UPDATE: Tesla Semi To Deliver Budweiser As Anheuser-Busch Places 40-Unit Order

3 months ago by Steven Loveday 40

Tesla Semi

Tesla Semi

And … the pre-orders for the Tesla Semi keep coming in, although this one is a bit unique in comparison.

Thus far, we’ve received news of many companies placing deposits on the upcoming, all-electric Tesla Semi. It started with J.B. Hunt, Walmart, Loblaws, and Meijer. Reuters recently tallied 116 total reservations, but this seems to be growing daily. Now, according to Jalopnik, as of the time of this writing, the automaker has about 140 pre-orders from 11 different companies.

Tesla Semi

Inside The Tesla Semi

We can now welcome Anheuser-Busch to the club, according to The Wall Street Journal. Not only is it the first company of its kind to publicize reservations, it may be the largest pre-order to date. If the deal works out, at least 40 all-electric semis will be transporting Budweiser and other related products.

Reportedly, J.B. Hunt also placed a large reservation for as many as 40 electric haulers, but most other pre-orders are range from one to 25 vehicles.

Senior director of logistics strategy at Anheuser-Busch, James Sembrot, shared:

“At Anheuser-Busch, we are constantly seeking new ways to make our supply chain more sustainable, efficient, and innovative. This investment in Tesla semi-trucks helps us achieve these goals while improving road safety and lowering our environmental impact.”

This isn’t the first time that we’ve seen a brewery attempting to go green. Sierra Nevada Brewing Company already uses solar power and Tesla Powerpacks. Perhaps it will soon make the growing list of electric semi adopters.

UPDATE: As we mentioned, these orders are growing quickly. Not long after writing the original post, the world’s largest food distribution network, Sysco, pre-ordered 50 electric semis. This puts Sysco as the leader over Budweiser’s 40 reservations and pushes the total to nearly 200.

Source: Reuters via Nasdaq, Jalopnik, Electrek


40 responses to "UPDATE: Tesla Semi To Deliver Budweiser As Anheuser-Busch Places 40-Unit Order"

  1. Pushmi-Pullyu says:

    How terrible for Tesla to take away the job of those Clydesdales! Will they be put out to pasture, or are they headed for the glue factory! 😯

    1. MightyChrom says:

      Nooo, they will be rantable as mighty steeds in LARPS.

    2. eltosho says:

      In my country horse meat is a delicacy 😀

      1. Pushmi-Pullyu says:

        In my country, people take perfectly good grain, soak it in water and let it sit until it rots; then they pour the water off and throw away the now-spoiled grain. Believe it or not, the water that is poured off is bottled and people actually pay money for it! I heard a rumor that Anheuser-Busch might sell some of that stuff. They call it “beer”.


  2. Alan says:

    A little date on semi truck sales from Freightliner:

    “The top-selling brand of semi truck is Freightliner; it sells about a third of the 190,000 new semis sold annually.

    Freightliner is owned by Daimler Trucks North America, which also owns the Western Star brand. Second most popular is Navistar International, followed by PACCAR, which owns the Peterbilt and Kenworth brands. Fourth is Volvo, which also owns the Mack brand.”

    Move forward to October 2014 and the numbers keep piling up. ACT Research Co. (ACT) reported that Daimler Trucks North America (DTNA), Freightliner’s parent company, had an order intake of 31,304 Class 6-8 units for the month. Almost 52% of the total 60,307 trucks ordered in the month were ordered from Daimler Trucks North America. Not only was that a record for DTNA, it also set the mark as the most semi trucks ordered from any manufacturer in a one-month period.


  3. fotomoto says:

    If A-B truly wants to improve road safety, I have a suggestion: stop selling alcohol. wink, wink

  4. JyChevyVolt says:

    Doesn’t coca cola have largest alternative fueled fleet? I saw their EV semi yesterday in Rowland Heights, CA. The things was fast.

  5. KDJFAS says:

    !!!!!! CHEERS !!!!!!

