Tesla Model 3 Sign & Drive Delivery Process Now Takes Just 5 Minutes

Tesla Model 3


Tesla Motors made a smart move towards a faster & more streamlined delivery process

The last few weeks saw Tesla Motors gearing up their production towards more en masse deliveries to Model 3 reservation holders. The company surpassed 7,000 vehicles produced in a single week, with 5,000 of those being the Model 3 and its now facing a new problem: how to get all those vehicles delivered, without ruining the customer experience. Tesla’s answer is a new “Sign & Drive” delivery program.

In a nutshell, this allows future Tesla Model 3 owners to drive away with their new electric vehicle in as little as five minutes, avoiding any possible delays at Tesla delivery centers.

The program – in its core – underlies preparation. Reservation holders are advised to familiarize themselves with the ins & outs of the Model 3, thus preparing them for an easy delivery. The Tesla fanbase is rather familiar and well informed with their products already, so this seems like a rather smart move by the car maker. After all, who wouldn’t love to come to the delivery center, check in, sign the paperwork and in just five minutes be out the door, well on their way and exploring what their freshly smelling Model 3 can do?

The information about this all-new delivery process was recently revealed by a Model 3 reservation holder and r/TeslaMotors subreddit member u/rastal3x. Below, you will find a text of Tesla’s announcement sent to Model 3 reservation holders.

For Tesla, it’s all about shaving time. Whether its production time or the sheer delivery time, it doesn’t really matter. For the company, programs like these help to improve the user experience and expedite the delivery process. But, they also help cut costs and improve the bottom line. Less time spent in the delivery facility also means that less staff is needed to perform the delivery itself. And with reports of some Model 3 deliveries taking over an hour or more to complete, this program clearly has a solid data-driven foundation.

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Mine took less than five minutes, in March. Even if flaws are found, they can’t be addressed at delivery.

Quality and service efficiency is much more critical than delivery efficiency.

Five minutes gives the customer little or no time to inspect the car and create a list of documented issues BEFORE they hand over final payment

When Tesla is pumping out 5K-10K a week do you expect the quality to be better (operating out of tents, more pressure on workers, cash position hitting lows)?

“Five minutes gives the customer little or no time to ”

In as little as five minutes. Reading comprehension is not your forte chicken little. No need to panic over efficiency.

Your online screen name says it all. Take your on advice and comprehend the motivation for these actions:

‘Less time spent in the delivery facility also means that less staff is needed to perform the delivery itself. And with reports of some Model 3 deliveries taking over an hour or more to complete, this program clearly has a solid data-driven foundation’.

If there are reports of deliveries taking over an hour maybe it’s because the cars are delivered with problems,, damage in transit, or simply poor QA at the factory.

Wanna reduce delivery time Tesla? IMPROVE YOUR QA AT THE FACTORY!!!!

Customers have been delivered cars with dented body panels that went unnoticed / NOT documented by Tesla employees during PDI at the delivery center.

Cheap ass Tesla is the only company trying to rush customers out the door before the manufacture problems are discovered – base business practice

33 Electrics — Your delivery took zero minutes. Because it all happened fictitiously in your mind.

Wait, let me deliver another 5 more EV’s the same way you took delivery….

congratulations 38 Electrics! Heck if you can add ownership of fictitious cars, why can’t the rest of us?

“Even if flaws are found, they can’t be addressed at delivery.”

Well you wouldn’t know, since you only pretend to own a couple of Tesla cars.

But in the real world, some actual Tesla car owners have reported that some issues were fixed by the tech who delivered their car.

— Funny how this process TOTALLY omits the new owner from performing a full vehicle inspection for pre-delivery damage or QA issues.

— Funny how this process TOTALLY omits the new owner taking a brief drive to ensure the car is operating normally.

If Tesla was really serious about quality they would implement this new program with the following ADDITIONAL process:


Let’s see if Tesla is using this new process as a cost savings move (fewer staff, less knowledgeable staff) dressed up as a customer benefit.

Your next Tesla Delivery Advisor may be the guy / gal you saw the prior night working the 3rd shift at the 24/7 McDonalds DRIVE-UP WINDOW.

Due to incredibly high turnover in the industry, car salespeople these days likely know less about the car you are looking to buy than anybody who does even basic internet research before buying.

Your BMW salesperson was likely selling Honda’s last month, and will be selling Kia’s in a few more months. For the majority of salespeople on the lot, they haven’t been formally trained on the cars they are selling, and only know what the have read in the sales brochures between “ups”.

The few knowledgeable sales people left are the exception that proves the rule.

It’s really depressing to see how little knowledge car salespeople know about their cars. From my own experience, this is not some random encounters but a systemic issue facing the car dealerships. In the last 10 years, I’ve dealt with Audi, BMW, Mercedes, Jaguar, Porsche, Honda, Ford, Nissan and Hyundai. Even Porsche sales staff is a hit or miss. Most would know the basics about ICE cars, but when it comes to EVs they have no clue. A salesperson should not only know intimately about their products, but also competitive offerings from other makes and make a compelling case in selling their cars. I’ve walked away from a few of these mainly because of incompetent sales staff.

