Tesla Turns To South Korea’s Mando To Supply Model 3 Parts


Tesla Model 3

Tesla Model 3

Tesla Model 3

Tesla Model 3

Mando Corporation of South Korea is reportedly in talks with Tesla Motors to supply parts for the Model 3.

That’s according to an industry source who says multiple South Korean firms will be supplying components for Tesla’s upcoming electric car.

Eim Eun-young, an auto analyst at Samsung Securities stated:

“Tesla is turning to South Korean parts makers, which are more cost-competitive than Japanese rivals, as the electric car startup plans to drastically cut costs for the cheaper Model 3.”

Automotive News says that Mando’s specialties include “steering, brake and suspension parts” and notes that Mando “currently supplies steering racks for Tesla’s Model S vehicles.”

It’s not clear what parts Mando will supply for the Model 3, but a Tesla spokesperson did deny rumors that Mando would provide autonomous-drive related hardware/technology.

Automotive News adds:

“Mando has two U.S. factories in Alabama and Georgia that supply Hyundai Motor Co., General Motors and Fiat Chrysler.”

Both LG Display and Hankook Tires are among the confirmed South Korean suppliers for the Model 3.

Source: Automotive News

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This should be interesting. Will all the Tesla fanboys who whinged about the “LG Chem Bolt” not being a GM car be saying something similar about the III now?

Good one. I was just thinking the same thing.

Watch it now, here comes the accusations that you are a troll, or you’re shorting Tesla’s stock.

I am a HUGE fan of Spacex, and a big fan of Tesla. I have simply gotten tired of the Tesla Adoration Front antics we have seen this past year or two. Except it isn’t like a movement, it is almost a quasi-religion to these people. And this coming from a guy that spent years following the Volt from “vapor-ware” to my driveway.
I have to return my leased Volt in August and if the III was out I would probably buy it.

Same here. Huge SpaceX and Tesla fan.

So does that make you Tesla zealot?

I just don’t see Tesla fan boy so much a problem as you do.

They exist and are many but lot of people here express more common sense about that company or other, at least this is the way I perceive it.
Still, I am grateful of what Tesla have done but they sure aren’t perfect, far from it.
But then, nothing is either.

Yeah, cause you like it when people are attacked because they point out something about Tesla that’s seen as negative.

Other EV manufacturers are also part of the solution.

Dream on that Tesla fanatics are not a problem.

MAybe you didn’t follow the news
The Bolt is essentially an LG car with a GM body.
No need to be a religious fanatic.
OTOH maybe both of you do not understand the hope we put upon Musk’s shoulders in helping a lot in saving humanity from this never seen before global environmental threat…
Hey we already lost half of the species! This global warming nonsense have to stop!
If not of Tesla, we would still have only one or two hybrid models… maybe…

Rex, you never fail to confirm that stereotypes can be accurate. You are the fanboy of the moment. Revel in it.
Then get a real job.
I like Tesla. I don’t like the hype.

That was obvious during the Bolt reveal presentation. GM basically handed the stage over to LG.

“The Bolt is essentially an LG car with a GM body.” Really? Again, you show your ignorance and your hatred here. 1. Cleantechica is a junk site. It is nothing more than a blogger site which any of the posters can basically do. So, it isn’t credible. 2. Yes, LG supplies lots of components. But the motor and drive are GM design. Chassis is GM design. Safety is GM design. Car is more than a drive train. Dash on the Model S is already manufactured by suppliers, so it isn’t surprising that Bolt is outsourced. The surprise is often that a bunch of Tesla fanboys are just ignorant of what/how typical auto industry works. Many of the components on cars are already outsourced these days. So, it is no surprise here. 3. What is the different is that GM gives many of the Bolt components to a single company. LG is a large diversified company which is trying to gain a foot hold as tier 1 automotive supplier. In fact, LG’s many different divisions are doing the various part. GM could have gone to 3-4 different suppliers for the same list of components. But LG probably gave GM a bulk… Read more »

Hmm, actually the whining is valid.

let’s look at consumer electronics. Be it Apple or XYZ, the parts are mostly made in China and assembled in Chinese factories.