  6. Bacardi says:

    Bacardi approves of this purchase!

    1. Volt Fan says:

      You are a fake “Bacardi”. The true Bacardi family are from Cuba, had a sugar cane business, and began making rum. They might use bio-Diesel trucks instead, since they also make alcohols (methanol, ethanol, and isoprophyl) for other clients.

  7. Tech_guy says:

    Deposits are not orders. Please stop using misleading language.

    I will be more impressed when the product can actually be “ordered” with payment. Until then, it is crowdfunding and marketing, not sales.

    1. A Deposit is a Commitment, and a $20,000 Reservation, is Not?

      What about a $200,000 Reservation, for a ‘Founders Series’ Semi?

  8. Kamran says:

    ALL these “Deposits” are contingent upon meeting a specific delivery schedule. Up until this point that has been Teslas Achilles heel. Musk promises the Moon but as many wise individuals have pointed out, he has no secret sauce. They use the same batteries and component suppliers as others. In the next 12- 18 months so many electric trucks, cars and suvs will come out in working form as apposed to vaporware that Telsa will be in a world of hurt. Tesla = Blackberry

    1. Per “They use the same batteries and component suppliers as others.”, They Do Not Get their Batteries on the Open Market!

      Batteries for the Semi, will be Made Strictly for Tesla, by Panasonic, at Tesla’s Gigafactory 1, unless they have another USA GF built out enough to supplant or Supplement, this one, by 2 years from now, but that is not too likely!

    2. Yes, there are a lot of other trucks coming and announced, but none quite as advanced as Tesla’s 300 Mile Semi, nevermind, the Semi that does 500 Miles per Charge!

      1. Kamran says:

        This is all vaporware. All you Tesla fanboys are buy up the hype. There is no Tesla truck! There will not be for several years.

        1. Leaf2012 says:

          Yes it is vaporware like all the other vaporware projects from Tesla:

          vaporware Tesla Roadster
          vaporware Model S
          vaporware Model X
          vaporware Model 3

          None of these vaporware vehichles will ever be built. And if they will be built they will not meet those specs. Why can’t Elon Musk just listen to all naysayers right away and just cancel it? Cause none of these vehichles will ever be built.

          1. Someone out there says:

            Yes it is vaporware until they actually exist. That’s what vaporware is. Interestingly, all the products you list are (so far) money-losing products. Great job!

            1. ROFLOL says:

              @some troll out there: vaporware is a product that was announced but repeatedly misses deadlines leading to the suspicion it will never materialize.

              It’s important to get one’s definitions straight, even for trolls.


              1. Doggydogworld says:

                Dictionary.com says vaporware is:
                1. Computer Slang. a product, especially software, that is promoted or marketed while it is still in development and that may never be produced

                Merriam-Webster says:
                : a computer-related product that has been widely advertised but has not and may never become available

                Tesla Semi qualifies. As does pretty much every VW EV announcement for the past five years.

                1. Pushmi-Pullyu says:

                  Thanks for that fine example of sophistry. Next you’ll be arguing that day is night.

                  VW advertises lots of vaporware. Tesla has never advertised anything qualifying as “vaporware”. If Tesla says they definitely are going to make it, then they’re going to make it, sooner or later. Period.

      2. Volt Fan says:

        Cummings announced their electric semi in September (with a working prototype), and Tesla just copies their announcement idea:

        1. Pushmi-Pullyu says:

          Cummins (not “Cummings”) rushed out their announcement for a light BEV semi truck ahead of Tesla’s much higher-profile announcement of a Class 8 heavy BEV semi truck. Cummins’ truck is not a Class 8 truck. Cummins timed its announcement in an attempt to ride the coat-tails of Tesla’s popularity.

          Trying to equate the two is like trying to say that off-brand cheap DVD of a “Beauty and the Beast” cartoon, the one with a cover designed to look like Disney art, a cover that doesn’t at all resemble the art in the cartoon, scooped Disney’s “Beauty and the Beast” because you could buy the off-brand version at Wal*Mart a couple of weeks before Disney’s movie came out!