OTOH, Tesla experience is different: 3 hours waiting in line, 2 years and 3 months waiting at the computer, 5 minutes waiting at the delivery center, paperwork completion in 5 minutes, walk-around in another 5 minutes and off I went on my merry way. I learned everything (and more than) what I need to know about the Model 3 way before I got the car.

All the more reason to bring down the dealership cartel.

Serial anti-Tesla troll and FUDster , TeslaPee probably uses the free wifi at McDonalds to post all his spammy FUD here on InsideEvs because his mommy’s basement doesn’t have wifi!

I get more time from an Apple employee when buying and setting up my new $1,000 IPhone but Tesla thinks it is a good idea to do a fast food drive-by for a $50K Tesla delivery?

Go for it Tesla… When the AutoPilot wrecks start to add up and new customers complain they were given little / no orientation, Tesla will change their tune.

(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

I predict as the numbers of deliveries goes up, the percentage of TM3 accidents will increase. Some will admit they were trying to figure out how to do something on that screen and the rest won’t say squat.

You can bet that’s happening now…….lol

Well to be fair, an iPhone is much more complicated to operate than a Tesla… 😛

Eleventy Pretend Electrics owns imaginary cars; TeslaPlease owns an imaginary $1000 iPhone.

Ownership of imaginary high-tech products seems to be fashionable among serial Tesla bashers. 😉

(⌐■_■) Trollnonymous

What? No walkthrough on how to turn on your wipers, navigate the car radio from screen to screen, how (if any) to open the glove box if touchscreen get’s cracked by kids/accident, how to turn on AP/Cruise control/whatever if equipped…….blah blah blah.

Or is it Learn this crap as you drive?………LMAO.

Why would you wait for delivery to learn that stuff?

Much of that you can see in the videos. More and more Tesla locations have Model 3’s you can sit in long before your car arrives and play with everything, and now you can even schedule a test drive of a Model 3 in many locations.

And if you have any questions, you can ask all the questions you want at delivery. Take as long as you want.

“And if you have any questions, you can ask all the questions you want at delivery. Take as long as you want.”
Really? How many recent deliveries have you witnessed of Model 3’s that lets you state these things as fact?

If you doubt my answer, please feel free to go into any Tesla location and confirm for yourself.

Dude, we know you’re angry and resentful that you didn’t get a Tesla Model 3, and had to settle for a Bolt EV. You don’t need to keep reminding us!

BTW — Have you ever been right when you disagreed with Nix? I doubt it!

Since bro8008 still owes me $100 dollars for the bet he lost over 1 year (actually 11.99 month) Model 3 vs. Bolt sales totals that he has never paid up on, I don’t think he will ever admit being wrong.

No, you can still get all that if you want: it says “as little as 5 minutes.” I for one will be switching from one Tesla (Model S) to another; I know where the wipers are.

Since when did you join the ranks of Tesla bashers, Trollnonymous?

When a relative of mine got her new Chrysler 200S, she was given a DVD with a bunch of videos on it showing “walkthroughs” of the car’s features and how to use them. Does Tesla do it differently?

I note that Tesla has some dedicated Delivery Centers in California, and possibly plans to build more elsewhere as their production accelerates. Those Delivery Centers are set up with a customer lounge. Does Tesla use those to conduct “classes” for new customers, a group session before the individual deliveries? I don’t know, but I have assumed they do invite new owners to such sessions before they hand over the keys… er, the keycard.

This may all be true,but if Tesla made the delivery faster, you’d expect for there to be more deliveries, and we don’t see that do we?

Well of course we see more Model 3 deliveries, every quarter. It’s odd that you’re pretending we don’t. Even Tesla bashing FUDsters should maintain at least a casual association with reality!

The user manual have been online for almost a year now. I read it though a few months before I got the car.

As the buyer, you can take as little or as much time as you want to take delivery. Inspect to your heart’s content. Drive it first. Ask all the questions you want. Whatever you want to do.

This is just giving buyers the OPTION to cut it down to 5 minutes.

So much drama by the usual suspects. Tesla gives drivers an option to take delivery in as little as 5 minutes, or take as long as they want for delivery, and oh my god the Concern! So much Concern!!

Concern Troll is Concerned.

My understanding is this is not an option – this is the new process for everyone. If it is just an option than its fine but can we get clarification since others have been saying they have no choice but to do this

You’re wasting your time asking Nix because he hasn’t witnessed a Model 3 delivery with the new 5 minute timeframe, and is just quoting previous experiences.

My statements are easy to confirm by simply calling or visiting any Tesla location.

Reading all your sour grapes posts about Tesla cars just reminds us of how upset you are about having to settle for a Bolt EV, MadBro.

The “as little as 5 minutes” means it’s optional; you can take longer if that would be more comfortable. Previous Tesla owners won’t need more than 5 minutes for the paperwork (plus time to inspect the car). Other EV owners (like those who wasted their money on a Bolt *cough* Bro *cough*), might take longer, but still less time than those who’ve never driven EV

I understand what they are trying to accomplish but for non-fanboys, this is not how you build a customer base/loyalty. Spending $50K+ on a car and to feel rushed out on what for many is the second biggest purchase in their life will leave a bad taste in people’s mouth.

