Tesla Outsold All Of These Brands In U.S. In August

SEP 6 2018 BY MARK KANE 88

The Tesla brand has now become one of the biggest in the U.S.

Thanks to record sales result in August, estimated by InsideEVs at 23,175 (up 509% year-over-year), Tesla is now among the top-selling car brands. It’s not yet at the level of Toyota or GM (not even close, actually), but Tesla already is beating premium brands.

The most recent results for Tesla were driven up by the Model 3:

  • Tesla Model S – 2,625 (up 22%)
  • Tesla Model X  –  2,750 (up 75%)
  • Tesla Model 3  –  17,800 (up 237 times)

Here we have a list of selected brands that were below or slightly above Tesla in August (U.S.-only):

  • Volkswagen – 32,255
  • Lexus – 28,622
  • Mazda – 25,816
  • BMW – 23,789
  • Tesla – 23,175
  • Audi – 20,907
  • Mercedes-Benz – 20,339
  • Acura – 15,072
  • Chrysler – 12,219
  • Infiniti – 10,796
  • Volvo – 8,970
  • Mitsubishi – 8,416
  • Porsche – 4,083
  • Jaguar – 2,469

Tesla sales in U.S. (estimated) – August 2018

Tesla already is selling more than 100,000 all-electric cars in 12-months (107,000 to be precise).

Tesla sales in U.S. (estimated) – August 2018

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I question the accuracy of the sales figures above. Lexus sold 30,801 vehicles in August, selling 11,111 cars and 19,690 trucks. Yet the above chart lists only 28,622 total sales.

Official Toyota & Lexus sales chart for August 2018:

The 11,111 that you see if for 2017. Lexus sold 8,926 cars this August 2018. Your above truck number is also the 2017 number (19,690), although the 2018 number is nearly the same, at 19,696.

8,926 + 19,696 = 28,622

It was an easy oversight for sure and we could have made the same mistake. No worries! Take care Thomas.

D’oh! My bad. Keep up the good work InsideEVs! ☺️

Thank you!

They also outsold Buick, Cadillac, Genesis, Land Rover, Mini, and Smart.

Oh and Alfa Romeo, Fiat, and Lincoln.

Alfa Romeo? oh please! that’s only for”The GRADUATE”. lol

The numbers right now are a result of pent up demand resulting from a long list of production delays but are the numbers sustainable? Tesla stock is down 28% from its’ 52 week high and Tesla still isn’t showing a profit. Tesla has got to be burning through cash like crazy right now and if they don’t start making a profit soon they won’t be in business very long.

I wouldn’t worry about Tesla not being in business any time soon. They have high sale numbers and a pent-up demand in the outstanding TM3 reservations.

Yes, I can see that many long-time anti-Tesla posters are now caught somewhere in the first 2 “Stages of Grief” ( denial and anger) as the Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt they have assiduously tried to spread is imploding on them.

“The five stages, denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance are a part of the framework that makes up our learning to live with the one we lost. They are tools to help us frame and identify what we may be feeling. But they are not stops on some linear timeline in grief.”

Either that or they are somewhere in the 7 “Stages of Dementia”

(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

Just moving the goal posts like they always do,

I think it’s more appropriate to apply the change resistance mechanisms to this. (In management, there is a change acceptance process that can be used to help employees transition through major changes.

The organizational resistance to change has 4 stages–
Denial, resistance, exploration, and acceptance.

Many are in the denial stage– electric cars aren’t feasible, tesla will go bankrupt, etc.
Some are in the resistance phase– “I’ll just buy my big truck, cause I like the power”, spreading FUD.
Eventually, they will move to the exploration stage–
And finally, to the acceptance stage.

Same thing happened with cell phones. So many people thought, “Why would I want to carry a phone around. If people wanted to talk to me, they can just call me at home.” Now, you can’t pry the phone out of their hands.

This has been the core FUD claim for Tesla for 10 years. And yet they’re still going gangbusters…

Nobody is better at raising fear, uncertainty and doubt than Tesla itself; Countless missed production goals, dubious business practices and the one of the worst credit ratings in the automotive industry. Tesla has a long ways to go before it can be considered a viable auto manufacturing business.

You mean the car companies that got bailed out and/or filed BK have great credit rating?
How dumb are you?

I heard the same geniuses talking about Apple years ago.

Who cares about the stock price? The negative press, while ignoring the positive milestones, is inversely proportional to how well the company is doing right now. The demand for Tesla is as high as it’s ever been, much to the chaigrin of many commenters who come to this site.

Is demand as high as it has ever been? I guess you could say that about the MS and the MX since they have always been low volume models but what about the M3? With 55,000 M3s sold is the reservation list growing or shrinking?

