Tesla Has Already Produced 550 Standard Model 3

MAR 6 2019 BY MARK KANE 105

Hundreds of base Model 3 already were produced

Tesla Model 3 Standard (the base battery pack option) is not only available for order but reportedly, the first batch of more than 500 were already produced.

According to Electrek’s sources, some 550 Model 3 Standard are ready to ship. It’s more than one would anticipate in the initial stage, which suggests that Tesla is already ready for volume production of the Standard version.

An interesting note is that the vehicles are internally signed as “Model 3 50”, which could mean a 50 kWh battery?

Now, we are waiting for the first customer deliveries, which probably will result in lots of new reviews – very important reviews for the masses of potential customers, that were unlocked by this new, more affordable version.

The Standard Model 3 starts at just $35,000, which we consider to be a bargain. However, for just a bit more money, there might be a better Model 3 option for you.

Source: Electrek

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3s or 3s+ ?

My guess is they are 3s+’s because only 2 wk delivery time listed, and interior is similar to mid & long range editions.

Good guess, I wouldn’t bet against it.

But, but, but—-the shorters, shills for disrupted industries, and radicalized haters plus the paid trolls said this would never happen or it was going to be a year, or……..!

Anyways, welcome to the beginning of the end of the ICE age.

The meltdown is coming!

Cliff diving.
Upside-down hockey stick.

Only 550 produced yet only 2-4 weeks delivery time, does that make sense?

Pretty sure it’s SR. Not only does the source article talk about standard (with no mention of plus), but also the 50 kWh battery would clearly indicate SR. (SR+ must have ~55 kWh.)

There’s a slight chance the SR and the SR+ have the same battery and the SR is software limited…

I don’t remember the source but I clearly remember Elon Musk being quoted as saying the SR has less cells and not software limited. It’s probably easier to put less cells in a Model 3 battery module than a Model s/x module due to the automation of assembly.

Pretty sure that was relating SR versus MR/LR.

Haven’t seen anything reported on the battery difference between SR and SR+.

I think there is close to zero chance that’s actually the case. Not only would this make no sense from an economic point of view (at that price, they can’t afford giving away ~$500 of margin), but also 50 kWh is definitely not sufficient for 240 miles.

Why wouldn’t 50kWh get you 240mi? It’s only 4.8mi/kWh (or 20kWh/100mi), and you see plenty of reports of those numbers by other EV owners. Model 3 SR would be lighter than the MR and LR just because of smaller battery. It might also have a different motor & reduction drive setup (although I doubt that, but you see the Ioniq has unbelievable range compared to all others, so it is a possibility). And for sure the SR has less electronics to run (although that is probably miniscule difference).
Tesla already understated the Model 3LR EPA numbers, so quite believable to me that SR could get 240mi from 50kWh battery.

Now, I just need leasing to start so that in a couple of years, I can get one cheaper.

When they start delivering the Model Y, I’m sure lots of people will be trading in their Model 3s. So could be some good used deals in another year.

That’s my hope, I would love to pick up a used 3 when the prices make sense.

What’s your sensible price?

Ideally in the 20-25k range. I expect to see some Model 3’s at that price point within 2 years. And that is the price point that makes sense for me, other may disagree. I can afford a higher price point, but I prefer to buy used lower mileage vehicles and let someone else take the biggest hit on depreciation.

2 year might be optimistic. I see 2017 Bolts listing for about that, and Bolt’s not as desirable as Tesla.

Also to consider is warranty. You’re using up 2 years from day 1 if you buy 2 year used EV. With growing pains with all Tesla early in production, that could be something. OTOH, you can just buy new after 2 years with all issues resolved. 🙂

Those are fair points, I could be a little optimistic but there could be a large volume of Model 3s coming available as the Model Y rolls out, I’m hoping that helps bring the cost of the used Models come down more. One of the reasons I’m not looking at the used Bolts at this point is their costs are too high in my opinion (in the Denver area where I am, the lowest priced used Bolts I’m seeing is closer to 27k, for me to want to pull the trigger on a used Bolt it would need to be closer to the 20k), I think that has more to do with the lack of that many used examples being available thus keeping prices higher. I think the used Bolt prices will be better as we get more coming off of leases in the next year or so. I know they didn’t lease as heavily with the Bolt, so maybe that outcome is optimistic too. But either way I know we are now still pretty early for the used market on the Bolt as the volumes weren’t that high at the beginning of their ramp. I would expect to see… Read more »

I’m also looking forward to the used Model 3 market, though I’m probably more like 3 years out, maybe for a long-range RWD produced ballpark around now.

