Tesla Updates Mobile App With New Cold-Weather Features



Tesla Model 3

Tesla Model 3 – shown here being accessed remotely via the Tesla Mobile App

As Tesla pushes new updates to its global fleet and mobile app, we begin to see requests satisfied from CEO Elon Musk’s December Tweetstorm.

Perhaps you remember back in December (the day after Christmas, in fact) when Tesla CEO Elon Musk took to Twitter to thank owners for their support. He also opened a huge can of worms by ending the Tweet with, “How can we improve further?”

Definitely a gutsy move for sure, as he would have to read all of the suggestions, comment when necessary, and then actually follow through with some improvements. We’d be hard-pressed to find any other automotive CEO tread down such a slippery slope. This is especially true since the Silicon Valley automaker is surely facing its fair share of struggles and criticism.

Needless to say, replies filled Musk’s feed with a myriad of suggestions, many of which he acknowledged and pledged to address. Often his responses were as simple as, “Done,” “Sure,” or “Should be in the next update.”

One such exchange is shown below:

The best part about the whole situation is that since Tesla can update its vehicles over-the-air, many of the fixes are possible and even timely (except when they’re not). Likewise, like most apps, the automaker’s mobile app can also be updated immediately and indefinitely.

Tesla has recently released multiple features that will help owners be better-equipped to deal with cold weather. Prior to Musk’s Tweet, the automaker had already added an update for battery preconditioning. Now, the latest update to the Tesla Mobile App ups the ante further, adding seat heaters, defrosters, heated steering wheel and wiper blades.

According to the Tesla app store:

“Preconditioning will also turn on your seat heaters and defrosters automatically in cold weather for your comfort and convenience. Cold weather upgrades, such as the heated steering wheel and wiper blades, will also be activated. When you start your next drive, your climate settings will automatically revert to your previous settings. NOTE: Requires vehicle software version 2018.4 or above.”

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How stubben are they in Tesla…
People have been marching in parades with torches to demand timer on the Climate. People want to say to the car:
” Tomorrow morning will be a busy morning when I have to depart 07:37 am after waking up kids and so forth, and it is going to be -4°C (freezing), and I dont want to pull off the gaskets nor the door handles. Can you please turn yourself on 07:15 so I dont need to remember it tomorrow?”
They have made å timer on charging. Why not on Climate? WHY??? The automatic preconditioning crap does not figure out when I plan to drive, so I need to set the time myself.

Even Ford has those on the PHEV’s, they call it a “Go Time”. You can set up to two times per individual day to have the cabin up to a specified temperature.

There is a built-in automatic preconditioning option on the Tesla. I just use an app (dashboard for tesla) to automatically run the HVAC when I charge and am ready to go. It comes on automatically.

Nice features… the sub zeros… via the app… I am missing the all around cam from my Nissan LEAF… while parking. I would love access to at least the side cams for parking spot alignments… really a helpful feature that spoils you… Looking forward to the new stuff… been fun so far. Love driving my evolving Model X.

Tell me when an OTA update puts all of the Model 3 wiper and cruise functions into the steering column stalks.

Besides price, these safety issues are a huge barrier to me keeping my Model 3 reservation.

Sounds like the Model 3 might not be for you. The 2018 LEAF has all the controls on stalks and switches.

I think so. Those would be positive changes.

“Besides price, these safety issues are a huge barrier to me keeping my Model 3 reservation.”

You think people are actually going to believe a serial Tesla basher like you actually reserved a Model 3?

So, are you lying when you tell us how terrible Tesla cars are, or are you lying about making a reservation?

Oh wait, don’t tell me… it’s both. 🙄

Really shows a difference in a company based in sunny CA vs one in Michigan. My 2014 SparkEV has an ability to precondition the cabin via the “mychevy” app so I can heat the cabin, warm the seats and defrost the windows. Tesla is just now adding this 4 years later? Really?

It already had those features as I’ve used them various times. The keeping the steer wheel heater and wiper heats to their exiting settings is what is new.

I don’t think our 2016 Volt turns on the steer wheel heater when you precondition.

I have a 2012 Volt and 2017 Bolt and sure you can precondition from the App, but only IF you already have the heater or AC turned on along with the fan speed set BEFORE you turned off the car to begin with. The App WILL NOT turn on the heated seats/steering wheel.

In other words, its a dumb App. It will only precondition to whatever you left the car at and you cannot make adjustments within the App itself.

The easiest thing to do in the Bolt/Volt is to leave the settings in auto, so the car will heat or cool to your temperature setting.

Ev shopper last time I checked you couldn’t even change the temperature with the mychevy app. That means if it was warm when you came home and you had the AC on or no air on at all that is what you will get when you try and precondition. In the Tesla app you can set and change the temperature right from the app.

You don’t have to go outside and reset the temperature and fan speed to what you want to precondition it to.

Tell me again what app is lagging after 4 years?

Wow, MyFordMobile may be poorly programmed but at least you can set the temperature.

It’s to make up for our crappy BMS. Ford’s air cooled battery isn’t pampered at all. I lost 40% of my Energi’s battery before I sold her. I really liked it otherwise.

I just set the settings for what I need in the morning before when I park it at night. It’s seasonal. Not like I am making big adjustments in the winter (going to be cold when I wake up and cold when I go home from work).

But thanks for the clarifications on the Tesla app. None of these articles have made that very clear.

FYI: You also have to have software 2018.4 or later on your car. I’m sitting at 2018.2 after 4 failed tries. #sadpanada