New Tesla Update Allows For Speed Limiting Done Remotely

Tesla Model S refresh


Tesla’s recent over-the-air update adds a speed-limiting feature that is available via the mobile app.

GM offers Teen Driver and Ford’s system is coined MyKey. These safety features have become standard on more cars over the past few model years and are available on a wide variety of mainstream and luxury vehicles.

The technology allows you to limit a vehicle’s speed for individual drivers. This means that if you have children in the home or lend the car to someone, you can assure that they won’t be able to “overdo” it.

According to Electrek, this new feature is part of software version 2018.24 and Tesla mobile app update 3.4.1. While the feature can be controlled via your smartphone and the Tesla app, you still have to be with the car to enable it while in Park.

Perhaps Telsa could provide another update, which would allow this to be done from afar and when the car is moving. This would make it even more functional, but could also lead to unnecessary issues. We’ll see if the update adapts in the future. Tesla explains the new feature (via Electrek):

Limit vehicle speed and acceleration with speed limit mode. Maximum vehicle speed can be set between 50-90 mph (80-145 km/h).

A previous Tesla OTA update added a similar feature called Valet Mode. It automatically governs the top speed to 70 mph, while also limiting the Tesla’s acceleration to 25 percent of the maximum.

Source: Electrek

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That is a pretty cool feature…

It is.

It could even be used to keep oneself in check.

Why do I remember one situation with my aunts car when reading this article? Oh, yes. That car was bought _without_ speed limiting function. After many years, they could drive >130km/h only for a very short time, then it was limited to 130km/h. They had to give the garages many tries. At the end they found out that the speed limiting function was active – although it shoudn’t be available because it wasn’t bought! Nobody knows why that happened…


I see teenagers begging their parents to turn it off, or the person who learns the hack the feature to turn it off being the person these teens want to be friends with.

I was thinking about this Tesla crash:

Now I agree that an absolute speed limit is better than nothing, a better approach might be the posted speed limit + 5 mph.

Because you get read ended.

I still wonder why the “Valet Mode” allows driving at 70 MPH. Are there a lot of venues where you have to drive on the freeway to get to their parking lot? 😉

There’s more uses for this just valets like whenever you have to turn the “keys” over to someone you’d rather not have the keys to the kingdom; for instance, getting it cleaned, windows tinted, kids, etc. but they still may have a legit need to drive at highways speeds.