I hope that works for you…


I really hope my Gen 2 Volt will last another 8 years.

I would still have my Gen 1 Volt, but its ICE had an unfortunately early demise. The ICE in it bricked itself, and the dealer wanted 7k to replace the engine. Even shopping around for a cheaper quote it just wasn’t worth fixing.

Weird situation as the ICE only had maybe 40k miles on it, oil changes were always performed on time. I’m not sure what caused it to go, but once it did it was time to say goodbye.

I just wish I would have been in position to pull the electric motor and batteries to save for a conversion project down the line.

Excellent news. Those hyundai stealerships who are charging $5000 premium will take notice.

Its seriously high time for GM, Nissan, BMW to reduce the prices on Bolt, Leaf, i3 respectively.

How much do you think Bolt, Leaf, i3 should list now?

The i3 will always be overpriced, it’s a BMW so I won’t give a price on that one. For the Bolt and Leaf, I think the bolt should be between 28–35k (base to fully loaded). And for the Leaf (23-33k)

GM has already reduced prices via GM backed dealer incentives. Was even a recent IEV article about it.

They could do what Tesla did, and drop MSRP overnight and raise the ire of people that just purchase one before the price drop, I suppose.

When can I go to a Tesla store and check out the base interior?

Oh right, they are closing their stores,….

Have pictures online. 😂😂😂😂😂

It’s hard to sit in a picture. I am 6’6″ and 300(ish) lbs. I don’t test drive cars. I try them on.

Stores are closing but Galleries or Showrooms are staying open, so you can just visit one of those. The difference is that there is no ‘sales persn’ but a product specialist who can show you the vehicle and answer any questions before you order from your phone in less than a minute.

This is the direction car sales are going globally when there is a set price for the ‘product’.

Some gallery stores are closing too. Here in Texas there have never been any Tesla stores since Tesla can’t legally sell here so the locations closing here have always been galleries, showrooms, or whatever you want to call a non-store. All service centers are still open AFAIK.

But not all of them are closing… likely at least one or two in each of 4 the major urban areas.

There are only 4 Tesla locations in all of WA State. All in or near Seattle. Closest one is ~30miles away. All of them are “stores”. One is a Store plus service center. Which is the one I expect they will keep open.

@Cypress said: “When can I go to a Tesla store and check out the base interior? Oh right, they are closing their stores,….”

Soon at a Tesla “Gallery”… which is same as a Tesla Store except the Tesla Gallery will not place a purchase order for you… that you do yourself online.

Sears was the original direct online purchasing king (back then by mail-order catalog)… including selling kit homes. Perhaps had Sears not gotten into the business of greatly expanding physical stores they would today be the online Amazon.

Interesting about Sears: exactly the same thing happened with Quelle in Germany…

You could check online but I guess you are unable to navigate from Russia

At least until Submarine Mode get implemented!

I don’t get this Russia joke. ???

Implying I’m a paid Russian oil shill troll.

I still don’t get why Russia, though. If the joke is about oil, Saudi and Venezuela are more dependent on oil. Also, Russia has EV and expanding, but not in S and V?

Not really.
Russia lives and dies on oil and gas.

Checking it out online is not the same as actually seeing it in person and sitting in it, driving it.

Maybe Tesla will introduce a VR experience.

I’m betting we see Model Y produces before November.


As badly as I want a model Y, I would still personally wait ~1 yr after production begins before buying mine. I will gladly step aside and let others get their hands on it first. I’m glad I waited until June 2015 for my Model S. But that roadster is insane. I might get a case of temporary insanity and buy one. Or if I rented one for a week, maybe I could get it out of my system. One would have to live near an Autobahn with no speed limits to fully appreciate the beast, but here in the US, I might end up in jail driving at 135 mph.

Why would you drive so slow if you are going to jail anyway?