Yet, there’s a difference in the end product when the entire supply chain and manufacturing are up to the best American/Japanese standards.

The el-cheapo products come off the same assembly line but often times, these are “white box” spec items, so the quality suffers.

So if GM simply outsourced the Bolt’s drivetrain, battery, inverter, charger, dash electronics to LG, then yes, issues could arise.

I have no financial position with Tesla. In fact, I’m somewhat pissed off at them (for other reasons).

“So if GM simply outsourced the Bolt’s drivetrain, battery, inverter, charger, dash electronics to LG, then yes, issues could arise.”
That’s not what happened. LG is building to GM’s design. The same QC measures are in place, not sure why you would think otherwise. Especially with this being GM’s first 200 mile BEV, and the big magnifying glass on it, you can expect extra scrutiny.

Also saying “issues could arise”, is obvious, as issues can always arise.

The JD Power rating of reliability for Chinese cars is higher than that of the typical US or European built car. The numbers for Korea are far, far higher.

If anything, you should be worried about the erratic quality control conducted by executives in sleeping bags on the production line once the parts arrive stateside.

Although I am quick to attack prejudiced insults against the ability of Chinese people to innovate and do quality control, it is important to know whether you are talking about J. D. Power surveys that are taken in different countries. It seems to me that Chinese people who have never had a car before will judge their new purchase differently than Americans who have usually owned several before.

Kdawg said:

“LG is building to GM’s design.”

Well of course they are. Just as Tesla built the powertrains for the RAV4 EV to Toyota’s design, and the powertrains for the B-Class Electric to Mercedes’ design.

Other than common parts, pretty much all auto parts and subassemblies are made to the design and specification of the auto maker, aren’t they? So that’s a distinction without a difference.

Yes, GM most certainly did outsource the manufacturing of the entire Bolt’s powertrain to LG Electronics and LG Chem.

His/her statement made it sound as if GM just handed responsibility of the entire car to someone else, and washed their hands of it. I was throwing water on that thought.

Yeah, it’s hilarious that everyone who hates GM portrays this as not being serious about EVs. They consolidated the supplier chain and should have much simpler logistics in manufacturing and reliability in the car as a result. Of course if it’s a bad supplier then everything gets worse instead of better.

If Tesla consolidated a supplier to get breakthrough low battery prices for an affordable EV that no competitor can attain, Musk would be deemed a genius.

Instead, for that same effort to get costs to mass market levels, GM is apparently not serious about EVs. Okayyyyy….

GM is only as serious as the number of willing buyers to support it.

Same goes for Tesla. Tesla is more serious because there are more potential buyers supporting it.

If GM don’t get any EV buyers, then why should it be serious? No profit means no GM…

Seems nonsensical given that TrueDelta ranks Tesla dead last out of 29 brands surveyed for reliability. Maybe Tesla should aspire to have Korean quality?

Well Don, besides cherry-picking with the best of the haters what you neglect to mention is that the Model S is actually more reliable then most of the cars that it competes with.

In any case, the most important rating for ANY manufacturer of any product is customer satisfaction and in this most key rating Tesla is supreme.

“Be it Apple or XYZ, the parts are mostly made in China and assembled in Chinese factories.”

Actually, I think you’ll find that most parts of Apple products are made outside China in other Asian countries, with the units assembled in China.

Sure, some Apple parts are made in China. But not most of them. Quality control for manufacturing in China, is… let us be polite, and merely say it’s not the best. Especially electronic parts. And beyond mere lack of quality control, the proliferation of outright counterfeiting of electronic parts in China is notorious.

No. We’ve always said the body was GM, the electronics were all LG. Please get it straight.


