Tesla Teams With Hy-Vee Grocery Chain To Get Superchargers Installed In Midwest


Current Map of Tesla Superchargers in the 8 Midwest States with Hy-Vee Stores

Current Map of Tesla Superchargers in the 8 Midwest States with Hy-Vee Stores (Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, South Dakota and Wisconsin)

Des Moines, Iowa-based grocery store chain, Hy-Vee, is partnering up with Tesla to add Superchargers in Midwest states. Thus far, the store has added eight stations along Iowa’s Interstate 80 gateway, and into Minnesota and Illinois. As you can see from the Supercharger map, the Midwest region is short on stations, especially in the more westerly states.

Tesla Superchargers, Image Credit (Tesla Shop)

Tesla Superchargers, Image Credit (Tesla Shop)

Superchargers are surely the most ideal way for Tesla owners to “refuel”. A Tesla vehicle can be charged to over half-capacity in about 20 minutes. John Brehn, a director at Hy-Vee shared:

“The time it takes for an average shopper to get through a grocery store to get groceries is about the same time it takes to get a full charge on a decent fast charger like this. So it’s a marriage made in heaven.”

Hy-Vee owns stores in Illinois, Iowa, Kansas, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, South Dakota and Wisconsin. Expansion into Nebraska will begin next year, with at least six more stations to follow in some of the other states. Tesla’s nationwide Supercharger network is currently over 300 strong, and growing. Tesla communications manager, Will Nicholas, explained of the network and the deal:

“It’s robust enough and powerful enough that people can confidently and conveniently travel hundreds and thousands of miles without any sort of compromise in terms of staying overnight or staying over the course of several hours … We’re happy to be working with Hy-Vee to connect the Midwest, from Chicago to Denver.”

Iowa is pushing for increased charging infrastructure and has recently grown the number of total chargers in the state from 75 to over 100. Stephanie Weisenbach, a representative from the Iowa Clean Cities Coalition said:

“When people are considering an electric vehicle one of their first questions is, ‘Where can I charge it?,’ and if they feel there is not enough infrastructure out there, they don’t want to purchase the vehicle.”

Source: The Gazette

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Seems like a good location to stop on road trips.

I’d never heard of Hy-Vee until my first trip to Iowa a few years ago. But I was pretty impressed. It’s kind of like a high-end grocery store with other amenities. The one in Urbandale has a decent restaurant with a bar.

These new superchargers should make trips to Iowa in the Model S MUCH easier. The first time we had to charge the car overnight in the Urbandale Hy-Vee parking lot because they had a level 2 charger. And the second time we stayed at a hotel in West Des Moines with a destination charger on the way there and again on the way back. Maybe next time we’ll even be able to take interstate 80 the whole way!

So kind of a Whole Foods kind of place?

This article explains things better than I could (sections 1 and 3 are the most relevant): npr(dot)org/sections/thesalt/2015/03/30/395774725/grocery-stores-are-losing-you-heres-how-they-plan-to-win-you-back

some stores in Arizona offer FREE FUEL POINTA but don’t give any discounts on Electric for plugin cars. I’d shop at Super Charger stores and be glad too.
Fry’s and Sheel are killing us.

Just last year the Fry’s closest to me built out a complete gas station, and I couldn’t help but think how badly timed that investment was.
Of course, no charging spots available.
To be fair, I don’t live in the most cutting edge neighborhood in metro Phoenix :/

Now I will have to look up the Hy-Vee’s in my area. They are not a big player in my locale so this will good for visibility for them.

Well I guess they expanded here, Mn. starting in 2014. A few stores in the suburbs.

Ah . . . that explains it. I grew in Minnesota but never heard of them. But that was decades ago. (Although I’ve never heard of them even though I go back once or twice a year.)

Yeah, I knew that, and then you got smart. Must be about the time you are going to stop up. Maybe for some Lutefisk.
Ya sure ya betcha.
Regarding Hy-vee. I drove 250 miles a day and never saw one, around here. Of course I drop down to Iowa a few times for work, never for pleasure. It is Iowa after all. Retired in 2013, they came in 2014.

Oh, ya.

A. Hey, what’s the best thing to come out of Iowa?
A. 35W!


Ah yes, the place where the women are strong, the men are good-looking, and all the children are above-average.

BTW, the Cohen brothers are from Minnesota but they definitely amped up the accents for dramatic effect. But done in a lovingly way. I think William Macy and Frances McDormand did great jobs.

Are you in northern Minnesota? They are pretty common here in SE MN. There have been 3 of them here in Rochester for many years now, and they just opened a 4th.

Weird . . . I never heard of them and I grew up in Minnesota.

Well, I hope they are open 24 hours, have bathrooms that customers can use, and have free Wi-Fi for customers. If they provide that, then they are PERFECT and will make good money from customers driving Teslas.

