Tesla Model Y To Debut Late 2018 Through Mid 2019


Tesla CEO Elon Musk tentatively set a reveal date of March 15, but later he admitted that’s fake news. He just made some random date up.

It still falls in line with previous expectations, but for a moment there the whole world thought we had an actual reveal date. Unfortunately, we do not.

The Model Y, an electric crossover based on the Tesla Model 3, will likely become the automaker’s highest volume vehicle, largely due to huge levels of demand for CUVs/crossovers here in the U.S.

Musk envisions annual sales of the Model Y at up to 1 million, though surely that will be after a long production ramp. Quoting Musk from a previous statement in August 2016:

โ€œI mean, also to be clear like the priority vehicle development after the Model 3 would be the Model Y, the compact SUV because thatโ€™s also a car that where we expect to see demand in the 500,000 to 1,000,000 unit per year level. So it is the obvious priority after the Model 3.โ€

Here’s a look at the series of Model Y tweets from Musk and others in the overnight hours:

It’s believed that the Model Y will enter production in November 2019. Tesla’s Fremont factory won’t be able to handle 1 million units of production annually (even more when you add in the Model 3, S and X), so an addition production site (or maybe even two) will need to be constructed if one million per year is the goal.

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The fluid Model Y reveal timeline = Elon will unveil the Model Y whenever they need to do another capital raise. ๐Ÿ™‚ You’re welcome for the real world translation.


I say this with sincere concern for your well being:

Life is Short… no need to unnecessarily torment yourself.

Having over time read your many anti-Tesla posts its become obvious to me (and Iโ€™m sure others) your not a Tesla shorter or troll… but that you are tormented by a serious case of Tesla Envy… especially for the Tesla Supercharging Network each time your put out having to charge your Bolt at a regular inconvenient & unreliable clogged fast-charge station.

So here is the solution:

Place a reservation deposit on a Tesla Model 3 (can be optionally transferable to Model Y later) or alternatively for quicker Tesla Envy relief trade-in your Bolt for a CPO Model S.

Just trying to help… Iโ€™m willing to pitch in 50% of the deposit if your willing to chronicle your Tesla Envy cure journey… to provide hope and inspiration to others that they also can be saved from this agonizing affliction.

Magnus H

So, we’re down to personal attacks on Insideev now? How low can we go, come on guys, give it a shot!

John Ray

He’s not wrong ,though.

Harald Olav

GM went bankrupt, wiped out the shareholders (shareholders got nothing in the new entity), and GM (not the shareholders) had to be bailed out by the US gov’t.

It was the company, the unions, and the gov’t that all decided together that the current shareholders would get ZILCH, NADAA, NOTHING, in the new entity.

Harald Olav

Previous shareholders, not current.

St John

Hereโ€™s a thought. To finance the model why take deposits of up to $5000 that are not refundable until 2023. In exchange for your deposit if you buy the car the price will be reduced equal to what your deposit was. If you put $5000 deposit for the vehicle then the price will be reduced by $5000 for you. Must could raise as much as three to four billion $ with pre-orders interest free.


@St John said: โ€œ…Must could raise as much as three to four billion $ with pre-orders interest free.โ€

Not a bad idea… but the $5k purchase discount is considered a form of paid interest so itโ€™s not truly interest free financing although your proposal represents a reasonable marked competitive finance rate… and built-in initial customers as a side benefit. Iโ€™d put in a deposit under those terms.

I like it.


Perhaps offer two Model Y reservation deposit options:

1) Standard $1,000 Tesla Reservation Deposit.

2) Discount Price $5,000 Tesla Reservation Deposit.


How about:

1) Standard $1K Tesla Reservation Deposit

2) First in line deposit of $20K then next in line deposit of $10K. You could even call it by some snazzy name like “Founder’s Series.”

And while we’re at it, pick those pencils back up briefly to put a real dash, switches, air vents, door handles and door window frames in – ya know, just to keep the Camry/Accord/Altima/Malibu crowd happy and interested. It might just be the car that get’s EVs above a 2% market share. Just sayin’

Don’t sprain your finger hitting the thumbs down . . .


Well he could do that and put the money in good intetest savings account

Harald Olav

I don’t get it? The deposit means it goes towards the purchase price of the vehicle. That’s how M3 deposits work, but people can opt-out if they want.

Never mind. I see, you’re suggesting the MRSP be reduced by $5,000. Good ideal, but how do we know Tesla might over-price the vehicle by $5,000 in the first couple years, and then lower the price. I think many people might be suspicious of such a scheme. Terms should take into account, no price reductions on Model Y for first 5 years on something like that.

Bruce Sanders

I look forward to owning a Model 3 one day, but really, ENOUGH. Can’t Mr. Musk concentrate on the present instead of making promise after promise after promise that mainly go by the wayside? Just get the 3 going on a higher quality and units produced level and then worry about the truck, the roadster and the “Y” model. Remember also that the S and X are going to need MCEs soon.

The way Tesla takes deposits on future product seems to almost indicate a ponzi scheme.

Really, enough Mr. Musk. Concentrate on the 3.


You wrote your post like you think that Tesla is just sitting around doing nothing but dreaming up new products. The Model 3 ramp up is already underway and the product designers have nothing to do with that portion of the company anyway.

Harald Olav

What car company does not plan new products? In your eyes, are they all ponzi schemes?


Please don’t use the phrase “fake news”. It’s overused and trite.


Ok then,
Faux News it is!

Model Y waiter here, waiting in the wings until the Model 3 production hell EVentually gets completely sorted out!

Come on Elon, having to watch your Technical Model 3 guys yesterday, use Renolds Wrap aluminum foil to shield around their interface cables, between their laptop and (dealer plates) TM3 UI, was quite telling. Fantom external intermittent voltage spikes near the LAX tarmac radar installation, are possibly the culprit?

Harald Olav

Aaron works for the mainstream media, and he trying to build up their credibility again. Good luck on that!


Regarding the title of this article: Musk does not mention a debut time, but a reveal time. Two very different things.


Musk, is being “Coy” and putting the date right under our noses…Just Like He did with the model 3 yrs ago, when they Put the “Clay Model” right in our faces , I told everybody, that was it . Still they all wondered what it was going to look like..If One Goes Back to Look at the Clay Photos , that was in fact , it !,……… lol..


When Tesla has a factory floor ready and prepared for the Model Y, along with the pencils down signal from St. Elon, then the “Y” wondering, will be all in the review mirror!


@William said: โ€œ…along with the pencils down signal…โ€

Likely that already internally happened a while back.


They should not make promises they can not keep.

Harald Olav

Why is it, that every time Elon says something, it’s regarded as “a promise”.

Everything out of your mouth is a promise?

Someone out there

LOL! Not a chance.


And this time, first deliveries will be for Europe, and next the US ;-).

Hum, in fact no, US can have the bugged prototypes, we can wait…


Beware the Ides of March, Elon Caesar.


Et tu, HVACman?