If you can rent a roadster and try it, I think you might not sleep the night before you return it

Well, isn’t that what Elon’s building the tunnels for? Push things along as fast as you like in your privately owned and operated tunnels 🙂

Tesla has already said it has plans for installing automobile assembly lines at Gigafactory 1 in Nevada, to build the Model Y. It won’t be making the Model Y at Fremont, which is already so overstuffed that they’re building cars on partial production lines under tents in the parking lot!

Gigafactory will be used for semi and truck.

Y can easily be built almost inline with 3. It is simply, a different optioned 3 with many shared core components.

Elon has already said Y will be built at GF1. If they built it at Fremont their Model 3 production would drop and stop at points for setup of Model Y. They likely can’t handle the downtime when rolling out about 24,000 Model 3 cars a month, and Fremont can’t handle volume of both models.

Will you ever stop paddling this BS? If space was the constraint, they would *not* use a “tent” instead of a normal multi-story building…

That article is from april 2018 though!

$35000 car with no heated seats. Is this a joke?

I remember when US automakers would advertise “base model” car prices without optional windshield wipers and heaters. I don’t think any were actually built that way, just an advertising gimmick. Almost everybody will cough up the extra $2k to get the Standard+, and Musk will be able to rightfully claim Tesla succeeded in bringing out the $35k version. Just a dose of reality, the base model is really $37k, but if you figure in inflation from when it was first announced it is spot on.

“…the base model is really $37k, but if you figure in inflation from when it was first announced it is spot on.“

Dude, are you on drugs? People placed a deposit for which they received no interest over the past few years. It was interest free capital for Tesla.

You are wrongly conflating inflation on $35,000 dollars, and interest on $1,000 dollars.

You sound like one of those folks who is intentionally immune from facts, so I don’t expect you will acknowledge the difference.

If anyone is hurting financially over not making interest on their $1K deposit, they should not be buying a new car of any type or any brand. Smart folks used a reward credit card, and got 2% cash back anyways…..

Many cars were delivered in Hawaii without heaters. Our 2014 i3 has no heated seats or battery pack. Why pay more for options that aren’t needed in some locations or by some people?

Still getting the base

Almost nobody buys the base variant of *any* car… I don’t think the Model 3 is really special in this regard. (Only difference is that Tesla bundles the upgrades more than other car makers. So instead of paying a couple grand for various individual upgrades, you just get the SR+…)

Isn’t it a world wide car? We don’t have much need for heated seats where I live. Just because cold, old, North of USA needs them doesn’t mean everyone does.
Now I agree that the 2 Grand for the upgrades is probably a smart choice anyway. I’ll have to wait for it to get here and see how my finances work out.

Wow. How soft have people become these days.

Very. My 1972 BMW 2002 didn’t have heated seats, power seats, power windows, remote, air conditioning, etc. I wish I still had that car. Smashed by a drunk in a Caddy.

New I’m guessing $5,000.

Well said! Heated seats are a nice luxury, but to mention them as if they have to be standard equipment on all cars… just how pampered can you get?

Have you driven an EV in really cold weather, as in below 10F? I have, many times over my 6 years of EV ownership, and the power savings from having heated seats and a heated steering wheel are welcome.

I live in Canada and 10F is not really cold for me. But heated seat is ‘nice to have’ particulary in a BEV since you don’t have to eat as much the whole cabin with your batteries. But it is a nice to have option, why everybody should pay for an option that they may never use (hot climate).

“Why should people pay for options they will never use”


Wish Tesla would rip out all the expensive radars, cameras, and computers needed for Autopilot and FSD. And offer the car for a few thousand less.

That’d be just about any other EV you want then Buddy! I’d say the whole reason Tesla is considered so highly is because of those cameras, radar and that whole FSD thing!

Should generally be standard on EVs that are being mass produced and delivered to a wide variety of climates.

That might be a fair critique for an ICE vehicle, but they really should be standard on all EVs due to the efficiency hit from other heating methods.

I’d pick the heat pump in that case. Pre heating, once the cabin is at temperature, even the energy sink in the 2012 LEAF only sucks about 1kW of energy. And cabin heat is great for defrosting the windows, plus all the other passengers in the car.
Now I understand in those really cold climates heat pump are not as good, but still it’s going to be a great heater for a fair amount of the year.
Then add heated seats and steering wheel as options.

Poor Baby.

Agree so go for the 100K Model S P100D to fulfill your demanding taste. Too expensive? Well live between your means.

