See Full Video On How To Remove Tesla Model 3 Battery


Ever wanted to take the battery pack out of your Tesla Model 3?

No. We definitely don’t advise that you remove the battery pack. However, it’s still very interesting to see the entire process in this concise video. In fact, YouTuber Byron takes out the Tesla Model 3 battery pack in less than 10 minutes. Well … not really. But, if you’re interested in this sort of thing and don’t have the time to sit through one of our deep-dive shares, this video should do the trick.

As you can see from the video, these guys have happened upon a wrecked Tesla Model 3. They’re honest to admit that the battery pack removal wasn’t as easy as they anticipated it to be. You’ll definitely need a lift and some strong mechanical abilities. In addition, you have to deconstruct part of the Model 3’s interior to access some bolts that secure the pack to the vehicle.

While the video is short — it’s clear that less critical footage has been edited out — it outlines the most important aspects of the process quite clearly. We’d be interested to learn if someone could watch the video and remove the pack successfully. Any takers?

If you’ve ever removed a battery pack from an EV, we’d love to hear from you in the comment section below.

Video Description via Byron on YouTube:

Tesla Model 3 Battery Pack Removal Guide – Full Video

This video shows the process of removing the Tesla Model 3 battery pack from start to finish. This pack contains the 2170 cells manufactured jointly by Tesla and Panasonic. It is the most advanced large scale lithium battery on the planet, making for some very interesting use cases in life after Teslas.


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Too bad the camera person had ADHD. Otherwise, good information. Now, i need to throw up.

Ummm… holy crap these guy’s are hackers! I wouldn’t let them work on my kids Big Wheel. They are lucky to be alive getting involved with 400 vdc like that. Good thing (for them) there wasn’t any reference to the shops name or location.

There have been YouTube videos about Tesla battery removal. See RichRduilds. He did Model S and X. There is a large trade in used Tesla batteries. Check eBay.

Correct Steve. There are many videos out there showing how to remove the Model S and Model X battery, however we were unable to find one that showed the removal process on a Model 3. The battery designs are very different between the two cars.

Thanks for sharing the video Steven! We’ve had some interesting developments since removing the battery pack. This particular one is going to be used to bring power to some of the poorest people on Earth in rural Africa. We’re thrilled that it’s being used for a great cause and excited to explore other ways to transition these packs into sustainable off the grid energy storage projects.

That’s excellent, Byron. Thanks for commenting. Hit me up on the site email and we’ll get some more info out and cover future video. Take care!

I’d be happy to share some info with you as the project progresses. I’m unable to locate a “contact us” section where I can find the site e-mail.

Sorry about that. We are in the process of reorganizing menus to make that more clear. It’s currently a tab under the “About Us” section. You can send to:

Thanks so much!

Way to go I am impressed

This is way more work than S or X, Tesla must be a strong beliver in there batteri tech to last the whole cars life, this is more job than replaceing an IC engine, i like the S or X approach more and the BMW I3

Professor John Kelly at Weber Auto has removed the Chevy Bolt EV battery, then disassembled it while sitting in a wheel chair.

Yep. Pretty amazing for sure.

This video show how difficult it really is to swap that battery if it goes bad in the future. There is too much labor involved.

Which, in turn, shows that Tesla believes in their battery-concept and durability.