It’s been what, over two years since reservations started? How many of those 400,000 first reservationists are still hanging on or have gotten sick of waiting for a $35k M3 that’s never going to appear? What is going to happen to M3 sales when supply catches up to demand, are sales going to fall off a cliff?

One thing I know for sure, you have no idea if Tesla demand is as high as it has ever been.

The second reservations open for the MY, you’ll see how much pent up demand there is. I’ll bet there will be even more than for the 3. Regardless of how high the demand is, there is more pent up demand for the Model 3 than probably any vehicle in history, possibly by an order of magnitude. I’ll eat my words if you can point me to any other car that has ever had a backlog of hundreds of thousands of vehicles.

Given your name, you clearly are an electric car enthusiast. Why the resentment and desire for failure of Tesla? You wouldn’t have your leaf if it wasn’t for Tesla.

Highly doubt the Y has as much demand.

@ u-seriously confused:
You haven’t noticed that CUVs are the latest must-have form for vehicles?? Have you been stuck in Kabul for 7 years??

By release of the M3 there will be a fair few direct and similar competitors in the market from other manufacturers. It’s not coming into the world as the “first long range mass market “affordable” EV” and early adopters (the ideology driven) will have already bought a Model 3.

It’s going to be popular and almost certainly sell more overall, but will the reservation be as long? I’m going to bet no.

Ahem, you ARE aware that the EV ANNOUNCED (Mercedes) or in minimal production (Jaguar) are miles away from CURRENT Tesla cars?


Then those sales will eat into the Y

I’ve already addressed the M3 waiting list in prior threads. Do you want me to give you my opinion on it again? (I’m asking respectfully, not being snarky)

One thing everyone knows, you obviously have that extra Chromosome.

A lot of people. When it’s rising Tesla fans crow about it (and Evannex write articles about it), explain that it’s because of how successful the company is and is going to be. When it’s low Tesla Critics crow about it, writing posts about how the “markets” are realising Tesla is such a scam, and how it’s going to go bankrupt in weeks.

People spend way too much time obsessing over it, with constant claims of FUD/Shorters/that Chanos(?) bloke, more so than even companies like Apple.

We could only wish no one but investors care about it, but unfortunately it seems to be more important than the actual cars to some!

I agree that for some investors, they care more than the cars. I believe many folks don’t even pay attention to the white noise and still want and appreciate Teslas. We all follow it closely here, but assume because we do that most folks do. Most folks I run into simply complement the car and tell me they want one. But that’s just my experience.

You say they aren’t showing a profit. That is true, but what were their sales in the quarters they weren’t showing a profit for vs the current quarter? In Q2 they sold less than 20,000 Model 3 cars but were spending like they were going to sell 50,000, and in Q3 they are going to sell at least 50,000, probably more like 55,000. I also expect strong S/X sales this quarter.

At an average transaction price of $60,000 (at least, 75% or so are AWD model, then figure AP/FSD, etc). That represents close to $2B extra revenue. If the Model 3 really only costs $28,000 to build (parts and labor), the difference will more than erase any losses and they will even profit some. It will probably be tight this quarter but a very large profit next quarter.

I wouldn’t worry about Tesla, they are over the hump barring any major issue with the Model 3 (which it has been a year now and they seem to be pretty good with some teething issues but nothing major).

So many rose colored glasses. Tesla’s real problems haven’t even started yet. Why did Musk want to take the company private?

Did Musk want to sell his stake in Tesla and move on to another project before things started to get really tough? He has done that before. There are a lot of mature auto companies with deep pockets that are going to come out swinging at Tesla very, very soon.

Same to you, take off your Anti-Tesla glasses for a second. They are all aiming at the bar set in 2016 by Tesla. This was made abundantly clear with the EQC specs. Not bad, but already a generation out of date by the time it ships in 2020. Tesla has lower costs, so the other manufacturers will limit sales of those models until they get costs down.

Model 3 has planned production of 500,000 units per year in what, a year? They are already at half that. By 2022 or 2023 Model Y has planned production of 500,000 units per year. Plans from the other autos are for like 30-50,000 units for their models. About 1/10 of Tesla models.

These factors will sell a Tesla over competitors:
OTA updates
Better Specs (Range, efficiency, performance)
Better SC Network
AP/FSD (Risk point, If they get this rolled out by 2019 they will be several years ahead of others)

30-50,000 a year? I think you’re confusing US/international sales and monthly and yearly targets there. Those 500,000 Model 3’s are going to be sold worldwide over a year, while the 30-50,000 are monthly sales of popular models from other brands in the US.

For an Apples to Apples comparison Toyota Manufacture 1,000,000 Corollas a year and BMW and Mercedes produce around 450-500k 3 Series and C- Class models a year.

