See Tesla Model S P100D Race Lamborghini Huracan Performante


Hmmm … what can the Tesla Model S P100D race next?

There’s a realization that these drag race (and specifically Drag Times) shares and videos can only go so far, but what’s next? Yes, the 5- to 7- seat family sedan will surely not tackle the Nurburgring like many ICE-powered sports car, but a sports cars it’s not.

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Red Tesla Model S drivingThis is not even a goal for the automaker. Tesla didn’t set out to make super-fast performance-oriented cars to top million-dollar, limited-edition, two-seat performance entries.

C’mon, Tesla never said the Model S or X were sports cars. Many a family-oriented luxury sedan or SUV is not apt to conquer the legendary German test track.

But, in terms of immediate torque, and the on-road metrics that you will surely experience in everyday driving (0-30, 0-60, quarter-mile), Tesla is truly unmatched.

The Lambo features a 640-horsepower, 5.2-liter V10. It employs a seven-speed dual clutch automatic transmission and costs a mere $336K. Good luck getting ahold of one, too.

The Model S P100D with Ludicrous boasts dual electric motors, all-wheel drive, 588 horsepower to the wheels, and 920 pound-feet of torque. This setup will cost you about $150K. You can order one (new or used) ASAP and take delivery soon.

Who doesn’t want a 5- to 7- seat family sedan that can also perform. While it’s not stellar on winding roads, it easily tops just about every rival there, too, despite the naysayers. In terms of all-electric, it has not competitors.

Video description via DragTimes on YouTube:

Watch a brand new Lamborghini Huracan Performante take on a Tesla Model S P100D Ludicrous in a no launch control stop light race along with a roll race. The Performante was brand new so the owner didn’t want to launch it yet, we’ll have round 2 later this week with both cars using launch control.

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(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

Another drag……….meh.

Why do you bother even wasting your time visiting and commenting on the drag race articles? You don’t like them, why don’t you just move on?

We like to see Tesla vs whatever on a track, why don’t you post such article? Because tesla won’t pay or?

I love them…keep posting!

The torqued on the Tesla is impressive and the Lambo won because of the weight for sure. I am not impressed by the looks of the tesla p100. It reminds me of a dodge intrepid. The roadster , now I would pay 150k for that, depending on its handling because to me a sportscar is made to handle extreme driving conditions , like the lambo proved at the ring because driving in a straight line becomes boring. I know 2 civics that can go 2 seconds 0-60 but can’t corner, so big deal about the straight line.
To me cars have to be proven sports cars at a track because that just proves their agility. Another thing about that race is those cars happen to be in front of s crowd of people I guarantee noone will look at the tesla , I see it all the time.

or maybe the middle of both extremes… I propose you could take the approach to only post those races which are NOT carried out on public roads… …otherwise it might get problematic to discuss road safety topics and the improvements that are expected due to technology. Why not keep it consistent? IMO races can be fun, if – and only if – all of the people possibly involved choose to do so. There are enough race tracks where those willing can do their hobby. Racing on public roads is disrespectful to the other road users. I get the point that THIS PARTICULAR race was carried out in a quite “safe” way. It’s obvious that those particular racers try to act as responsible as possible… Nonetheless I would really prefer to see insideevs not promoting those races on public roads. Dear Steve, by promoting such videos you might encourage – less responsible – people to try to make similar videos just to get attention. What if those encouraged are crashing (for the sake of having an example which is strong enough to get my point out…) a Tesla S into the Minivan full of children killing those? hmmm. I can see… Read more »


Hm… Yet another drag race article. This really makes Tesla look like a one trick pony simply because of how they’re reported by these bloggers.

And it’s just pushing others to race their cars everywhere to get attention on YouTube.

I really have to reconsider my news feed. ‘water is wet’ type articles are only good for fanboys. Yes, cars with huge torque across the range are better at drag racing than cars with lower torque… After reporting this everything else is to appease epeens.