          Erm… no. Not the same at all.

      3. SJC says:

        EV semi trucks from warehouse to stores could work, long haul is another matter.

    3. Pushmi-Pullyu says:

      “They use the same batteries and component suppliers as others.”

      You are advised to learn at least a little about a subject before posting about it.

      If you knew anything about Tesla, you’d know about its gigantic Gigafactory One, which makes battery cells and battery packs exclusively for Tesla… and no other EV maker.

      If you knew somewhat more, you’d know that Tesla sources more of its parts in-house than any major auto maker. In fact, Tesla recently bought a German company that makes automated manufacturing machines; a company now making them exclusively for Tesla.


      1. Kamran says:

        Tesla batteries are made by Panasonic. The giga factory is a joint venture between Panasonic and Tesla. Panasonic supplies their batteries to many other can companies. Maybe it is you who need to learn about the world of automotive supply chain.


        1. Pushmi-Pullyu says:

          Please list all the companies and products to which Panasonic supplies batteries from Gigafactory One. You know, the factory with “Tesla” on the side — and not Panasonic. Other than Tesla, that’s going to be a mighty short list. 😉

          Now, that’s not to say that Gigafactory One will never supply any other EV maker. But at the moment, every battery cell coming out of Gigafactory One goes into a Tesla product, because Tesla paid billions to build the factory to ensure they would have sufficient batteries for their own BEVs.

  9. God/Bacardi says:

    Have to wonder, how many are for operational purposes and how many for promotional purposes?

    Budweiser (parent company A-B) has always huge on marketing and show up to events all the time…Imagine the draw showing up Tesla Semi?

    1. Pushmi-Pullyu says:

      Maybe it’s just me, but I think Joe Six-Pack would be far more interested in a Monster Truck show or a tractor pull than in looking at an EV semi tractor.

    2. Leaf2012 says:

      Well here they get both, positive publicity both now when ordering and when driving. And in addition they can lower transportation costs.

    3. SJC says:

      AB in owned by InBev a Belgian company.

  10. Steven says:

    Forty units for a company that big is like spit in a hurricane, meaningless.

    At best, it’s an evaluation fleet, just to see if they really work.
    At worst, they’ll just be used in parades, or other high profile events, like delivering bottled water to storm ravaged areas.

    Now, if they take delivery of 4,000 then you know they mean business.

    1. Pushmi-Pullyu says:

      “Forty units for a company that big is like spit in a hurricane, meaningless.”

      Yeah, just as meaningless as the flap of a butterfly’s wings in Asia. No way that could possibly result in a hurricane in the Atlantic several weeks later! /sarcasm

      There is no question that BEV trucking is going to replace diesel trucking. The only question is how soon. Once the economic case has been proven, BEVs will overtake the heavy trucking industry far faster than BEVs are overtaking the passenger car industry. Freight trucking fleets watch their bottom line very carefully, and once it is demonstrated that there is lower long-term cost from using BEV trucks, they will switch their fleets over rapidly.

      1. SJC says:

        Total Cost with rapid wear on packs needs data.

  11. Five Electrics says:

    There are 2-5 million semi tractors in the US, and we are taking about 40 preorders. Sigh.

    1. Pushmi-Pullyu says:

      In the real world, things tend to start small and grow larger. Perhaps it’s different where you live, in the Bizarro world of Tesla haters? Maybe there things start by instantly filling the entire market, then slowly shrinking down to nothing? 😆

      “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.” — Laozi

      1. ffbj says:

        I think what 5 is saying is that a single step is not a 1000 miles. Besides the Tesla truck only goes 500.

    2. ffbj says:

      2-5 million. I think what you confused there was trucks with trailers. 2 million semi’s bout 5 million trailers. Sigh.

  12. Scott says:

    Just like Apple, he changed the trucking industry forever!

  13. ffbj says:

    Sysco, the giant food distributor, just ordered 50.

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