Tesla Pickup Truck Gets Rendered As Rad Off-Roader


Truck it all!

With the launch of the awesome Rivian R1T at the L.A. Auto Show, our minds have been dwelling on the idea of an electric pickup truck. So, it was great to see this render of the yet-to-be-seen Tesla Truck pop up on Twitter. It takes the Tesla Semi platform and makes a monster adventure vehicle out of it.

The original tweet (embedded below) comes from the account of EV.network, whose website says they are “…completely rebranding and building something amazing.” It seems to be inspired by the image Tesla itself splashed on the big screen at its Semi reveal event. EV.network later followed it up with a slightly modified version, which we’ve also embedded below.

The render then inspired the posting of a couple more fun images (both below). One is a Semi-ambulance, while the other uses the Model X as the basis for the California automaker’s pickup. Apparently, this latter image was created as an April Fool’s joke by the same person who rendered the truck at the top of this post.

Of course, all these flights of fancy are likely far from what we will see when Tesla does finally unveil the pickup it’s been working on. Though public information about the actual vehicle is pretty slim, CEO Elon Musk has said he’s very excited about it. So far, he’s only shared that it will have Dual Motors, its suspension will dynamically adjust for load, and it will have 240-volt outlets to plug in heavy-duty equipment. Also, it will have a 400-to-500-mile battery option. These all seem pretty natural features for the vehicle and we can only imagine it’s got many more.

Musk has said they will build the Truck after Model Y, but we hope its initial design is revealed along at that crossover’s debut event in March.


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Military EV truck which the military can refuel using very high efficiency portable solar PV arrays so as to not be dependant on liquid fuel supply lines!

Yes and it would take several days to a week to do it,

You should get educated, it would depend on the size of the array (as well as their efficiency) as well as the local solar irradiance levels.

And try hiding a large PV Array from the Enemy drones?
It can’t be done IMHO.
It also takes a lot of time to pack up when the camp moves as it invariable does in a war. When I went on exercise we were given under 30 minutes to ‘bug out’.
Small PV systems on the top of trucks would work but otherwise it could be impractical where a location has to be packed up and moved in a hurry.

I’m sure they could make a solar array equivalent of the M60 AVLB.
And only deploy at night when the enemy can’t see it 😉

The U.S. Military has been talking up the concept of using high-efficiency solar energy systems to provide power in conflict zones where trucking in fuel is dangerous. Insurgents like to target fuel trucks because they’re not armored.

That’s not to say we should expect to see the army replace the HUMMV with a BEV vehicle anytime soon. As you pointed out, recharging off-base would be very problematic, even if the vehicle carried a portable folding solar array. Sunlight simply doesn’t provide much power per square foot/meter.

But there is certainly a place for at least a small number of BEVs used in areas with high rates of insurgency attacks, such as Afghanistan and Iraq, so long as they can go to a base for recharging.


The Sun puts out lots of energy per square meter, but PV solar just isn’t efficient enough.

Sunlight doesn’t provide nearly enough energy to (for example) justify putting solar cells on the roof of a car, and it wouldn’t even if the cells were 100% efficient.

If you doubt this, then you haven’t done the math. I have.

Yeah, i always scratch my head when people talk about putting solar on the roof of cars. It is not cost effective, especially for the very little gain you would get.

Which is no different then any other large military logistics setup.

The advantage is if you can make your own fuel for both vehicles and other necessities like refrigeration/battery recharging, you save huge by not having to constantly bring in huge amounts of fuel through enemy IEDs/ambushes, etc.

The military does not have a clue what the world save means.
I’ve never seen so much money being pissed away, each and every day.

U obviously have never served and are not an engineer.

Ha ha. Get Real, you’ve never touched a solar panel in your life. A 12 foot by 5 foot array of solar panels will generate 4-5 kWh a day in bright sunlight.

A focused mirror can generate enough heat to power a turbine that “could” store enough energy to quickly recharge a limited number of electric vehicles. The mirror made with mylar could be easily portable and break down very quickly. Whether this is more efficient than keeping gasoline on hand is, however, highly debatable.☺️

The mirror would need to be quite large to capture enough energy for many EVs. The reality is that there isn’t enough energy coming from the sun in a small area to make your vehicle move a few hundred miles. Just think about it. If the solar insolation was that high, we would all get fried just walking outside.

To fill a Tesla 100D from empty to full in one day using solar panels, you would need at least a 20kW panel in CA, or 25kW in ME. A 20kW panel would be about 1200 square feet, or more footprint than the average house.

