Full Tesla Model 3 Video Review Concludes It’s The “Coolest Car Of 2017” – Video


Titled “Here’s Why the Tesla Model 3 Is the Coolest Car of 2017” famed YouTuber Doug DeMuro gets to spend some time with the Tesla Model 3.

Tesla Model 3

So far, full reviews of the Tesla Model 3 by 3rd party reviewers (not necessarily affiliated with the company in any way) have been few and far between; one could say they were non-existent even.

Now, some cracks in the armor of secrecy surrounding the popular model have finally arisen.

The Model 3 is currently beset by “production bottlenecks” which have limited the number of copies in the wild to just a few hundred (all of which are apparently protected by NDAs), making impartial 3rd party reviews more than a little hard to come by.

In this case, noted reviewer Doug Demuro has got his hands on a Model 3 and has put it through its paces thanks to anonymously “borrowing” a Model 3 “from a viewer here in California”.

It’s a 32-minute video that starts off by covering the Model 3 basics that most of us are familiar. But later in the video it turns into more towards explaining some of the Model 3 quirks and oddities.

Video description:

“The Tesla Model 3 is the coolest car of 2017. Today, I’m reviewing this Tesla Model 3 and I’m showing you all of the Model 3’s quirks and features — and I’m going to explain why the Tesla Model 3 is the coolest car of the year.”

DeMuro has a written take on the Model 3 too. You can check that out here. He concludes of the Model 3:

“However, I think the interior quality is the 3’s biggest drawback, and possibly its only major drawback. Truth be told, the Model 3 is a brilliant feat: The one I drove starts at $45,000 before federal or local tax rebates, and it delivers 334 miles of range. That’s a great deal…”

Demuro’s other recent electric vehicle reviews include one of the Chevy Bolt and one of the Tesla Model X.

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As far as hand built cars of 2017 are concerned, this one is tops. It may also be competitive for coolest mass produced car of 2019.

haha, stole my thunder.

May I try my version?

Coolest car you cannot yet have in 2017.

(I’m being a bit more generous as you see, still hoping 2018 delivers)

Coolest car you can’t talk about because of NDA hell.

They found a loophole. Let someone do ( third party) reviews. Good job Doug. Hes good but annoying

good review, great to see more coming on line

Bro you jealous? Just because no one wants to talk about the bolt people like you have to come over and talk about the Tesla. Most will understand the NDA is in place until the product is released to the general public to get everything just right instead of continuing to feed FUDS like you. Hey if you want I can talk about the bolt with you. When are they going to get a 4 wheel drive? How about ACC? How about a garage door opener? How about a larger battery? How about a style that doesn’t make it look like a $12k hatchback?

Just keep sipping that TSLA red koolaid, Recoil.

What no answer? How about I stop sipping the red kool aid and you get off crack? The only reason I could see someone spam just about every thread on a car they never intend to buy is because they are a crackhead.

I guess you are out of real complaints. Keep the bulls*** comming, no one is taking you seriously here…

It certainly wins the coveted coolest car you can’t buy unless you have connections award for 2017.

It’s interesting that he starts with the car being the coolest based on the incredible number of reservations and the hype surrounding it, and then concludes that it’s also one of the best by competing well within its price segment, having responsive steering, responsive technology, and having all the advantages of being fully electric, including the longest range for the price.

He gave the Bolt a 59 which I thought was pretty good. He is well known to be a tough but fair grader. Good overview of the car with a few dings at it’s lack of a HUD, rather drab interior, but overall a very good score of 68.

There wasn’t much fairness in the Cadillac ELR video… But plenty of false info.

It’s true that he trashed it.

Whether that was fair or not is debatable.

The sales figures show just how trash it was. A Volt with a Cardiac badge and a massive price.

