What To Buy? New Tesla Model 3 Versus Used Model S

Tesla Model 3 and Model S driving


Watch this to learn about the primary differences between the Tesla Model 3 and a used Model S.

One of the most common conversations as of late revolves around comparing the Tesla Model 3 with a used Model S. Additionally, people are trying to decide which car is a better choice for their lifestyle and budget. The latter conversation is a bit strange since one car is the automaker’s flagship vehicle and considerably more expensive, while the other car is supposed to be a “mass market” offering.

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It turns out, however, that the mass-market offering is essentially unavailable to most people. It’s also not being offered in its least expensive, base configuration for now (or anytime soon). Currently, a Model 3 will cost you $49,000, which is far from cheap. While a new Model S starts at $74,500, there are plenty of used models out there that are much less expensive, you get an abundance of extra features, and can partake in free Supercharging.

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Tesla Model 3 and Model S

Tesla Model 3 or used Model S?

Added to all of this, the Model S is tried and true. Its tech works as it’s supposed to (for the most part), lengthy reviews and ratings, crash test data, and reliability scores are all in.

The Model 3 is a first-year vehicle. With any brand new model, there is still much to be seen and determined. Reviews are significantly contradictory, official crash tests and reliability scores are not yet in, updates are still in the early stages, and issues are still being resolved.

So, which car should you buy?

The answer to this question comes down to your priorities, budget, and timeline. However, the plethora of comparisons out there sure can’t hurt in helping you make an educated buying decision.

Video Description via Caleb Wojcik on YouTube:

In this video we compare the Tesla Model S to the Model 3. After renting & driving both we discuss whether we would buy a used Model S or a brand new maxed out Model 3.

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The Model 3 is still $25K cheaper than an equivalent Model S and has greater range. I definitely prefer my Model 3 to my Model S just because it’s easier to manuever around town and park. Also the low cowl really provides great visibility out the front.

Which to buy a land yacht Model S or a mid size car Model 3???

GO Brand New With a Full Warantee, Dual Motor Long Range Model 3 Hands Down!..Only a Foolish Person would spend all that money on a used S Land Yacht, with No Warrantee, Which was probably Raced , abused & God Only knows what Else was Done to it….

$56.8K CPO MOD S85 AP1 after complete TSLA inspection … I did get new full set 4 of Micheline tires plus the TSLA 4 year /50K mile warranty, with only 44.5K miles this car is still like brand new..this is a BEV not an ICE… still very young in spirit and performance.

Even got my Mod 3 invite 6 days later (now I’m a TSLA owner); the Mod 3 build final cost with all extras was $59,500 (sure I’d get the tax credit)! Chose to wait for standard build, and could select April 2018 as my order month for the standard. Then I’ll reconsider.

One week in Mod S blows my mind. The car is incredible! Yes BIG (um-um good), SOLID (um-um good), EASY TO DRIVE (um-um good), MARVELOUS PERFORMANCE (um-um good)…

But if the S is too big for your needs then certainly get the little brother…

Revolutionary new idea: stop excessive drinking of Kool-Aid, get out of the Tesla tunnel, and notice that there are plenty of other choices in all shapes, sizes and colors.



LMAO, serial anti-Tesla troll Will is uprooting fool cell shill zzzzz on his anti-Tesla post.

Meanwhile Will brags about his compliance-mobile, made in Japan Honda Clarity and recommends them to everyone.

And people wonder what is wrong with America.

Like what?
A $50K BMW I3 with 80 useful miles?
and that is beside his uglyness, like thebokt

Wait, wait, wait…just ordered my 2018 i3S REX and got $26K off the MSRP…and CPO i3 also great option ..the car is fantastic, in comfort, handling and performance…I’m fortunate that my utility is part of this corporate discount program.

I have best of both worlds…now Big (CPO Mod S) and Little (i3S REX) .each unique in what they offer, not which is better, just different.

Two years driving a BEV i3 with 80 miles range…it met all my driving needs, and with my solar the cost of operating the car was only the cost of my insurance, and $50 AZ annual registration.

zzz is correct though. Because one doesn’t drink the Tesla kool-aid doesn’t mean advocating Fuel cells or compliance cars. Loads of good *affordable* and *available* EVs out there with open source charging standards rather than being locked in to proprietary system.

Or a Jaguar i-Pace

Model3 is not a hatch, Model S too big. Model Y should be nice but meanwhile the I-pace looks best

Not the same price unfortunately

Should be used S vs new 3.
And yes, they should have done Model Y first, it’s demand will be insane.

The crazy thing is that even if everybody waiting for a Tesla Model 3 went out and bought every single used Model S, used Model X, and even every single new Bolt on dealer lots today, hundreds of thousands would still have to wait.

A year from now, Bolt EV production should be little more than a rounding error when summed with Model 3 production, unless GM decides to significantly ramp up production of the Bolt EV. That is, unless Tesla keeps repeatedly dropping the ball on the ramp up.

Neither! Not falling into this Tesla trap.! There will be so many choices in 3 years.

That’s an Even Better Choice ! I Totally Agree.. +++++++++++++++

I suspect the Model 3 will cost a lot less over 10 years for those of us who keep vehicles that long:
1) Steel vs aluminum construction = lower insurance costs
2) Smaller wheels and tires = less cost
3) Lower energy costs due to better efficiency and less parasitic loss
4) No power hatch or power door handles
5) Current model S come with Smart Air Suspension which is a another big ticket wear item.
6) In general, since the model 3 is built to a much lower price point many if not most components should be less expensive to repair and replace when they break.

Excellent comparison and not seen at TSLA or in the many articles that compare the big guy with the little guy.

My build invite for the standard is due in April..you gave me food for thought.

Unfortunately, TSLA increased the price so high when all the extras are added that I feel the Mod 3 lost its cost savings benefit.