Tesla Model S Gets 5-Star Safety Rating From NHTSA (w/videos)


Tesla Model S Crash Test

Tesla Model S Crash Test

The NHTSA recently crash tested the Tesla Model S in Frontal, Side and Side Pole accident.

No surprises here, as the Model S aced all tests with 5 stars, just as Tesla CEO Elon Musk had promised it would.

As you probably know “Model S is engineered with the intent to achieve 2013 five-star NHTSA safety ratings,” according to Tesla.

Strong construction and high mass seems to (according to video descriptions) assist the Model S in achieving the coveted Five Star rating.

Cringe-worthy videos found further down below, though we should note that never before have we seen a vehicle remain so intact and unfazed by these impacts.   6 Star?

Model S 5 Star

Model S 5 Star


Frontal Test

Side Tests

Side Tests

Rollover Test

Rollover Test

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7 Comments on "Tesla Model S Gets 5-Star Safety Rating From NHTSA (w/videos)"

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Sad to see all those fantastic cars getting ruined. But good that they got the 5 stars 🙂

Seems odd that it took this long (a year into production) for this testing to occur. Nice job though.

The test were done in April 2012 if I remember correctly, it just takes NHTSA a long time to publish the results.

Hmm, that frontal impact looks rather abrupt. It crumples half the nose without slowing much down and then sudden stop.
The side impact looks very gentle, no doubt owning to the massive weight of the car.

I noticed they chose to use the non-pano roof version of the Model S for the crash tests. Pretty sure the pano would be shattered on the side impacts.

I am sad there is no version of the roof crush tests. Musk claims that they broke the machine. I also think may owners would want to see what the rear impact test looks like for the rear child seats.

The results are very impressive. I think they have a right to claim, “safest car on the road”. Volvo will not be happy about this.

Volvo has become irrelevant.

Volvo is selling poorly in the US — its market share has waned to 0.3%

I could see VOLVO giving up US sales completely in the not too distant future.

I noticed the hazard lights come on automatically in crashes. Is this due to a regulation or the kind of detailing that I’ve come to expect from Silicon Valley’s GUI programmer culture?

Very impressive engineering, none the less. Congrats to the teams. Way to knock it out of the park.