Yes to all of your hopes, and they have pretty nice restaurants in most stores too. I think that’s the part that counts, since people don’t go grocery shopping on road trips.

Anyone know what is considered local by Tesla? Is it anything less than 50 miles? I don’t want to get a nasty letter. I would more rather pay extra than get a nasty note from Musk.

I don’t think they mentioned it yet, but I’d imagine any superchargers that are within 20-50 miles of where you live is considered “local” charging.

Of course, the further out it is, the less sense it makes to use it for “local” charging, especially if said supercharger is 50 miles away, meaning you’d have a 100 mile round trip to save a few bucks on electricity.

I’m sure they’re debating this now because many folks are wondering this same thing.

I wonder if they are going to put them in at all HyVee locations or just the prime locations? If they put them in all locations there will be a Supercharger near me.

Just specific ones. The one here in Mn looks like it will be at the Hy-Vee in Oakdale, which is on East side of the metro area.

Uh, the Hy-Vee in Oakdale, MN was the first with a Supercharger and the owners threw a grand opening party in early September. It was a bit rainy. We invited all EV owners to show up, had shy of ten non-Tesla EVs come, someone else counted all the Tesla vehicles. That’s our community, though. All EV owners are in this together.


UH OH, this isn’t going to make zzzzz or the other resident shills for fool cells/big oil happy.

After all, rapidly growing Supercharger locations that are convenient for the shopping that everyone has to do and likewise convenient for apartment dwellers takes the bloom of their pernicious fool cell FUD that only H2 will work.

That’s a strawman argument. I don’t think anyone doubts EVs can work: they’re working now! You’re just farming for outrage. Sadly, my drama quota is full this week.

I suspect that we will start to see a lot of deals like this going forward.

Now that Tesla is a REAL thing, other wise people will want in on the bandwagon. Who wouldn’t want to attract hungry wealthy captuve customers with time to kill to their establishments? That’s shooting fish in barrel.

The new Hy-Vee store near me has ChargePoint chargers that are free to use. Unfortunately placed very near the entrance so it’s not unusual that they are iced. The Lunds & Byerlys I stopped at did it right and put the chargers out a ways.

Some days I cannot even post on this site because of the aggressive Shockwave plugin. I’ve tried Chrome, Edge and Firefox browsers. I welcome any tips to fix this for good. I have reloaded Chrome and tried all updates and fixes I have found on the web to no avail. Some days it’s extra aggressive – today is one of those. I try to type but it lags and drags and freezes.
– I’ve experienced this for over a year and this is the first time I’ve commented on it. It’s just so frustrating! This is truly the only website I visit that has this Shockwave plugin problem. It’s always saying it’s crashed and to Reload! Arghh

It’s probably ads trying to load would be my guess.

Just in reference to this, we are running some new code changes this evening in an attempt to isolate where the shockwave is tripping some people up when commenting. It isn’t any one ad-specific placement, which is what has made it a bit tricky to fix.

Fingers crossed it is better for you in a couple hours. If you could check back in a few hours from now and note if you see any changes that would be swell, as the issue only seems to affect a very small number of people, but for those it does…it makes commenting more difficult too often.

Firefox + Adblock Plus works for me; I never see that crap here. But you do need the extension — I don’t think any browser does it alone.

Now I just need to figure out how to do it on my iPad. (The solutions I’ve tried there were overzealous, and also broke Disqus.)

Another interesting fact about Hy-Vee is it’s an employee owned chain.

I’m having a hard time finding information online about their Employee Stock Ownership Plan. But as far as I can tell unlike Publix and Winco, the ESOP does not contribute automatically to a retirement plan, but instead is voluntarily through the 401K.

At best, Tesla is sending out very mixed messages here. On the one hand, Tesla says that Superchargers are only for long-distance travel, but now they’re putting out PR about teaming up with Hy-Vee to install Superchargers.

Stopping at a supermarket during a long-distance trip may happen occasionally, but what percentage of any Supermarket’s customers are not local? Isn’t Tesla encouraging local Supercharging by installing Superchargers at Hy-Vee stores?

Seems to me that Hy-Vee and other supermarkets are the type of place where Tesla should be installing destination chargers, not Superchargers.

Tesla’s also going to institute a payment system for local Supercharging. Under that model, it’ll be fine if apartment dwellers charge while they shop. (Those who really need the charge will figure out the best times to shop and find a stall unoccupied.)

Hy-Vees also have places to eat or drink in them, so they are also reasonable for travelers and vacationers. Vacationers often need to shop as well (as we did this summer).

You argue your case well; my compliments.

Perhaps I just need to look at the subject from the other direction. Tesla would do well to place Superchargers where people would have a 30-45 minutes to kill. Altho I question that the average person on vacation would buy enough food to put in his/her car that they’d need to spend that much time shopping, perhaps the cafes or restaurants inside Hy-Vees are a more attractive place to wait than I realized.

Fossil fuel interests will try to sabotage this roll out.