Tesla Put California On The Automotive Map In U.S.

NOV 24 2018 BY MARK KANE 27

Will Nevada join other states with the Model Y?

The US DOE’s Office of Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy released interesting an image of states that actually produce light-duty vehicles in volume.

There is currently no competition for Michigan, which exceeds 2 million per year, but it’s worth noting that thanks to Tesla (and Model 3), California stayed in business. Otherwise, the position would be negligible after the closing of the NUMMI plant in Fremont (currently the Tesla Factory) by Toyota.

“In 2017 just over two million light-duty vehicles were produced in the state of Michigan. Indiana, Kentucky, and Ohio produced between one and two million light-duty vehicles. Ten other states produced light-duty vehicles in 2017 while 36 states had no light-duty vehicle production.”

The main question is whether Tesla will build the Model Y at the Gigafactory in Nevada, which ultimately would put the state in the game? A few other states, as well as California, are also possible.

Source: energy.gov

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“The is currently no competition for Michigan,”
There is no “there” there!

This is a 2017 map, so Model 3 didn’t really have any impact on it… over 10x as many Model S and X were made as Model 3 last year.

2018 probably won’t look much different, either – California will still be in the under half a million bucket (unless there’s production going on besides Tesla.)

2019 might be interesting… there’s a decent chance that Tesla makes over half a million cars next year, although it might continue to be under half a million in California, with Gigafactory 3 in China being how Tesla as a company gets over half a million… although who knows. Maybe Model Y production will start in Nevada next year.

In the US?! How about in the World and the known Universe? 😉

“Tesla Put California On The Automotive Map In U.S.”?

Err. . . didn’t GM put California on the automotive map many decades ago? And didn’t large volume GM/Toyota production in California continue until 2010, then Tesla took over the plant later in 2010?

I think the article is talking current time, not ancient history.

“Put on the map” indicates the start or beginning of something. Perhaps, “Kept on the map” would be a more apropos title for this article.

GM made over 20 million vehicles in various iterations of its Freemont plant from 1960-2010, peaking at about 500,000 vehicles per year. Tesla hasn’t yet come close to matching those production figures.

Yes, GM and Ford both used to produce a lot of cars in California. So did some of the independent makes back in the day. However, due to high cost labor, high cost of living and governmental regulations, car manufacturing died here… until Tesla. I think Tesla would be really dumb to expand car manufacturing in California.

Tesla put California back on the map.

After the bloody unions killed what once was.

The politicians had more to do with it than the unions.

California should consider itself blessed to have Tesla.

CA fought to have Tesla. Specifically, Arni and Brown did.

It was a collaborative effort.

No it was not.

Elon was brilliant enough to buy the plant from Toyota a dormant plant that was sitting there growing weeds and collecting dust he bought the plant for a song and ended up paying Toyota back and owns the original plant free and clear

I’m just glad the NUMMI plant is being put to good use.


Nothing like reusable resources.

Wait until tomorrow. Rivian has big show time of what old plants can do.

You obviously were NOT paying attention. It was arni that pushed that. Elon was going to go to NM with manufacturing. Arni pushed that, along with pushing Toyota to sell it, which they were happy.

“Back on the map” is the right rephrasing. Good job.

ah, a GOPer that blames everybody else. Let me guess. You voted for trump.

Point of clarification, unions had more to do with killing the GM Fremont factory, before it was opened as a NUMMI under GM and Toyota. The Great Recession closed NUMMI, which you can lay the blame to bankers for creating dangerous investments (including GMAC, as GM was heavily reliant on their banking), politicians (Gingrich / Clinton) for deregulating the banks in the mid 90s allowing for consumer banks to expand into securities trading, and consumers for taking out loans they couldn’t afford.

Now redo that map looking strictly at PHEV/BEVs!

Tesla in CA, Leafs in Tennessee, Bolts in Michigan, Volts in Ohio (I think?), 2017 so C-Max and Focus Electric in Michigan, X5 PHEVs in South Carolina, C350e in Alabama.

Any that I missed?

Bolt and Volt are both built in Michigan.

No, they are NOT. They are built in South Korea and simply assembled in America.


These other EVs are but drops in a bucket.

Other than Tesla, NONE of those are manufactured in America. ALL of the non-tesla are manufactured elsewhere and assembled here.

why bother with ICE vehicles? Get rid of Hybrids.