Anon, the III is going to be a great car when it arrives, but the Tesla fanboy base is beyond ridiculous.

Quite why you feel sufficiently motivated to mock fans of Tesla that you take the time to pen your silly and childish comments is quite beyond me. Tesla (Musk) has done more in 10 years to reverse the utterly moronic – and easily avoidable – damage the internal combustion engine has done to our planet, the human race and all the animals and organisms that co-exist here than any other car-making company (or company, full stop, FTM).

If you must vent your spleen at the more pathetic examples of humanity, why not take on the die-hard petrol heads?

Martin, I have spent 9 years mocking ICE-centric idiots on websites sporting articles criticizing electric cars.
I think the III will be more expensive and later than Tesla currently claims AND I think it will be a great car when it arrives. I just dislike the religious fervor of the Tesla base.

Nissan has done more, but I guess the lack of 0 to 60 mph excitement gets them no respect.

If you actually think that the Nissan Leaf has done more then Tesla then you probably have not heard that 1st generation Volt owners actually do more annual EV miles then Leaf owners.

The first generation Leaf is a seriously under-engineered vehicle and Nissan sat on the design for fat too long with no real improvements.

The reason why the Bolt was called the LG car is because what happens if LG can’t make 1 part in time or ends up having delays? The Bolt has a majority of their parts single sourced by LG and outside GM’s control.

Same happens to any suppliers on any major cars parts..

That is why often a parts factory strike can cripple a major automaker.

Isn’t that also why Tesla is often late?

The entire Bolt drivetrain is made by LG.

Seems like a strawman. People weren’t criticizing the non-drivetrain parts being made by third parties, that’s already expected in cars.

It’s the fact that the core EV components (battery pack, motor, power electronics, charger, etc) is all being made by LG. Those core parts usually the car company would take ownership of, esp. for a car that supposedly will be the future direction of the company.

Don’t recall seeing a single comment on InsideEVs claiming the Bolt “isn’t a GM car” simply because the entire Bolt powertrain is being outsourced to LG Electronics and LG Chem. Perhaps you’re confusing InsideEVs with some other website?

And you appear to have a rather enormous chip on your shoulder when it comes to Tesla fanboys. I think it’s pretty clear that many or most of the InsideEVs staff are Tesla fans, so if you’ve got a problem with us “fanbois”, then perhaps you need to find a different website to post your comments.

This website is InsideEVs. It’s not Inside TSLA Stock Shorting, and your campaign to make this website “safe” for those trying to use it as a megaphone for their Tesla bashing and their TSLA stock shorting… well, not only isn’t it going to work, all you’re accomplishing is getting the majority of readers torqued off at you.

Look in the mirror. Your long comments accusing people of shorting stock when you don’t like what they have to say are getting very, very old.

Clearly you haven’t read many of my posts, or you wouldn’t think I’m motivated by any investment in Tesla stock. I have certainly criticized Tesla where I think they deserve it, and frequently.

What I do not do is post things I know not to be true in an effort to manipulate the stock price. Every responsible person should object to that. And if you don’t, then why not?

Pushmi-Pullyu said:
“. . . you’re accomplishing is getting the majority of readers torqued off at you.”

You have delusions of grandeur if you think you speak for or represent the “major of readers” on InsideEVs. You actually harm Tesla’s brand and turn people off to Telsa with your mindless zealotry and personal attacks.

Pushmi-Pullyu said:
“I have certainly criticized Tesla where I think they deserve it, and frequently.”

So you get to play God and decide who gets to criticize Tesla and when Tesla deserves to get criticized. In other words it’s always OK whenever you criticize Tesla, and pretty much when anyone else criticizes Tesla it’s not OK and they must be FUDsters, stock shorters, and paid shills.

Pushmi-Pullyu said:
“What I do not do is post things I know not to be true in an effort to manipulate the stock price.”

