla by now.

Audi and VW have made lots of “hints” over the years with few results.

Keep on concepting. Has anyone kept track of how many?

Looks like a Model 3 and a Golf had a baby…

One more than the number of times the little boy cried “wolf!”

VW should start a Scyfy channel, their imagination is awesome, 4K HD please.

Defeatdeviceware !

Ok great. Let’s review the end product ASAP please…

Another Euro point of view

EV’s enthusiam at it highest I see according to comments above. 🙂
I will in contrast look at the glass half full taking into consideration that VW communication skills are terrible.
As an european, I will not take into consideration dieselgate as if I did I might as well stop buy cars at all as a French government sponsored study came to the conclusion that (in Europe) most car makers were heavily cheating exactly as VW did (with Opel, thus GM, being very efficient at this game with their 1.6 liter diesel).
This said, I am curious about this dedicated EV platform they made taking into account that (if I am not mistaken) no other incumbent ICE maker so far went through the pain of designing a dedicated EV platform to be used for different EV models. I however agree with most here, I am fed up with VW EV concepts and wish to see some production ready car. Would VW have presented this as “almost” production ready it would be another story.

Well, ok, going back from the “concept” issue, I don’t think that French study is so important to understanding the diesel issue. When 2008 came in the US, followed by your region’s Euro 6 rules in 2014(?), there was one thing we all needed to look for in a diesel, and that was urea injection. Since we now know there was no other effective way of reducing NOx, you have to leave it off to be in VW’s penalty box. I don’t know how the Renaults were built, to answer that.

If democracy works in Europe, its people need to foster the same kind of AECD prohibition within their rules, as US. Right now, the regulatory capture by European auto-makers means few laws being broken. They passed “the test”.

I don’t know about US, but in Europe they can do anything they like without beeing punished.

Wake me up when VW sells a compelling EV.

Rumplestiltskin I presume !

Rip Van Winkle?

Yes, that would be correct. He slept for 20 years after a night of drinking and bowling with the dwarves and woke up to a changed world.
Rumpelstilskin stole children and could spin straw into gold. He also was a dwarf.

Main point. Don’t mess with dwarves.

There used to be a statue of Rip Van Winkle next to his namesake bridge in NY, but he in no longer there. He must have finally woken up and walked away…

Funny, because I always just referred to him as Rip VW.

I wish they’d stop talking and start producing. They already lost credibility because of diselgate, and these constant pronouncements of the next great thing coming soon are just getting ridiculous.

Best thing they could do for themselves and potential customers would be to shut up, hunker down, and produce something really great.

But they have to survive long enough to bring those things to market. If they haven’t convinced people that they are turning the ship around, why would people keep supporting them?

Of course, it wouldn’t hurt to drop the price on the eGolf and crank out a bunch of them while we wait on the next EV.

Well, they did just refurbish the e-Up! for the new model year, but the electric part wasn unchanged entirely. That’s sad.

A BMW i3 isn’t large either, but it got a refresh, so did the Leaf. The Soul EV, maybe, although a Kia Niro EV is more likely at this point.

Any thoughts of converting the former diesel rollers to electric? Because they have to buy them back anyway, the rollers would essentially be free.

Just stop and think about that for minute.. VW takes existing car bodies they already sell, and make them somehow physically suitable for a large battery pack and motor, and resell them. Consummers (and stockholders) would rightly go batty screaming about why they aren’t selling them that way already. Answer: Cuz they cannot bend the laws of physics or economics…


It’s ridiculous to suggest VW should buy back and re-use the fake “clean diesel” cars. Not only is that utterly impractical (as you point out); it would also drive the company into bankruptcy.

Corporations don’t commit crimes; people do. Those people at VW who were involved in the conspiracy to commit fraud should be prosecuted and imprisoned. Forcing VW to pay an unrealistically large fine, or forcing the company to adopt a business plan that would drive it out of business, would help no one. Ordinary VW employees and stockholders shouldn’t be punished for the actions of what is probably a fairly small group of VW executives, engineers, and computer programmers.

