Tesla Model S Next-Gen Sport Seats Revealed


Current Generation Tesla Model S Seat

Current Generation Tesla Model S Seat

The much-awaited Tesla Model S sport seats were finally announced at the end of October – here is a good look at what that entails.  Unfortunately they don’t come cheap, as in $3,500 extra to the cost of the car.

Available only in leather (textile and alcantara seats aren’t available in the sport seat option), the seats promise to hug the occupants so that performance driving doesn’t include sliding around.

Apparent are larger side bolsters and more contoured seat bottoms.

These seats are officially called “Next Generation Seats” by Tesla and can be selected as an option only for the P85D version of the Model S, at least as of right now.  We expect it to be offered throughout the range at some point in the future.

Tesla Model S Sport Seats

Tesla Model S Next Generation Sport Seats

Tesla Model S Sport Seats

Tesla Model S Next Generation Sport Seats

Tesla Model S Sport Seat Close-Up

Tesla Model S Next Generation Sport Seat Close-Up

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still no rear armrest with cupholders………

Which is a good thing…

Well, the good thing about armrests is that for people like you that do not need or want them, they hide away in the seatback…

The fact remains that every single other vehicle in the Model S price range has a rear center armrest — Audi A7 / A8, Mercedes CLS / S class, BMW 6 Series Gran Coupe / 7 Series, Porsche Panamera, etc. If Tesla wants to market themselves as a luxury mark, they need to put the basic luxuries in. Americans want cupholders. Americans want armrests. No one wants a recliner / armchair with no “arms”

I forgave Tesla for not having them in the first gen seats. However, if they’re going to purposely redesign seats, they need to add the armrests and cupholders people are asking for. If this wasn’t a real request, Tesla wouldn’t have had to make the aftermarket cupholder for the rear seat. http://cdn.teslarati.com/wp-content/uploads/et_temp/Tesla-Motors-Model-S-2nd-row-cupholders-110167_x.jpg Sorry, but that is not a $90,000 car’s cupholder.

I don’t mind armrests… I very much mind cup holders in the back seat of any car.

It’s hilarious when posters pick at Model S for not having an electronic gizmo, or cupholder because Mercedes, BMW, Audi and Lexus have them! LOL!

For goodness sakes! An all-electric rocketship! Tell me if those automobiles can do what the Tesla does. I’ll be enthralled by your answer. If you are sold on a particular car buy it’s armrest or cupholder – you are plainly not a “car guy” nor a person who understands how revolutionary the S is.

I wonder if NASA will reject Space-X’s capsule to bring astronauts to the ISS because there is no color TV or cupholders?


They look really nice n’ comfy… 🙂

I am migrating from a 2013 Model S85 to a early 2015 P85D, BUT I agree with the initial poster here that Tesla is still missing some shocking details in a car that costs north of $120,000. YIKES! No rear seat cupholders at all? No grab handles above the doors front OR rear? I have the “custom center console” with matching wood trim on order for my 2013….and it has been “on order” for over a year, and it MIGHT actually arrive in time for the 2015 car in March or April. On the plus side, getting more bolstering on the seats is highly important for any performance car and they are getting/promised FINALLY better sun visors (the current Model S sun visors are worse than what is on a Corolla). Yet there is significant “value” in the current Tesla configuration and will be more of such “personal value” in the “D” series cars. The new sensor systems and the upgraded power to all wheels make the cars even more safe and secure in all road conditions, and the P85D version will be regular adrenaline boost at every onramp. Having this kind of safety, power, and beauty with the technology… Read more »
Oh the haters come out – even when new seats are announced, how quaint. Seriously, you Tesla haters need to get a life. You’re nitpicking and don’t deserve to own a car that is truly revolutionizing an entire industry. OK, maybe you can’t afford a Tesla anyway, or you’re a “me-too” snob who can afford ten Teslas but just cannot be inconvenienced that your backseat passengers don’t have OLED TVs standard in their vast, comfy back seat. After all, you say – “I paid good money and I get no automatic dog washer or electric turtleneck sweater?!!!” My GOD – Mercedes and Bentley offer such things!!!” You now know how stupid you sound, right? 🙂 Make that Mercedes or Lexus go 270 miles using zero gas and get to 60mph under 5 seconds and then I’ll listen. I wonder if Daimlers or Model Ts had electric starters back in the early 1900s? Answer: No they didn’t. Did that make them any less revolutionary? These new seats are hot. Seats are important, should anybody reading not understand that. With performance parameters as high as the Tesla Model S, these improvements come well-accepted and I’m sure will trickle down ( for you… Read more »

Um, how can George Parrott be a “hater” when he owns a Model S? Are you even reading these posts?

No rear seat cupholders: “shocking details”?!!!

C’mon Mtn. Ranger, I know you dislike me from the last picture show…But his post speaks for itself.

Plus – I’m not sure if you know George personally, perhaps you do. But many folks go online and state they own a lot of things, and some say they own a Roadster, but it’s a pain in the butt. I don’t take those people too seriously.

Does Andrew S own a Tesla S? How about the others who frequent here and make similar questionable comments?

You’ve got to admit it’s pret-ty darn silly to lament lack of cup holders in the back seat and act as if it’s some sort of unquestioned requirement of car costing as much.