Another Euro point of view

And I thought I did not know much about solar energy. I just got completely destroyed in that field by Get Real.

It’ll look nothing like the semi, Musk didn’t say it would, he just said “what if…?”…He said you will step up into it and will look like its out of mad max…Also, expect it to be more expensive than the Model X…

Is that Bob Lutz holding a flamethrower in the back of that hummer?

/gettin’ ready to go source some cobalt or lithium, I reckon’.

Definitely the Friday, aka Artist’s Corner at InsideEVs. Don’t bring up Bob today, he’s not had a good week with all the plant closures and the demise of the Volt.

Yah, he says getting out of cars “isn’t silly”..

If you think the future is BEVs, then I’d say it IS silly. If you’re going to have an affordable highway capable vehicle with today’s battery technology, then it needs to be in sleek sedan form. A pickup or large SUV is just going to get you nowhere fast — you’ll spend all your time at the supercharger.. … AND @ 2 mi/kwh and 20c kwh , … more $/mile than driving a gasoline fueled sedan.

Of course, ol’ Bob probably knows all that too. It’s just his “roundabout” way of saying: “Hey America! — GM wants to build your next Electric Car!, .. in China!”. “or , .. better yet,.. we’ll build it in China, and then just rent it to you.”

-Hello Maven

Trump wants all electric cars to be built in China, only wants Gasmobiles for USA.

@rey said: “Trump wants all electric cars to be built in China, only wants Gasmobiles for USA.”

Your wrong on both counts… go fish.

Yah, he says getting out of cars “isn’t silly”..

“If you think the future is BEVs, then I’d say it IS silly.“

If you believe the future is transportation as a service then it may make sense. One of the advantages of TAS is that it can result in the luxury experience costing less than private ownership of an econobox. Those managing the fleet can decide what ratios they will need of long range capable vehicles vs short or mid range capable vehicles.

Killing the Volt must have felt like putting a knife in him and twisting it, maybe CNBC should interview him.

If I had the chance to interview Mr. Lutz, I’d probably ask him what he thinks of these electric trucks (real or dystopian fan art) and what it means to GM. Then I’d tell him if it wasn’t for the GM Volt, Workhorse, Bollinger, and Rivian never would have dared to make one and he should be proud of his legacy. Let him soak up the moment, puff his chest, then say “but then when did the Tesla Roadster come out? Two years before the Volt?” let him throw shade on Tesla (he loves doing it) and then ask about the EV-1, concluding with “so, who killed that program, I mean really?”

He doesn’t work at GM anymore

The Tesla pickup is too ginormous to fit on and drive down many off-road trails.

Since this is wholly imaginary, you can just imagine the trails are wider.

That’s Just Crazy !…..Man ! ! The Mars Machine ! !.. 🙂

Wow, that’s (in the technical sense) a truly excellent render! I would have thought it was an actual vehicle if it wasn’t labeled a render.

It’s certainly a nice looking imaginary truck, and until Tesla shows us an image of the actual design, I hope that IEVs will continue to use that image for future articles about the Tesla Pickup, rather than the silly “pickup in a pickup” joke image which was shown at the Tesla Semi Truck reveal event.

It’s terrible rending

I did one in high visibility yellow.

Please fix that windshield wiper ASAP truck looks good otherwise.

Much better

Way better

Ready to reserve 🙂

I’d say “rad” is only appropriate as it looks like something that would have been designed as “futuristic” in the ’80s.

Very ugly. I wouldn’t buy it.


Sorry to say they’re mostly rather ugly, except for the last one, which is promising.
This is an opportunity to break the mould of PUT design. It doesn’t have to look like a mini-Semi, or even (ecch!) a Ford F150. A chance to bring a little hard beauty to the type.

Ugly 💩

If it has 240 volt outlets can I plug in a level 2 charger to recharge the truck? /S

Then you’d never need to bring your truck in for charging. 😂

Ugh, these renderings just keep getting worse…

“Random Photoshop user posts a picture”.

Slow news day?

Good to see the traditional obstructive pick up front hood gone.

Did not like the traditional obstructive engine hoods.

@TESLA, @ELONMUSK, build the pickup now please….

The people doing these renders obviously know nothing about off-roading or expedition vehicles. The approach and departure angles are terrible on these renders. They would be no more capable in an expedition role than a classic VW Microbus.

Tesla PU will be Model B……..for Badass. The Render Should be a Dually+Badass.

Dually+Badass = Model B Hawlinass

Model B Campervan = Chillinass