Yup as far as the ELR goes – you guys are clueless. There was obviously something wrong with the car’s brakes = it being a rental means they’ve been abused. Although based on the same GEN 1 voltec, the car doesn’t have 83 hp when the battery is dead. The car actually has more power since it has the engine and electric motors since the battery isn’t really completely dead. I’ve done side to side comparisons with my 2011 VOLT, also a ‘gen 1′. The ELR has more power in all modes, is smoother (quite a trick since the 2011 volt was described as Smoother than a Rolls), and handles much better with the expensive totally different passive suspension and expensive tires. The car is 3″ wider and 9″ longer than the GEN 1 volt as the cars’ bodies are unrelated to each other. How can one guy be so dumb? I think he actually overstated the rated range of the 2014 ELR, I believe it was 37, but I’ve gotten over 50 in mild weather, and once got almost 60 in city/suburban traffic. The review to read is the Car & Driver Magazine review of the 2014 ELR –… Read more »

I always thought my Evergreen and Beige Roadster was a Sharp looking car and a head-turner…It got plenty of inquiries from admirers.

Turns out the ELR gets even MORE than the Roadster did. I think the ELR is a good looking car, but apparently many people think the car looks even better than what I think it does.

At dusk, the LED lighting adds a unique stylistic element that is unlike almost all other cars.

Since at this late date Tesla is still having door troubles, they should closely examine the ELR’s doors and actuators.

The doors of this Large Coupe are HEAVY, so you’d think there’d be all sorts of alignment or latching troubles.

Everything about the doors works flawlessly whether covered with snow/ice or not.

Unlike Tesla’s attempts where they have big problems with every door model ever made, these are in a different universe. The ELR’s just work everytime in any kind of weather.

Rather like a scratchy 78 rpm shellac disc, and a CD-Disk both record music, but otherwise, there’s no comparison between the two.

I am *still* not sure what I think of that minimalistic interior. I love the clean look it creates, but I think I will honestly hate operating everything on the touch screen. That said, I don’t usually fiddle around all that much with settings. I figure out pretty much how I like things, set all the controls to that, and then I’m done with it… which means perhaps that I can enjoy the clean look and not be too bothered that making changes to anything means multiple touches on a flat piece of glass that I have to look at to have any idea what I’m doing. The big exception to this is the wind wipers. I really hope Tesla comes around to letting the user control the wipers from the handle on the steering wheel. It seems to me the hardware is enough – it could work like the “gear” selector so that what up and down means depends on what mode you’re in: interval 6 (fastest) interval 5 intveral 4 interval 3 interval 2 interval 1 (slowest) off low speed high speed or something like that. Entertainment and climate and so on is more acceptable to have on… Read more »

I leave my wipers in the “auto” position and then just hit the single wipe button if need be.

Terawatt – Agree 100%. Windshield wipers and cruise control. These are crucially best operated by physical constrols on the steering wheel. Hopefully Tesla will publish an OTA allowing owners to configure the scroll wheels on the steeing wheel to be used for those, which IMHO will be the only 2 things that owners will hate controlling from the touchscreen.

Maybe they can get the scroll wheels to steer, so they don’t spin around on you so much.

Probably going to be software updates refining this, but my impression from a month ago when I was able to test drive a model 3 in fremont was that it will actually work for me.

I was sceptical about not having battery/speed meter behind the steering wheel, then when I sat in the car and used the buttons on the steering wheel to adjust the mirrors and was not feeling anything was missing while driving once I got used to where it all was.

Then when I got back into my own car, I realized that there is something I used to do without noticing, sometimes lift my butt up to peer past my hands/steering wheel, and that this will no longer be necessary once I replace it with the model 3.

Thats the moment where I understood what Elon meant when he said: you won’t miss it.

The car is awesome to drive, I am super excited about getting mine, hopefully this December.

Cool car, too bad only a handful will have one once Tesla goes belly up.

Here we go again…. *mwat mwah*

get a life and leave us alone..

Hahaha! You folks are too easy. You absolutely refuse to believe that Tesla can fail. My next vehicle will be a Tesla, that doesn’t make me blind to the issues Tesla’s having.

Tesla’s stock price runs on pure emotion, NOT performance. The public is VERY fickle, and if Tesla stops being everyone’s darling then watch out.

Don’t kill the messenger. Elon’s already expressed that the Model 3 is the ‘make or break’ criteria of Tesla. And production ain’t starting off very pretty.

ssshhh….the TSLA cultists don’t want to hear any of that stuff. They prefer to bounce only positive words off each other in their echo chamber.

“too bad only a handful will have one once Tesla goes belly up.”
“You absolutely refuse to believe that Tesla can fail.”
Absolutely, Tesla can fail. That’s a huge difference from stating that they will go bell up.