Look back at other not-so-old commentators on InsideEVs who’ve responded with like comments. “Oh, a car costing that much is shameful without cross-traffic backup warning”…etc, etc.

Look – if Model S had CRANK-UP WINDOWS, it would be worth every cent. Reminds me of the saying: “You missed the entire forest for the trees!” If it’s cupholders and gizmos that float your boat, perhaps an unprecedented mechanical whiz car like a Tesla isn’t for you.

“But his post speaks for itself.”

Your posts say a lot more about you: over the top with ridiculous optimism, attacking other posters and all but accusing them of being liars, and so on.

And yes, many Model S owners have lamented the lack of some very basic things that even bottom of the line cars from other companies tend to have.

The Model S is great, but it’s far from the perfect you oh so easily make it out to be.


I challenge you to find one post ever where I described anything as “perfect”, “flawless” or such.

I have opinions, so do you. I make points based on fact. If you disagree, I don’t believe you are stupid. We all have different backgrounds and various knowledge bases. I love it ( yet don’t pretend to understand everything ) when engineers and tech professionals speak about technical issues.

Next, show me where I called someone a “liar”.

Go ahead and challenge my assertions. I do listen. But don’t put words into my mouth.

Today I used words like, “silly”, “whiners” and “haters”. Read commentary by posters like
“See Through” and you come to your own conclusions.

I have a right to point out observations, quotes of others, facts and opinions. As do you.

What you may not know is that many of these guys know me from other websites and we go at each other one day, and laugh together on another. Listen Smeg, it’s OK to disagree with your friends, is it not?

“Seriously, you Tesla haters need to get a life.”
“Plus – I’m not sure if you know George personally, perhaps you do. But many folks go online and state they own a lot of things”
“You now know how stupid you sound, right?”

Find a mirror already and admit that you’re the problem poster here, not everybody else.

I’m not sure what you mean by the “last picture show”. No, I am just a Volt owner who is agnostic to fanboyism. I like the i3 REx and would like to get a Tesla Model E when it comes out in 4 years. Who knows, maybe Volt 2.0 may be in the cards.

You and I are in the same boat ( meaning: you and I are on the same page ( meaning: you and I own Volts and are looking forward
to possibly owning a Model III or Volt v.2
( or both ).

“from the last picture show” just an old saying usually in reference to the past. There was a 1971 movie entitled The Last Picture Show – I’ve always heard the term
( probably an antiquated one ) used as something not changing, as in: the sequel is the same as the original.

Just another step towards releasing that affordable electric car!

Damn-straight! See? Readers like DonC get it.

L 🙂 L

I’m just messin’ with ya, Don. How’s it going over at GM-Volt?

Don’s a stand-up guy, and a fellow Volt owner. He just can’t get over the whole 1%er thing.

Got that right!

Every high dollar option is more profit to pay for building the Gigafactory and the SuperCharger network.


I’d like to add for all the whiners out there – that the price of lithium ion batteries is the “platinum gold” that is inside every single Tesla automobile.

As “Intel Inside” is a sticker on a majority of PCs that roll out of a factory somewhere in the world – “Lithium Ion Inside” should ordain any Tesla for those who believe a car at Model S’s pricepoint should come with pampering luxury accoutrements akin to a limousine.

If it’s cupholders, armrests and butt-wipers you long for – DON’T BUY A MODEL S. Yet if you long for an amazing technical marvel unmatched in transportation history – buy the Tesla and yes, you’ll pay for those batteries inside it.

The entire endgame from Mr. Musk from the beginning was to build mass quantities to bring down the cost of lithium-powered cars so the common man could purchase one.

If ignorance and impatience define your personality, then go ahead and complain that you can buy an S-Class or 7 Series that have doo-dads to tickle your fancy. Go ahead, buy gasoline, you can afford it.

“The entire endgame from Mr. Musk from the beginning was to build mass quantities to bring down the cost of lithium-powered cars so the common man could purchase one.”

Well, that plan is still years off. The Model X is more expensive and arrives in late 2015 only.

So when will the Model 3 arrive? My guess is 2018 or later

What will it cost? I doubt Tesla can hit the promised $35k base price point, $40-50k is much more likely even after all the delays.

At that point, competitors like Nissan-Renault will probably have long introduced their mass-market EVs at lower price points and a real-world range of 150-200 miles (which should be nough for most EV buyers).

Tesla will offer more value than the Alliance Renault-Nissan.

Less money but also less range and less car.

tftf, you’re entire statement is a “probably”, or maybe. Tesla IS building it’s first battery Gigafactory as we speak. Will projects like it and over a thousand Superchargers take some time? My parents used to repeat: “Rome wasn’t built in a day!” – and it’s so true.

Good if Renault-Nissan build a 125-150 mile car at less cost. Let’s hope it’s battery is heat and frost resistant. Thing is, an EV coming in at a lower price is always welcome. Believe me, there’s room for many many more – and all are welcome! We need compacts, subcompacts, trucks, SUVs and everything in-between and at all capabilities and prices. Bring ’em on!

My point is that Tesla is the instigator, the driver of the market and the one that keeps legacy carmakers up at night. So far they’ve hit on every single promise. Don’t end up sounding like my 9 year old with the patience of a flea. Another good saying I grew up with: “Good things come to those that wait”.

Let Nissan, GM and others fill in the lower price categories. It’s all good.