Using corporations to shield individuals from the danger of bankruptcy by an investment, has been a good thing for the economies of various countries.

But using corporations as a shield against criminal prosecution is something that never should have been allowed to happen, and it should be ended immediately.

That doesnt hold water. As a corporation it is a juridical person, and with that follows responsibility. In short; it is not only acceptable but even prudent to punish the corporation.

“I’ll believe corporations are people when Texas executes one.”

Interesting article that contends that VW To Unleash 20 EVs By 2020 As Dieselgate Turns Into Tesla’s Tarbaby:

That’s an article by the Editor in Chief of, a notorious Tesla bashing website.

But actually, if you ignore absolutely everything in the article about Tesla and its supposedly imminent downfall (sorry Tesla bashers, but that never works), it’s interesting reading. Full of over-the-top exaggerations and oversimplifications, to be sure, but interesting nonetheless.

But The Daily Kanban should re-start the Tesla Death Watch blog. That was entertaining… because it was often so utterly ridiculous!

Bertel Schmitt? Mr. Hat-Eating bet-welsher himself? Hahahahaha

“The EV is expected to hit the market around 2019”

So it will be out before the model 3 then?

You forgot the /s, and…

No. It won’t, by two years.

Is the Chevy Bolt niot also turning the heat up a bit on VW? Enjoy the sauna guys. I admit that I like their pro-ev response to dieselgate, and at least they are talking a good game. If they fail to deliver, then VW pretty much will be understood to mean “vaporware”.

They need to stop hinting and start delivering something real.

The first major auto maker to work out how to go EV with an affordable mass market car, wins. They all risk crashing their buttons into a wall and their reluctance to go that way, with incentive packages geared to maintaining the status quo, is understandable.

That’s why the answer keeps being “Tesla”.

VW should make its next generation Beetle an EV. Do a convertible version and VW you just might win me back as a customer (former Did, Super Beetle owner).

VW already makes excellent PHEVs . The GTE series of the Passat and Golf have superb drivetrains which shows their serious dedication to electrify their fleet.
The current eGolf and eUp are me-too’s with low range .
There is no doubt their next pure electric models will be great.
** last word about dieselgate : cheating is always wrong but you’d wish all current diesels were as clean as VW latest diesels**

No, hybrids show a dedication to burning CO2 producing fossil fuels.

Maybe BEVs are simply in conflict with some of their largest shareholders of VW Group, i.e., Qatar (17%)?

Tesla has no such conflicts of interest.

New cars come out as often as these breakthroughs in battery technology that never materialize

Honestly, how many times has VW said it’s gonna put an EV concept car into production, and then failed to follow through?

They’re as bad as Lucy pulling the football away from Charlie Brown.

Unless VW announces that they are actually in the process of retooling a production line build any given car, they should be ignored. Completely ignored.

Another Euro point of view
Why not just wait a bit (2018 ??) and see what happens. Should car makers find out that there are profit to make out of selling cars powered by cow dung they would happily deliver. It seems incumbent car makers more or less agree that business model for selling EV’s with reasonable range and cost starts to look good as from 2019-2020. Shouldn’t we perhaps give them a little credit despite the fact that it doesn’t fit some of our eagerness to see more EV’s on the road right now. Perhaps we should drop a bit our I WANT IT RIGHT NOW spoiled attitude and just agree that things do need a bit of time to change. Our parents would have said so when we were 5 years old… Are we EV enthusiast such good specialist in car business that we can claim that so many of those incumbent car makers are incompetent retards ? Some write here that a large shareholder is a Qatar so that they can’t possibly switch to EV’s. Maybe yes but maybe no. Norway, a oil rich country is massively investing in renewable. Gulf state do it also although less than Norway, would they be… Read more »

The counter to your argument might be that one should not attribute choices that lead directly to the extinction of our own species to mere stupidity and willful ignorance, but to corporate greed.

Which is the greater influence? I think the reality is, both hold sway in your sea of grey.

Spoiled? Speak for yourself. I’m not “spoiled” because I find “concept” announcements uninteresting in a market that has mature shipping product to be bought.