America’s Greatest Muscle Car Is The Tesla Model S P100D


Top Gear famed James May is completely enamored by the Tesla Model S.

If you’ve been following the EV segement for years, you’re likely well aware of Top Gear’s (and specifically Jeremy Clarkson’s) early opinion about Tesla. It actually caused quite a bit of mess years ago. However, as we’ve reported more recently. Clarkson seems to have changed his tune regarding the Silicon Valley automaker. Interestingly, this is also the case with co-host James May.

May is not the first to say that while many people still seem skeptical about EVs, they seem to be “propelled by magic.” He goes on to say that the Tesla Model S P100D appears to be too expensive. He finds this especially true since the car doesn’t even have an engine or transmission, among other “normal” car things. One would think that without all these intricate and pricey parts, the car would be cheap.

Of course, May must make a reference to the claims that Tesla’s fit and finish is not up to par with cars like those made by Toyota. He also references the Model S’ simple interior, which is made of vegan leather, which May calls “plastic.” Still, he says he’s a fan of such interiors.

Despite all of his expected observations, May commends Tesla for its huge touch screens. He says that he can’t really imagine, at least in this day and age, not being “connected.” He talks about the Supercharging experience as well, and shares:

I​f you spend a weekend in a Tesla you will go to a supercharger, and meet other Tesla drivers, who have a reputation for being a big evangelical. But they’re not really; they’re just enthusiastic about the whole thing. They know this isn’t actually the second coming, it’s just Elon, ‘avin’ a shmoke.

May made a few videos to display his Tesla Model S experiences. However, he is first to say that he “failed” in the video-making department. Still, they’re certainly worth a watch. This is especially true since May admits the Tesla Model S P100D is “America’s Great Muscle Car.”

To see the videos, follow the source link below.


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When gear heads start to talk like that about BEVs you know the days of the ICE vehicle is numbered.

Are numbered, as days, which is the subject, is plural.

Yes I wish I could edit comments but I can’t on this system.

And all they had to do is drive the EV. Words can’t describe the instant, seamless, power of Tesla performance models. Like trying to describe an orgasm to someone or reading about one, versus actually having one.


May did and probably still has a BMW i3 as his personal car.

From article: “… May admits the Tesla Model S P100D is “America’s Great Muscle Car.”…”

That happens to be an all-electric large sports family sedan! … mission accomplished by Tesla.

America’s Muscle cars are often Large, heavy and goes really fast in the straight line. That almost fits Model S perfectly.

Muscle cars aren’t track capable handling cars. That is also fitting here.

That quote is a big deal. It’s the sort of thing that tells people to go check out a Model S and take Tesla seriously as a competitor. I investigated and ultimately purchased my current ICE car 6 years ago because of a Clarkson recommendation. People will be moved by May’s opinion.

May be

If you ask Americans what is the quickest car in the world, many will answer with some Euro gas burning trash, not realizing that the king is EV designed and made in USA. I’d be fun if someone makes a video of such “survey”, kind of like Tonight show’s “Jay’s street walking”.

“Quickest”? Oh you’re doing that thing that Yanks do where they assume 0 – 60 times are all that matter. Carry on.

1/4 miles numbers are also in Tesla’s favorite.

That is the entire point about Muscle car. Muscle cars are about straight line.

Yanks like to go straight because our roads are straight and wide open (may be filled with pot holes, though). =)

I’ve seen my share of competitive driving. None of it was going around turns faster than a typical SUV can do, and it was mostly under 60MPH. That’s why 0-60 matters so much.

So you’re saying things like handling, steering feel etc .. count as well?

Quickest is a loaded word. Quickest to 60, 100, 150, 200mph? If your definition of quickest is a drag strip than Tesla will beat most production cars. But it is not the quickest to some of the higher speeds and it’s definitely not the fastest.

and where in this country can you legally go more than 80 or 90? So in the real world it is the quickest. 0-60 is the real world of competition – not 90-150, a realm where most people will never go in the US.

Any race tracks allow more than 80mph or 90mph.

Personally, despite decades of driving, starting at age 14, I’ve never once driven on a race track. How about you?

I think it’s obvious that, relatively speaking, very few people buy a car based on its racetrack performance. The age when the average person was impressed by some auto maker’s racing team winning at Le Mans or some other race… those days are long gone.

I have driven on the track twice.

But I am also admitting that I have driven beyond 80mph many times (sometimes it is really expensive).
=). I am pretty sure that most drivers on the road today have driven faster than 80mph at least few times in their life…

Well some buy for the reputation or the ability even if they don’t utilize it.

A lot of us have visited said realm, and visit quite often. E90 foreverrr!!!

It’d be even more interesting if not qualify with any number and then ask to 60 MPH. I suspect few will say Tesla.

I think Tesla is by far the quickest car in 0-60mph and 1/4 miles for the lowest price. That fits perfectly for what America considers as the Top Dog in the Muscle car race!

considering that few nations go over 80 on the road, I think that 0-60, 0-100, or even 1/4 milers are pretty good metrics for quickness.

As some have noted,that MS is not the best on a full blown track. OTOH, it probably is the best car on the road.
However, M3 is doing a great job on the track and I suspect that when the roadster hits the track, they will blow the doors off all production car and nearly all hand-made cars.

And it goes around corners; most American motors are afraid of the things

That is probably the old myth. The new generation of Muscles cars such as Camaro and Mustang corners equally as well as the European sports cars such as M3 or RS4.

If it’s a left corner they really dig it, but left only, left over and over and over and over again.

Yep, sometimes over 2000 times. NASCAR tends to get mad fun of for that a lot.

Hmmm, he is ahead of schedule. I remember watching a video with someone laying out the timeline for the EV revolution. In it, they had Jermey Clarkson buying an electric car in 2025. 😀

BTW, though you probably know it, noen of these boys are with Top Gear anymore, a BBC-owned trademark. They make the rather less good, but still kinda good, Grand Tour on Amazon Prime these days – while Top Gear, also rather less good than in the glory days, is now presented by a new bunch of people, including Joey from friends to underline that it is no longer great.

I think the new show is quite good. The recent trip through Colombia was epic. Clarkson raved about another American car too, absolutely nothing broke on his Wrangler as they went through 6 Toyotas.

I’m sure whatever you do is eternally top shelf.

Is Tesla really muscle cars, tho-?

4 of the 5 us working in our shop are kind of “car guys.” One has the last of the Trans Am’s, one has a Mustang show car, one has a Challenger, and I have a Model S P85+. I asked if my car was a “muscle car” and I got a unanimous “yes.”

All you have to do to answer that question is feel the acceleration on my Model 3.

Would love to see Jeremy Clarkson test drive the roadster 2.0 wonder what he would say about that?? Range too short , take off to violent , etc
Maybe Elon should invite him to the release ceremony and give him one to play with for a month, hmmm challenge accepted Mr Clarkson?

Believe me, believe me

Start replacing gas stations with chargers and I’ll buy one