“My next vehicle will be a Tesla, that doesn’t make me blind to the issues Tesla’s having.”
Trolling and then claiming otherwise is weak. Don’t do this please.

Hey promotech, why don’t you look at my body of comments on this website. Trolling is a cute convenient label folks like you throw around when you run into comments you don’t care for. My very first comment regarding Tesla going belly up may have been a bit of an exaggeration (although it’s absolutely a possibility), but your reaction proves my point. My household transportation has been electric now for 4 years, I own a Volt and a Leaf. 2 different manufacturers, and a 3rd in the future when I finally pull the trigger on a CPO Tesla. I have no blind allegiance to any specific manufacturer. While I root for Tesla and love their product(s), I’m not blind to the fact they’re running some pretty razor thin margins right now, and are starting to trend in a very dangerous direction with the Model 3.

Save your labels for someone a little less articulate than me. (Oh, and know who you’re labeling, too)

Enjoy your day

Elon has admitted that he expected Tesla to fail. The aim was to make a positive image for EVs and inspire. Actually being solvent was secondary.

That guy needs to lay off the speed. I downloaded the .mp4 version and then played it at 80% speed with VLC, much better 🙂

Not a bad review actually – gave me my first really clear inside look at the car – and there is more room then I thought there was.

I wonder about the reliability of the ‘cutesy’ stuff, since that has been a sore point in the past- confirmed by the lousy door fit. I’m unsure why the fit of Teslas apparently has to be so poor.

But- many will find the car perfectly acceptible and the car has a cute look to it from the outside.

Everyone will know more after the car is a few years old.

Oh, and this guy confirms the point I made that was objected to, when I was actually RIGHT, that 12 volt battery problems will quarantine you to the back seat.

And the rear windows barely roll more than halfway down. You ain’t crawling out the rear windows either.

Beautiful car, ruined by all the damn door fetishes. If even $35K version has these “disconnect the battery and you can trap someone in trunk” door mechanisms, no Tesla for me even if it can tow. I hope the $35K version replace them with simpler mechanical units, but that’s probably just wishful thinking.

And the grossly mismatched door trim. Easily a 1/2″ off in alignment.

You probably never owned a new car…

My new Bolt didn’t have 1/2″ misaligned door trim, that’s for sure.

It also didn’t have ACC, garage door openers, a good look, navigation, 4 wheel drive, larger batteries, glass roofs, supercharging stations, app based entry and a waiting list. How much are they discounting the bolts to try and get people to buy them…I think I saw about a hundred sitting on a dealers lot with $5,000 off MSRP. It seems they can’t even give them away.

That’s just QA issue which probably can be overcome in time. But door mechanisms aren’t going to change. I’d modify them except for warranty concerns.

The doors? Try sitting inside. No update is going to fix that. It was theirs to lose.

At 28:05, “I think it’s doing a better job keeping it within lane lines than the drivers at Maryland”. I wonder if he met bro1999 in person. 😉

I was born and raised in CT, so I didn’t pick up the horrible driving habits of “true” MD’ers. 🙂

So when we are talking about trolling threads and there are 35 comments and 7 of them, all negative, are by one person, well you be the judge.

Too bad IEVs doesn’t fall under Tesla’s NDA, huh?

To add, I didn’t realize that when commenting on a CAR REVIEW, you can only comment about the positive aspects of the review?

There’s a difference between expressing criticism and just blindly trolling.

At this point you’re simply trolling. Hard to understand how shitting on the Model 3 helps the Bolt?

This was a very positive review. It’s confusing why Tesla feels the need to NDA everything if other reviews could be like this one.

Most likely because other reviewers will comment on misaligned door trims and such. To be fair, when I was shopping for BMW 5 series and similar, most cars were off with BMW being the worst (Porsche the best and most expensive).

They might also harp on needlessly complicated door mechanisms. Tesla is not KISS.

The critism of the interior is intesting I hate to see what he would say about the base model Bolt. I drove a LT Bolt last week and GM seems to have reverted back the their “Interior by Tupperware” approach to car design.

I don’t care if it is a no frills base model, it is still a nearly 40,000$ car. You would think they could put at least a little effort into the quality of the components. For example, the plastic steering wheel felt very similar to the one in the 1974 Vega I drove in high school. Kinda insulting.