In practically every single thread, you accuse people who criticize Tesla of being FUDsters, paid shills, and short seller even though you do NOT “know” it to be true. You’re a dish!t; I know that to be true.

PP said:
“Clearly you haven’t read many of my posts, or you wouldn’t think I’m motivated by any investment in Tesla stock”

Clearly, you didn’t read my post. I never said what your motivations were. I don’t know what motivates you to type so many long posts we have to scroll past. All I said is your accusations about others are getting very, very old.

Like a broken record when anyone dare say anything negative against Tesla. Do us all a favor and give it a rest.

If executives of the world’s most powerful corporation were trying to sabotage the termination of the fossil fuel economy by a massive campaign propagating what they already knew to be lies, then a cloud of suspicion should cover all those freelance deniers out there too. Was it their financial interests, or just an insane belief that an energy transition would destroy a social order that they required for their self-esteem?

And in that case, which of those two is more vile?

But I think you’re right, and some trolls are here purely because they are sociopaths whose sole source of pleasure is making miserable those internet communities they consider “weaker” or more “liberal”, the traditional targets of American bullies. That is why I try to study the contradictions in what they attack. Are they the kind of a**hole who attacks Tesla by pushing fuel cells one day, and then turns around and says we don’t need those either because alternative energy is a fraud? Ben The Auto Mechanic? What are you calling yourself now?

“Don’t recall seeing a single comment on InsideEVs claiming the Bolt “isn’t a GM car” simply because the entire Bolt powertrain is being outsourced to LG Electronics and LG Chem. Perhaps you’re confusing InsideEVs with some other website?”

YOu need to scroll up to that RexxSee/SeeRexx crazy dude’s comment about “LG Bolt” then…

He isn’t the first or the only one…

Cars of the past were built around the engine and the transmission. Cars of the future are built around the battery and the brains. Many of the current major OEM’s may perish and it will be interesting to see what the evolving field of 3d printing will do to parts suppliers.

Korea has really evolved. Both Samsung and LG are now major brands with solid quality products. Wife got an LG smartphone with a curved screen and I was really surprised at the quality and build of it. Unfortunately I don’t like Android, but as a piece of hardware it’s really good.

I would not hesitate to get a Bolt on this basis. I do wish GM had retained the original Bolt design, which is really elegant. The chosen design is OK but not really attractive. Still, it will be alone in its class for at least a year and likely two, being also, for >some< use patterns, more practical than the III.

The LG Bolt, the LG Model 3, whats next? The LG Leaf?

Wow – a relatively small piece of news that a current Tesla supplier is in talks about being a future Tesla supplies – creates a string of inappropriate comments.

Am I missing something? Is it surprising that the displays might be Korean made – even LG? That doesn’t mean Tesla is outsourcing the battery or drivetrain.

This does not come close to the LG GM partnership. Not by an order of magnitude.

What else would keep the bandwidth chugging along in healthy numbers.

The good news is, you alway can choose not to read it.

I understood that GM made the package deal with LG to offset the low battery price. I would prefer that GM kept the motor/drivetrain mfg. in MD, USA using the Spark motor design (lower RPM-higher torque) and let LG mfg. the electronics. Oh well.

I think the deep suspicion of GM is that it wanted an EV with no strings attached and no huge long-term commitment if things went badly at first. Which is like begging for Big Oil and the dealers to schedule things to go badly. The suspicion about LG is, it wanted a product to showcase or greenwash its capabilities, but it wants to make parts for many manufacturers, not a large number of complete cars. Both these suspicions lead us to the suspicion that production will have a low ceiling no matter how great the demand. I hope this is untrue.

lol, I love how this thread got jacked into an LG/Bolt bantor….. 🙂

Because every Model 3 article has to have Bolt argument and vice versa.

It is the nature of the competition since that is the only two confirmed affordable 200 miles coming out.

Despite what people say that “one is better than the other”. The fact is that people compare them…