You do realize there are quite a few states (and people) that don’t require heated seats…

My butt is always in a state requiring some heating.

lol…More than 50% of all vehicles sold with a MSRP of $35K or less do not have heated seats…Often it’s an optional package or is standard on higher trims…

So? Plenty of BMW’s out there on the road with no heated seats either. People buy BMW’s without heated seats because they don’t want to pay to get heated seats.


Talk about your first world problems…..

Most BMW’s are ICE. Lots of waste heat available to warm the cabin. Not so much with an EV.

What is a joke is the idea that anyone would take your Tesla bashing seriously.

First, like many have already writtern, quite a few buyers see no need for heated seats. Second, you can buy a removable seat heater that connects to USB for the occasional need. 10 sec of googling found them for $50. SOLVED! EDIT: found them for $13 as well.

I can’t imagine you’ll get enough current through a USB port to do much heating. But maybe.

Maybe. It was easier with the 12V outlets (cigarette lighters) but I suppose new cars generally lack those?

heated seat draw very little current, the fan in my car even without heat on actually draw more current than my heated seat.

@Eddie – given the fact that heated seats and steering wheel have been standard on a Leaf for the last 5 or 6 years, now, I agree with you. It’s a clever stunt. If you can go $35k, then you’re probably going to go $37k, or complain.

Wish Tesla were a more mature automaker with more ability to produce at scale while offering alacarte options.

For example, base model + AWD. Or base + “winter package”.

But they are still struggling and having to keep option configurations low to simplify mfg.

Well AWD shouldn’t be that much of a manufacturing option challenge in an EV. About the most simple thing to install from watching all the videos. Suspension seems to be the biggest question, and that’s mostly related to the differing battery weights.
I mean, really, the RWD vs AWD should just be a separate option with a cost. What should it be worth? $2k for the AWD? It’s probably cheaper if they just raised the price $1k and put AWD into every car. Scale of economy and simplified manufacturing would most likely mean more profit in that scenario anyway. And range is hardly taking a hit from AWD.

It looks like Colorado passed a bill restricting where oil companies can drill a well.The article was written by API so there not saying the reason for a bill law was because oil companies literally were drilling 100 yards away from homes, neighborhoods business etc.
The reason that we have to have laws and regulations is because people like the Koch Brothers don’t care about anyone or anything except there money.

With all due respect, there already were limits on where you can or can’t drill for oil, probably in all 50 States. Zoning laws, if nothing else.

Apparently not in Colorado I read an article about it and seen a news program that showed how ridiculously close to residential homes there were drilling rigs.

That is not an article. It is a press release from the lobbying arm of the oil industry. It says what one would expect a press release from that group to say.

550 TM3’S ready maybe we’ll have 20,000 TM3’S for US month of March.

IEV’s sales/delivery estimate for September 2018 was 22,250, so I would hope that March of 2019 would be higher, even though the $35k Model 3 won’t have much if any impact on March sales.

In general in the automobile market, March is generally the first month that we see a significant pickup in automobile sales after the doldrums of the January/February winter sales low.

Dry cell battery

I’m still floored by the concept of a sleek beautiful $35K EV with 220 miles of range. Literally impossible a few years ago. Heck, they were selling sub 100 mile range econobox EVs for $40+K. The original Tesla Roadster was over $100K.

Yeah if the SEC messes with Musk to much Tesla supporters will throw tomatoes at the SEC.
Uh where are they?
We want to get are message across but were against violence.

Wonder if we will see an SR being charged and delivered to a customer tonight.

Thx Mark, keeps up the info, how about reporting each time it doubles? Keep us up to date. Props

That depends on Electrek’s secret inside source, not on Mark…

550 is less than a days production….or is it?

Man I’m trying to get one but Bolts offer is now no money down and 0% finance for 7 years. Including dealer discount

I’d be more interested to see what the teardown of the battery is like. As in how much of the battery case is empty now.

The most interesting bit from the source article is that the batch was produced within two days. This suggests that there is no significant bottleneck with assembly, i.e. the ramp speed will rather be limited mainly by parts production — most likely the battery…

That picture is not a base model 3….. 🙂

How can you tell?…

The standard range with it’s cloth seats ought to sell very well because most people are not vegans.