Tesla Scores Big Powerpack Project In Australia

AUG 15 2018 BY MARK KANE 5

Tesla received an order for another big battery energy storage in Australia

Tesla will install a 25 MW / 52 MWh battery energy storage system at the Lake Bonney Wind Farm in South Australia, which will be the second biggest in the country after the 100 MW/129 MWh installed in 2017.

The Infigen Energy’s Lake Bonney Wind Farm is rated at 278.5 MW and thanks to batteries will be able to sell electricity when prices are higher and postpone sales when prices are lower on the National Electricity Market, at the same time taking some grid stabilization tasks.

Costs of the Tesla Powerpack installation are estimated at $38 million (AUD), which translates to $730 per kWh, which includes all the stuff like inverters and connections.

“ASX-listed Infigen said on Wednesday construction of the $38 million system was expected to begin in coming weeks, backed by funding from the SA government ($5 million) and ARENA ($5 million).

The Powerpack battery energy storage system (BESS) will be located adjacent to the 278.5MW Lake Bonney wind farm and connected to the grid via the existing Mayurra substation owned by ElectraNet.”

Also in Victoria, Tesla is installing 25 MW / 50 MWh energy storage system at 60 MW Gannawarra Solar Farm.

Source: RenewEconomy

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That first battery system must have been a big success if they are already ordering more.

Great for Tesla. Let’s hope our power companies here in the USA do the same with our wind and solar power generating plants.

From article: “Tesla will install a 25 MW / 52 MWh battery energy storage system at the Lake Bonney Wind Farm in South Australia…”

Another win for Tesla Energy.

To put that into perspective battery size/capacity wise, it’s the equivalent to ~693 Tesla Model 3 (long range version 75kWh) or ~4 days of Model 3 production… if my math is right.

Interestingly 693 Tesla Model 3 (long range version 75kWh) X $49,000 = $33,957,000

… vs. the $27,523,268 (USD) Tesla battery contract… so within 20% of each other… if the extended range Base Model 3 was today available the dollar amounts would be near identical.