Toyota Discounts The RAV4 EV By $10,000, With 0% Financing. Lease From $499, Zero Down

FEB 27 2013 BY JAY COLE 21

How Low Can Toyota Go?  How About $20,000 Off With Federal And State Incentives?

How Low Can Toyota Go? How About $20,000 Off With Federal And State Incentives?

Rattled by a real lack of interest in the RAV4 EV at the MSRP price of $49,800, and needing to put some giddy-up in their journey to sell 2,600 (for compliance reasons) of their 103-mile electric SUV, Toyota took $5,000 off the sticker price to buoy sales 3 months ago.

The result since then?

They sold proportionally less electric SUVs.   As only 109 RAV4 EVs were sold in the last three months; as compared to the 108 they sold (at full MSRP) in the vehicle’s first two months on the market.

Toyota Current Discount Offer...Fine Print And All

Toyota Current Discount Offer…Fine Print And All

Now, Toyota is doubling down on the proposition by offering $10,000 off the MSRP (lease or purchase) at California dealers.  In addition, Toyota is offering 0% financing on the RAV4 EV for up to 60 months.

includes the $7,500 federal credit or Californian $2,500 incentive program in the calculation.  

In total, California residents can get $20,000 in total credits and bonus cash on the proposition, and Toyota will then finance your purchase for up to 60 months at zero percent.

If leasing is more your thing, Toyota will set you up in brand electric RAV4 for $499/month with nothing down.  The amount even drops lower if you buy the RAV4 EV out of state; down to $465/month.

Of note:  Toyota does not structure their leases conventionally as a full cap reduction (as you would find at Nissan or Chevrolet), so you lose some of the value of the federal incentive…we would suggest you buy and take advantage of the 0% over 60 months.

The deal only runs through March 4th, 2013, but if you are looking to own a electric vehicle, this is your time to pull the trigger!  If you just bought an electric vehicle…we apologize for ruining your day.  More details on the Toyota RAV4 EV itself can be found here, or check out the deal for yourself at

Toyota RAV4 EV Gallery:  (double click)

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So basically it’s the same price as a Volt now, but the lease is more.

The lease isn’t perfect (in fact its aggravating), but I would suggest the net price of $29,800 in conjunction with the 0% purchase financing over 60 months ($500ish) is the sweet spot. After 5 years you own it free and clear, it has to still be worth close to $20K, and it gets over 100 (real) miles to a charge.

Doing the payment and fuel economy math (especially against swapping out another SUV) is a fairly easy calculation.

Wow! Strongly considering getting a second one.

Very nice product.. Wish they sold this in New York State. Anyone know what the cold weather battery performance is like? What are the physical attributes of the battery module and where is it located?

The battery pack is located below the floorboards.

“The pack weighs 840 lbs and since the weight is below the floorboards, it actually provides better handling than the conventional 2012 Rav 4.”

It will be VERY similar to the Tesla, since the pack has a dedicated resistance heater. However, the cabin heating is also done with a simple resistance heater, unlike the Tesla Model S, so it will suck a lot of power to heat the cabin (but, it’s a really big battery).

It comes with electric seat heaters, but no steering wheel heat (a la LEAF).

Tip: for Volt owners or EV owners without a heated steering wheel.

Try tech gloves. They have silver conductive material in the fingers for
touch screens ( smartphones, tablets or your new Model S stack ).
Most of these gloves are the winter type that are slippery on the
steering wheel, but here is a model I found with little rubber nibs
( gripper nubs ) for grip: Agloves Grip Touch

Turn down the heat – and turn up the electric miles!

I guess I would personally be concerned about buying a vehicle that there were only 2,600 made. I mean, years down the road it may be hard to find parts if something breaks.

Still, I’m sure its a nice vehicle. But the price is still a good bit higher than a Leaf or Volt. We leased both and our payments on the Leaf are $410 (we got one of the first ones, before they offered better deals) and out Volt payments are $331.

The parts in the Rav4 EV are precisely the same parts in the oil burner, with few exceptions (included the shared exhaust hanger brackets!).

The rear view mirrors are from a Corolla and the nose piece is unique. Yes, if you smashed in up in 20 years, and nobody had that part, you could put the oil burner nose piece on.

The motor is made by Tesla for the Model S and the battery cells are made by Panasonic by the millions. There is just no that many super unique parts that you could not get from other sources.

“The amount even drops lower if you buy the RAV4 EV out of state; down to $465/month.”

Is the RAV4 EV really available outside of CA? They don’t get the ZEV credit if the sale is outside of CA, right?

This deal is almost good enough to buy it out there and ship it back.

Don’t take delivery in California, or you will pay California sales tax (unless you’re in one of the few states with even MORE expensive sales tax than California).


If you are a California resident, don’t you have to pay the tax eventually to register the car in California?

If you live in California and are looking at a Leaf, Volt or Ford Focus Electric, then stop looking immediately and go buy a RAV4. The range blows those other cars out of the water. This is a fantastic ride and my favorite EV so far, plus tons of cargo space.

The Leaf is cheaper.
The Focus EV is a bit cheaper.
The Volt is not a BEV.

It doesn’t compete very well against a Twizy.

Someone please educate me. If I live in Georgia and wanted to take advantage of this, how would do so? I assume I would call a CA dealer, buy the vehicle, and then have it shipped or go pick it up. Would I be eligible for the CA $2,500 credit, or Georgia’s $5,000 credit? I know I would still get the federal 7,500 credit.

If a warranty issue came up (that related to the EV system), would I have to get it to CA or could any Toyota dealer handle it?


Where does anyone see $10,000 through 3/4? The deal says $8,800 through 4/1. Please provide detail info on the $10,000 offer.

Its just your particular region…try entering a zip a little further south.

…like 90401 for example. If you want one, you might just have to drive a little bit further to get it, (=

Everyone is over looking the biggest problem with the Rav4 EV….You can’t Quick Charge it. Quick charging is the futrue! When the Green Highway is finished (Level 3 Quick Charing stations up/down the Westcoast along I5) the Nissan Leaf will DOMINATE!

The Leaf will not dominate as it doesn’t have Standard Quick Charge which was announce back it January/February.

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