Tesla Model S Production Now at 400 Units Per Week; 20,000 Annually


Is Tesla Motors’ production facility in Fremont, California actually running at full bore?

Well, that’s the latest word from the automaker’s director of Model S programs, Jerome Guillen, who told Automotive News (subscription required) that its assembly site is now running at capacity of 20,000 Model S electric sedans per year.  If true, this means that the waiting period for the Tesla Model S is now under six months.

Outstanding Model S order easily exceed 13,000 units, but Guillen says the actual number is “significantly higher.”  However, Tesla won’t formally reveal that number until early February during a conference call with shareholders.

It's gorgeous, isn't it? And now 400 are pouring out per week.

And this bit of info continues to pop up each and every time that Tesla CEO Elon Musk is quoted: an electric sedan (a BMW 3 Series fighter) will arrive within four year’s time with a target price of $35,000.   As Musk told Automotive News:

“The focus is on cost down.  We’ve got the range. We’ve got the capability and ride and handling. Now it’s a question of how to optimize it.”

Lastly, if production of the Model S truly stands at an annual rate of approximately 20,000 units per year, then Tesla Motors is roughly on track to produce as many plug-in vehicles in 12 month’s time as General Motors.   How’s that for a startup automaker?  Is it now time to drop the “startup” and instead consider Tesla a “real” automaker?

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I would imagine GM and the rest need to get their butts in gear. If Tesla begins to manufacture a $35,000 vehicle, I would think that the sales of the Leaf and Volt will dry up quickly.

They still have some start up issues from financial, distribution to manufacturing but you gotta be cheering for the best American auto story in fifty years. There is no comparing the drive of an EV. You just never want to go back to an ICE after your have driven one. And after you have driven the Model S, you are absolutely ruined.

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