Check Out This Tesla Semi Hauling Lone Model X


It turns out the Tesla Semi is an aircraft carrier of sorts.

While the Tesla Model X is not a real aircraft in any way, it does have wings … Falcon Wing Doors that is. Who knows, perhaps one day it will gain the ability to fly like the upcoming Tesla Roadster. All jokes aside, Tesla’s President of Automotive Jerome Guillen took to social media (LinkedIn of all outlets) to post an image of a Tesla Semi hauling a single Model X.

Guillen’s first love and former primary role at Tesla was related to the electric semi, so it’s truly his baby. He was Tesla’s Vice President for Trucks and Programs for over three years. Guillen also has plenty of prior experience with semi trucks from his previous job at Daimler. He doesn’t post often on public social media, so this image garnered the attention of many Tesla fans.

The above image was taken at one of Tesla’s newest and largest Supercharger stations, in Kettleman City, California. The state-of-the-art charging station is strategically located partway between Los Angeles and San Francisco and is a model of what some upcoming Tesla Supercharger stations may look like. It offers 40 stalls, a solar roof, and plenty of family-friendly facilities. It’s also the site where people have spotted the Tesla Semi on a regular basis.

Many people continue to have doubts about Tesla’s future. While it showed a profit in Q3 2018, and will show another (lesser) profit for Q4, times are tough. Naysayers seem especially skeptical of the upcoming Tesla Semi and Roadster. However, we continue to see proof that the prototypes are out testing and Tesla is serious about bringing these vehicles to market in the not-too-far future.

Source: Teslarati

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10 Comments on "Check Out This Tesla Semi Hauling Lone Model X"

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The only thing better would be if the Model X was towing a trailer with a tiny model of the Semi on it.

Even better… the Model 3 towing a trailer with a full size Semi on it… 😉

Or, towing a Fully Loaded Tesla Semi… Away from blocking the Superchargers!

Confirms what I suspected. These Semis are running around with empty trailers. I seriously question their range with a real load. Otherwise why not drive them around with a car carrier full of Teslas and get free advertising? They should be running up and down I5 here in CA loaded with Teslas from Fremont, getting needed work done and getting free advertising, but they’re not. Instead we have contracted transportation companies with conventional diesel rigs running up and down I5 loaded full with Teslas.

I really am starting to think that Tesla is waiting on a new battery tech that they must be convinced is coming real soon, but isn’t here yet, to meet the performance specs laid out for the Semi and the Roadster. People say- No, no! they can do it with what they have now! And yet… Semis are running around empty.

Dav8or – quote: “They should be running up and down I5 here in CA loaded with Teslas from Fremont, getting needed work done and getting free advertising, but they’re not. ”
At the moment, the only Semis are prototypes, and only two operational ones have been sighted AFAIK. Hence, bearing in mind they are probably used quite a lot for development work and demonstrating to potential clients, how could they be allocated to work full time on a delivery schedule?

Let’s wait until the evaluation, development and inevitable bug fixing is over, and only then will they start to enter production. And then we may indeed see them hauling “real” loads for Tesla and whoever.

I didn’t mean to imply that they should be working full time. My point being, if they’re going to drive them around with trailers on, why not get some free publicity and some work gets done? Wouldn’t that be an impressive sight? Battery powered cars being delivered by a battery powered truck?

But these are prototypes, and as such extremely valuable – if one was in an accident it’s not just like any auto accident, it could affect the development programme. Yes, there has to be an element of risk to get valuable road experience, but just using one to haul a regular load might not be worth it. Additionally there is likely to be a regular roster of booked trucks for the run – just using a prototype Semi as and when may be more trouble than it’s worth.

You did say you suspected the reason they weren’t doing the run was because you questioned their range with a full load – I’m just suggesting what (to me) may be a more likely reason.

This is a great idea and one I’ld bet is in Tesla’s plan but they need something closer to production first. I’m expecting to see shipping between Giga1 and Freemont and perhaps vehicle shipping as part of their Beta testing but that will one or two steps later.

Because you see one with only a MX on it? Your logic….isn’t logical.

back up ride in case that semi runs out of charge? LOL.