Vectrix Electric Scooter Gets LEAF Batteries – Videos

APR 29 2015 BY TDILLARD 13

Ben’s still at it.  Within the last week, he’s added seven new videos, finishing up the final assembly on the Nissan LEAF pack, installing them in his Vectrix scooter (that was the whole point – to upgrade his Vectric from the original NiMH packs) and even giving it it’s first charge.

For the complete list, here’s his YouTube channel.

Our favorite video of the new batch is this one, where he’s fitting the pack into the scooter for the first time.  Mostly because, who doesn’t love a little chain hoist action?

…but, if you like spoilers, here’s him charging it up at a Chargepoint station on a bit of a rainy day:

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Wheres the vid of him driving it?

about the 5:28 mark


Go Ben Go, this is great!! I can’t believe he got that leaf pack from a salvage lot for about 1k.

I really hope more EV conversions start popping up because of available leaf batteries. You gotta love what mass production is doing to EV battery costs.

It’s very popular to put LS motors in car (chevy v8) hopefully in the near future more people will do motor swaps with EV conversions.

What impressed me the most was his reusing as many of the original parts and pieces as he could. In the end, it created a very neat looking package, right down to the high-voltage orange battery terminal covers and cabling.

Perhaps Mr.Ghosn could look in his pants cuff for loose change, and buy up the twice bankrupt Vectrix plant in Poland, and compete with the BMW C Evolution in Europe?

Does anyone know how it compares to the old Vectrix as in speed or distance

It won’t do anything for the top speed as this is restricted in the inverter firmware (tho it has been tinkered with) but with the LEAF pack weighing about 70kg and the original about 100kg, there will be a significant improvement in acceleration.

As to range, the original had a useable pack capacity of about 3.3kWh which gave about a ~30 mile range at about 50 mph. Given that the 18 LEAF modules that make up Ben’s pack has a nominal capacity of 9kWh you are looking at at least double that and probably nearer a good 70 miles. MW

Thanks for the reply
Just re watched the vid it says 90 miles on the display (not sure if that is right)

The Vectrix uses the speedo to show pack voltage. When he switched it to kilometers per hour it showed 147 km…147 volts.


Where do you bought the battery?
I try to search this battery, but it’s impossible to buy.