The Model 3 is a popular vehicle sure, but no more so than many other vehicles worldwide.

EDIT: I just realised you were talking about their EV offerings, so ignore the above!

Either way, All those other manufacturers aren’t going to have any issues shifting any of the EV’s they can make over the next few years

Please by all means short TSLA if you are so sure of your absolute hatred of the company and their inevitable demise. If I were you I’d mortgage the house and go all in. Do it.

Considering Tesla has dropped 28% from its 52 week average, the shorts are having a field day right now.

So what, look what happened to tesla stock during the „terrible last 3 monts and compare with GM.
Guess what.

So many $hit colored glasses…….oops, you’re just full of $hit.

(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

If worst comes to worst, they’ll file for BK just like GM did, they’ll be aight……

Tesla isn’t burning through cash like crazy, the big investments for 3 production at plant and the GF expansion to feed it to current level have been made already.

There were production delays but only compared to an prematurely accelerated schedule. They are only selling the most expensive versions, not selling to Europe and Asia, and not leasing. All those will change. At some point there will be a steady rate of sales and an optimized production line.

At that point they can will embark on new capital expenses, in particularly the Chinese factory, which will be built with asset-backed Chinese bonds.

The most imminent vulnerability is competition to the Model X in about 1-2 years. A modest investment in a refresh, using more efficient motors and battery packs with technology developed for the 3, and up to date Autopilot, would improve the competitiveness of S and X. This wouldn’t need major capital investment such as tooling up two factories.

Sure Russian troll, the Tesla numbers are a conspiracy theory, thanks to the Universe that we have you for enlightenment, one more thing, global warming is a hoax……..

In Germany they outsold Aston Martin (48 units), Alpine (43 units), Cadillac (52 units), Iveco (46 units) and Lotus (40 units) with a total of 82 units in August.

I hear they outsold Morgan in the UK too…

Bentley and Rolls Royce destroyed by Tesla, Sales down 20%

Household names for luxury to be sure, but in numbers, they are an also-ran, don’t you think?

I believe that’s the joke… 😉

What is needed is for Toyota, Honda, Mazda, etc, to produce BEVs. The luxury segment is only for a very small minority, and will only make a tiny contribution to the transition away from the ICE.

EV’s are just too expensive right now. In a couple of years, with reduced battery prices things will almost certainly change. Currently there’s a premium of $10-20k on EV’s over non “luxury” versions (see the Kona as an example). You need to be doing a lot of miles to make that economically viable (or have some kind of financial incentive – no sales and/or road tax (norway), cash incentives (UK) or rebates (US and Canada) to try and reduce that price differential), which is what will be important for the mainstream market.

And yet, the luxury EV Tesla Model III is apparently taking away the mid-sized market share of non-luxury sedans. I will die before Mazda gives up on their ICE vision for the future. Or maybe Mazda will die. Yeah, I expect that.

Germany is extremely weak. If the had the same market share like in Austria (not an EV country) they would have sold 320 in August.

With these useless Outsold stories one would think Tesla sells millions of cars, but they don’t and never will, unlike those mentioned brands

Please explain why not? Tesla has a planned capacity of 1M/year in 4-5 years (500,000 from Fremont and 500,000 from Shanghai). They can sustain a rate of about 350,000/year today (250,000 Model 3 and 100,000 S/X).

I’m pretty sure they have a larger planned capacity in 4-5 years. European factory should also be up by that time; and they mentioned further factories in the US as well. (Also, Fremont is actually supposed to be doing 600,000 pretty soon.)

Have they? So far they’ve only mentioned Europe and China. To be at full production in 5 years they need to be doing the groundwork now, so we would know far more about where the factories were. As it is the European factory is going to be a year or two behind the Chinese factory, which is likely to reach full capacity in 5 years. IMO his numbers are pretty accurate.

Come on Jack, EV enthusiasts have waited decades for an electric car to break into the mainstream market. If you don’t want Outsold stories you should stay away for a few months 🙂

I still think the model 3 should have an instrument cluster and musk should zip it on all opinion-related matters but these numbers are nothing to scoff at and they’re definitely the greater good. assuming everyone uses AP “as intended” anyway.

After driving it and owning two now. I disagree and prefer not to have an instrument cluster. What instruments need to be displayed front and center? Tach? Oil pressure? Water temp?

I could go either way, I think I would prefer an instrument cluster, but you are right, there is nothing that really needs to go there. The distance between a center display and a cluster is not significant, mostly just training to look right instead of down. My i3 has a tiny instrument cluster with speed on it and a few other useless things. No reason those couldn’t be on the center display.

Heads up display for instrument console info could be nice, speed, next turn, etc, but again, nothing that is really necessary.

