New Tesla Semi Video Shows 26 Cameras, Sleeper Also Coming

Red Tesla Semi exterior front

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Recently, a few lucky Tesla enthusiasts spotted and filmed the Tesla Semi in Colorado revealing some intimate details about the electric hauler.

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Source: Erik J. Martin / @soundanswer

The state of Colorado is at least 1000 miles (~1600 kms) from the Gigafactory and Tesla seems to be testing the Semi for longer trips besides Gigafactory, NV to Fremont Factory, CA cargo trips which have been documented previously.

Erik J. Martin first spotted the Tesla Semi at the Brush, Colorado Supercharger Station (video below) where the truck driver, engineers and staff were more than happy to answer questions regarding the electric truck.

The Tesla Semi currently uses the existing Tesla charging infrastructure and needs to plug into at least four Supercharger stalls to power up its battery pack(s) — ultimately the Tesla Semi will have its own Megacharger network to support fast charging for this beast.

The video also reveals that the Tesla Semi prototype currently has 26 cameras onboard. This set-up is used for experimenting with optimal camera positions. The staff there also revealed to Erik that Tesla is going to build the ‘sleeper’ feature soon — probably by extending the cabin toward the rear end.

Youtube: soundanswer

Erik posted the following new details about the Tesla Semi (via his video description):

This version is a “Day Cab” with a 300 mile range and it takes 30 min to recharge when it has adequate power. Currently it is using the Supercharger Network, but will utilize its own MegaCharger Network when it hits production. Tesla will be its own first customer and the initial truck sales will be to itself to relieve the financial burden in transporting materials from the Gigafactory.

This one-off Alpha prototype is made of carbon fiber. It has approximately 26 cameras around it for Autopilot, which will be a lower number once the truck design is final. This one has extra cameras so they can experiment with camera placement for optimal use in its driver assistance suite.

It’s also important to note that the Tesla Semi will not be ‘full self-driving’ for a long time outside of utilizing the radar and camera functionality for Autopilot use on the highways. At this time, the Tesla Semi will require a ‘driver’ inside to perform certain tasks. Therefore, it doesn’t appear (at this stage) to be a threat to semi truck driver jobs.

Another detailed video of the Tesla Semi was shot by Sean Mitchell (of Model 3 hypermile record fame) which shows close-ups of the cameras, door handles and more as he got a better chance to film the truck while it was isolated and stationary.

Youtube: Sean Mitchell

It turns out that the Tesla Semi’s door handles are designed in the same manner as the Model 3’s door handles. In addition, the Tesla Semi also uses the same motors as the Model 3 and most likely the same 2170 cells via the battery pack as well.

It was thought that there were around 600 pre-orders placed for Tesla’s Semi Trucks as per public knowledge. However, Elon Musk revealed in the 2018 shareholder meeting that the internal count was closer to 2,000 Tesla Semi pre-orders at that time.

The opportunity to reduce costs for the trucking market has proved attractive for many corporate customers. Nevertheless, it’s also refreshing to see companies like Anheuser BuschUPSWalmart, and Bee’ah take a keen interest in the zero-emissions Tesla Semi for the sake of the environment and cleaner air for future generations.


Written by: Iqtidar Ali via X Auto

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A disruption in the trucking industry is coming…
And it will likely be a game changer.

Really depends how you look at it…Self driving is the true game changer as drivers are the most expensive aspect in the trucking industry…By the time legacy truck makers start producing EV semi’s, there’s a good chance the self driving truck could be ready or nearly ready…Furthermore, Tesla can’t obviously gaurantee the low mega charging rates forever…

Semi self driving will probably require LIDAR, by law

Legacy trucks are already producing electric trucks and buses. In my city they just bought several full electric full size city buses per example.

Renewable energy prices are going down, not up.

Under their DOT number Tesla shows they have 190+ trucks and over 260 drivers so it’d be pretty neat to see them convert all that over to EV’s !

From article:”[Tesla Semi] Sleeper Also Coming”

@Bunny- What would be on your wish list of how Tesla could improve traditional sleeper accommodation?

If you watch the video on the 2018 Cascadia bunk area, this is one of the best I’ve seen out of the OEMs
I can see the 2018 is improved over the 2017 I’ve had but I think the lighting and air could even still be improved. Especially lighting, you need more options, softer to chill in
Brighter to read with, etc. it always seems to me lighting is always lacking. It might sound trivial but please understand long haul, you live in this space typically weeks at a time. So things that are quirky become constant irritants.

Here’s link to video I referenced earlier, Freightliner did nice job for 2018. That little ladder is good idea,
Normally climbing on weird spots to get to upper bunk.

So must have a reasonable battery if you can cool and heat for this many (picture) hours assuming with the engine always off.

Could add a Sleeper Batter, just for Hotel Loads, could they not? Even 20-30 kWh should be Enough for such purposes!

@Bunny- Thanks for feedback.

Excellent review and thanks for sharing this. I can’t wait to see some Mega chargers and customer Semi’s in 2019.

Let’s hope Tesla starts building and shipping in 2019. The industry just booked another record breaking 53,100 class 8 diesels in August. Projections are running close to 700,000 annually at the moment.

The EV semis can’t come soon enough.

How is THOR Doing, with their EV Semi Project? Seems quite Quiet!

Gee. Did they have the guy sign an NDA? I would have ignored the request not to video the hook-up. Just an explanation would suffice. As other “secret” stuff he can’t mention. Why? He won’t be invited to a future Tesla event? What does he have to lose?