Tesla Outsold Chrysler In 2018

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JAN 7 2019 BY MARK KANE 27

Tesla is now the 20th most popular brand in U.S.

The year 2018 was an exceptional year as Tesla increased electric car sales in the U.S. from roughly 50,000 to nearly 200,000, which put the brand into #20 for sales in the U.S.

According to our estimations, Tesla sold about 191,627 S/X/3 during the year, while Good Car Bad Car reports 197,517. Regardless of the precise result, Tesla is ahead of Chrysler, with market share of 1.15%.

Current, monthly sales results suggest that in 2019 there is a chance for Tesla to reach #15 (about 300,000) and take over Buick, Audi, Lexus, Mazda, BMW. Maybe there is even a chance for #13 ahead of Mercedes-Benz and Volkswagen but that would require 350,000+ sales.

U.S. best selling brands in 2018 (Good Car Bad Car data)

Source: Good Car Bad Car

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300k US in 2019 is extremely optimistic. I expect 225-250k.

I would see 300,000 on the high end too, but depends on what they do with $35k model. If they start serious production on that this year it could be much higher. It also depends on how many they ship overseas. If they keep only 4k Model 3 and 1k Model S/X to US that is 260,000. My understanding is 6k/week Model 3 production has been pretty stable since late November. I see their growth taking another large jump in 2020.

The plant they are in is capable of 500K, and that was before Tesla automated more of the process. So, unless the GF1 can’t supply the batteries, I can’t see why 300-350K isn’t feasible.

Ok, so it only overtakes Audi and Buick… still over 2018, so I’m cool.

It fully depends upon how Tesla chooses to allocate cars to the US vs. other global markets.

You aren’t going to start with the fake “demand” meme crap again, as if choosing to open up a new market just like they said they would back in Q2 has anything to do with demand, are you?

Overtaking VW will probably be difficult, but I think one thing you might be forgetting is that a sizable portion of Tesla’s 2019 sales are going to be at Mercedes expense – people will be cross shopping the C-class and the Model 3 and picking the 3. I think it might be realistic to see them both meet at 320K or so.

Not really a good comparison since “Chrysler” is effectively a smaller sub brand of FCA (look at the Dodge, Ram and Jeep numbers). Global volume is a more significant measure of relative size and success than branding labels.

A more meaningful comparison would be with Mazda, which is the smallest of the major independent manufacturers . Currently Tesla is about 1/4 of Mazda global volume, which is still impressive in the time frame. Growth rate is much higher too.

Global sales is not a “better” comparison, its simply a different metric – especially considering there has yet been no “global” attempt to sell the Model 3.

Well you know here in the US, the World Series of Baseball has 2 whole countries… 😉

I understood QCO “global” sells as “group” sells (in US of course). But I may be wrong.

Brand owner is irrelevant. Companies break up their sales into brand names on what suits them best, and specifically so comparisons like this are done (people shop similar brands and want a brand to fit the image they are looking for). Hyundai split Genesis off to its own brand to avoid comparison with the cheaper Hyundai cars. Brands are important in the US.

I wouldn’t say brand owner is irrelevant. Chrysler, considered as a standalone brand, would have no reason to exist: they only make two products (300 and Pacifica) which aren’t very different from two Dodge products (Charger and Grand Caravan).

Still, Tesla outselling the (former) marquee name of a (former) Big 3 automaker is nothing to sneeze at. Great job by Tesla!

In New Zealand Tesla outsold the FCA group sales which included all Fait, Chrysler and Dodge.

YOU DELETED MY POST !! ~ I shall Never again take part mark kane’s misleading & “selective journalism” …

It would be interesting to see only CA sales, or sales in only the states that tesla’s are sold because Tesla still can’t directly sell in like 10 states right? how well would the other automakers do if they couldn’t sell direct in 20% of the US?

Good point.

What’s the one company banned from sales in Texas? Same one that isn’t allowed in the Austin Car show…

This year’s sales will be very interesting. I would think that that demand for $50,000 and up M3s will be declining sharply. I think sales will hinge on if they sell a $35,000 M3. Then again, I never thought they would sell as many expensive M3s as they did, so what do I know?

For kicks and giggles, you should probably include Lincoln since you included Cadillac: 103,587

As long as Lexus is outselling Tesla, Toyota is probably not going to take BEV seriously.

Hmm. Jeep, Dodge, Chrysler and Fiat is under FCA manufacturing. Don’t care about brands if one company uses the same platform for different products

I agree.. Ford F150 is under Ford. Chevy silverado is under Chevy, not under GMC. GMC is up there because of Sierra.
Chrysler is Dodge and Dodge is way up there with Rams.and Jeep, which are part of Chrysler as well.
Chrysler corporation is not focusing on sedans.
It is not a significant result, IMO.

Never knew Chrysler sold so few cars in the US. I would have thought it was in the top 10 for sure.
When did they loose all their sale?

I know they’ve dissapeared in Europe more or less. In early 2000/2001 they sold like 70K cars maybe, and now it’s less then 100. Not 100k.. but just 100.

Good jobby Tesla though. If they can keep the factory working at full capacity most of 2019, sales will be really good.

Chrysler, the brand, only sells 2 vehicles. The rather old, full size sedan 300 and the minivan Pacifica. Both not the most popular segments around.

But there are more brands attached to Chrysler, or Fiat-Chrysler since the merger, they also include Dodge 459k, Ram 597k and Jeep 973k plus of course everything Fiat brought into the marriage, which isn’t a lot in the US. So combined they easily make the top 10, even if you combine other linked brands (Toyota + Lexus, VW+Audi+Porsche, GM, Ford Lincoln etc.)

Yeah there is rather a major fib in the article here – People buy JEEPS and RAMS and as your chart indicates those are really the most ‘Chrysler’ Vehicles that are around these days. Americans still call these things Chryslers since they are still made in the old Chrysler Corporation plants. Better than calling them FIATs, but then that was back from games played ten years ago.

But saying Tesla outsold Chrysler in the sense that people in the US use the term CHRYSLER, when Chrysler Division sells almost no cars, is more than just a little lie.

Tesla also Outsold the Ford Edsel, Plymouth Valiant, Dodge Dart, and the DeSoto, besides whipping them on the Mercury Marquis.

Tesla First Quarter 2016 Update
• Advancing 500,000 unit build plan by two years to 2018

Enough said.