Eventually, augmented reality with autopilot analysis (i.e. coding vehicles it sees so you can deal with the one it doesn’t) and navigation mapping superimposed on the outside visual picture.


Like in an ICE.

LOL. Where do you put the “check Engine” icons? Someone should make a t-shirt that has that icon with a circled slash through it, and on the back, list major BEVs or all-BEV brands.

Uh, you kinda forgot to mention GM and Ford

“Here we have a list of selected brands that were below or slightly above Tesla in August (U.S.-only):”

They point out they picked selected brands with sales close to Tesla and they even pointed out that GM and Toyota sold far more vehicles. Maybe go read the text of the article.

Tesla isn’t a brand, it’s an auto manufacturing company. Tesla should be compared to other auto manufacturing companies like GM, Ford, Nissan, VW AG, Toyota, etc.

It’s also an energy company. And a roofing company.

Yep, I hear Audidrivers sayng „I drive a VWAG“ every day.
Porschdrivers too.

From article: “Thanks to record sales result in August, estimated by InsideEVs at 23,175 (up 509% year-over-year), Tesla is now among the top-selling car brands. “


INSIDEEVs getting an institutional hat-tip on national news for its good track record of EV sales estimates!

“Oppenheimer believes Telsa will meet its third-quarter targets for Model 3 production and profitability…. The firm [Oppenheimer] reiterated its outperform rating for the electric car maker’s shares, citing strong third-party August sales estimates… “While ***Inside EVs*** estimates are just that, estimates, we believe the service has been effective in identifying directional and order of magnitude trends on monthly shipments for Model 3 in lieu of verified data from the company,” analyst Colin Rusch said in a note to clients Thursday.” source: CNBC

…. but what about jimmy?

In the mean time…

Kynikos Associates fund manager and anti-Tesla shorter Jim Chanos said:

“We think the equity [TSLA] is worthless…” source: CNBC

So Oppenheimer’s “outperform rating”


Kynikos Jim Chanos’s Tesla is “worthless”.

Tesla is as much an auto group as a auto brand. It doesn’t make much sense to compare Tesla to Cadillac, Lincoln, Porsche or Volkswagen. For a real comparison Tesla should be compared to auto groups such GM, Ford, FCA and VW AG since that’s how the stock valuations are compared.

A group has more than one brand.

I guess Tesla can’t be considered a real automotive manufacturing company since it only has one brand.

LMAO, whatever dude!

And whatever alternative reality you need to cope with the real reality you are upset with so you can sleep at night.

It’s cold in Texas this week. Now we know why.

I guess you can’t be a human. No human is this moronic and dumb.

…said the ‘bot😀

What were Leaf sales last month again?

Keep moving the goal post there jerkoff.

You seem to have missed how this article isn’t about stock valuations.

It’s amazing how the Tesla fan boys keep getting it wrong and keep criticizing everyone that gets it right. They were wrong about price, there hasn’t been a Model 3 yet that comes anywhere near the promised $35k promised price or the price of a Bolt EV. They were wrong about the production rate, the promised 5,000 Model 3s a week is at least a year behind schedule and still isn’t quite there.

You’re right, I don’t like Tesla. If you gave me a Tesla I would sell it as fast as I could. But the Tesla fan boys helped make me loathe Tesla, I now see Teslas as obnoxious cars for obnoxious people.

It’s too bad really. I appreciate what Tesla has done. But why do have to make so many enemies doing it?

Who cares since you are the obviously the bitter type who would cut off your nose to spite your face.

Meanwhile Tesla is going to keep on rolling and leading the rEVolution despite you and others who keep moving the goal posts and will complain when Tesla accomplishes all its goals despite at least indirectly benefiting from their accomplishments.

You have a mental problem.

…said the ‘bot.😀😄😄

Tesla in August is number 5 in the USA by passenger car sales volume. Be ready for more suffering – by the end of 2018 it will be in top 3.

You are the obnoxious one here, picking fights for no reason while others are celebrating a great achievement.

Texas Leaf. You can rain all you want but we will still have our parade.

@ Texas Leaf said: “… But why do [Tesls & Tesla fans] have to make so many enemies doing it?”

As opposed to being passive?

One of several things Jim Chanos overlooked in his Tesla short thesis:

Tesla fans are passionate about Tesla and willing to push back hard against active anti-Tesla agitators.

Bummer for Jim Chanos anti-Tesla Wolfpack…

It sure looks like you are off your medicine.

According to carsalesbase.com, Mercedes-Benz sold 24,084 vehicles in August, not 20,339. How do you explain the discrepancy?

Apparently, carsalesdatabase didn’t look at the headline or open the table. We do our homework here. No need to explain. No discrepancy.