Tesla Model X Inventory Sells Out In Hours In China


Well now, that didn’t take long at all.

A single Tesla store in Shanghai managed to sell more than 10 Tesla Model X SUVs in less than 24 hours.

Considering how pricey the Model X is, that’s quite a sales feat. Even more so when you consider that Tesla sells just hundreds of vehicles per day worldwide.

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There’s a bit more to this record sales story though.

As Yicai Global reports:

“A Tesla Inc. dealership in Shanghai sold its entire Model X 75D stock in a single day after trimming car prices more than a month before China reduces its vehicle import tariffs.”

“Sales consultants at the store worked overtime yesterday to sign more than 10 deals…”

“The California-based firm is among a string of overseas carmakers who announced price cuts after the Customs Tariff Commission under China’s cabinet revealed that it would slash full-car import duty to a flat rate of 15 percent from 20 or 25 percent starting from July 1 this year.”

“Tesla was first to follow through on its promise and informed its dealerships of the change the same day, allowing buyers to benefit from the lower price despite the new tariffs not yet taking effect.”

It was all hands on deck to move the discounted vehicles as quickly as possible.

A rep at the local Tesla store noted the following

“The cars available were all imported from the States in April and May this year. After selling all of them, we’ll replenish stock when the new tariffs come in. We were losing out on profit with the lowered price as the cars were imported at the old tariff rate — the Model S 75D was CNY70,000 (USD11,000) cheaper.”

All new orders placed for Teslas in China will benefit from recuded pricing. Existing orders will not.

Source: Yicai Global

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F-150 Driving, EV hating, coworker, just gave me the “Children Digging Cobalt: therefore EV’s are Evil” pitch, today! Nice!

Yea, they like let the perfect be the enemy of the good or much better.

Canada, China…it would be good to know how close US deliveries are going to get to what looks like 199,XXX cars, by the end of Q2? This “discount” was perfect. TSLA can use the cash, and in a short time it won’t be a discount and price doesn’t have to move.

So discounting does work.

When is Tesla going to increase production of the s and x? Seems like an obvious thing to do when they do the next refresh.