Take A Tour Of The Tesla Gigafactory: Video


If you’ve ever wanted to be part of a Tesla Gigafactory tour, here’s the next best thing.

We’ve been told time and time again that touring the Tesla Gigafactory in Sparks, Nevada is an incredible experience. Sadly, we have not yet had the opportunity, however, we have toured the Fremont factory, and it proved fascinating.

The Reno Gazette Journal recently shared a video of a Gigafactory tour. It’s headed up by Vice President of Operations for the Tesla Gigafactory, Chris Lister. The video tour, albeit brief, takes us through multiple areas of the battery factory. We get to see the Panasonic section where cells are made, as well as completed battery cells and battery packs. The tour moves on to show drive unit operations for the Tesla Model 3.

Lister talks about the high level of intensity that comes with changing the world. He notes that Gigafactory operations move at a brisk pace and there is constant ramp up and expansion underway. Chris reminds us that the facility is far from complete and that goals are highly ambitious. Perhaps InsideEVs will wait to take the opportunity to tour the Gigafactory in the future, when construction and expansion is completed.

Source: Reno Gazette Journal

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Seems loud, maybe they should install some noise reduction materials.

I had visited when they had the grand opening. It really turns out a lot of batteries and drive trains. I love that the roof is covered with Solar PV. Tesla and Panasonic came up with changes on the line that reduced the energy needed and makes things flow all in order for a super efficient production. It’s amazing they use those same 2170 cells to make the model 3 battery pack, the Power Wall and Power Pack for utilities. They power pack sells by the Mega Watt. Our Utility in Arizona has 25 Megawatts . Storage is the Holy Grail of the GRID.