If anything, they should offer something like, sign up for our sign & drive program and receive a 1% discount off the purchase price of your car. Heck, I could see them even maybe doing the opposite and offer – sign up for our sign & drive program for $500 and you will get priority access for the delivery process and we will ensure you are in and out within 5 minutes.

They aren’t pushing you out, they are giving you the option to get out as quickly as you want based on how much you decide to educate yourself ahead of time. You can take as long as you want, you just have the OPTION to do your homework first, then get in and out without the traditional new car purchase waits.

I don’t think you have ever been into a Tesla gallery or Tesla store in a mall. It is super easy to walk in and talk with Tesla folks about Tesla’s while you are stopping by the Apple Store. If you have any questions, you can spend as long as you want getting everything answered, long before taking delivery.

But it is funny how you guys complain about Tesla owners being TOO loyal and call them fanboys (highest customer satisfaction rating in the industry), and then turn around and pretend that Tesla has a problem where they can’t build a loyal customer base……

Since when did you build a customer relationship through a car salesperson ? Who would honestly say that they enjoy the 2-hour time closing a deal at their local car dealer ?

Buying more than 10 cars over 30+ years of driving, I can safely say no to those questions. The relationship is built over time by how well service is done (i.e. repairs and maintenance), how reliable the car is and how much you can “trust” their quality of work and the exorbitant charges on these services. I don’t really care if the service manager constantly calls me “sir” (actually I find it annoying), or there’s espresso counter at the service department.

For me, its the sales person. They are the one’s I deal with all the time – I check in if I don;t get a call from service, check in with upcoming options, etc. I too have bought many cars, 3 in the past year alone and I am still in contact with the sales people here and there. When you buy luxury cars, its a relationship formed – not trying to buy a kia where the sales person sells 10-20 in a day and makes $25 per sale

What dealership do you sell cars at?

“Since when did you build a customer relationship through a car salesperson ? Who would honestly say that they enjoy the 2-hour time closing a deal at their local car dealer ?”

Some auto salesmen, especially at upscale auto dealerships, really do take care of their customers. Perhaps that’s a minority, but they’re the ones who get repeat business! If you don’t know that… well then, you don’t know much about the business.

The “discount” is that you don’t waste half a day at a dealership haggling over financing, or even an hour signing paperwork; you pick it up and you’re off.

So 5 minutes Tesla time….that translates to at least 1 hour of real world time! Customers should have no issues with the quoted “5 minute” delivery process. 🙂

It took me more than 10 minutes to get my rental car today. I already provided all the required information online and they already had the car key ready in the first minute. It should have been as easy as I show my id, I sign the paper, I get the key.

This sounds like a fantastic OPTION for me (yes, trolls and bashers: it’s optional). I’m trading in a Model S 70D that I’ve been driving for 3 years; I know the controls well, so I don’t need an elaborate walk-through. Of course, I’ll take a good thorough walk-around to check for issues, but that 5 minutes is referring only to the paperwork processing. They’re not going to push anyone out the door if they want to take their time giving their new baby a good once-over.


For a new customer with no history with Tesla ownership, no hands-on experience with Tesla AutoPilot, and more credit than common sense, this (rush em out the door strategy) is short-sighted.

YouTube videos of people using AutoPilot routinely show owners with hands off the wheel, full distraction mode (recording themselves) and sending entirely the wrong safety message.

Where is the 30 minute Tesla video on AutoPilot that demonstrates correct usage, potential pitfalls, and scenarios the software is not equipped to handle? Tesla does not want to produce an AutoPilot orientation video because the moment the software fails under the demonstrated scenarios, the civil litigant has the upper-hand.

A non-trained new Tesla owner with AutoPilot is an additional problem on the roads.


“as little as 5 minutes:” means you can take as long as you want, if that makes you more comfortable. Those who don’t need an hour-long walk-through orientation can opt out and be done in 5 minutes.

Fsck off, concern troll.



I did not ask for AutoPilot and the smug and arrogant new Tesla owner that refuses to open an owner’s manual should be the full target of criminal and civil litigation when they crash into an innocent someone using AutoPilot.

When the depositions are taken and Tesla has to reveal via discovery the customer did a 5 minutes orientation, the jury will make an informed decision of full liability and potential punitive damages.
Same goes for the smug and arrogant new Tesla owner that refuses to open an owner’s manual asks for no orientation on AutoPilot and later blames AutoPilot for their accident (divine justice).

Tesla Culture on Full Display

Whatever, dude. Just another molehill you’re trying to whip up into a mountain. No car maker or dealership has “mandatory” orientation; if they did, we’d see fewer punks losing control of the back-ends of their Mustangs while leaving car shows and plowing into parked cars. We’d also see BMW and Audi drivers actually using their blinkers (talk about smug and arrogant).

There are douchebags behind the wheel of every make and model of car, but you’re singling out Tesla for not vetting/policing their customers? You’re right: it’s on the individual to get comfortable with their car and they’ll be responsible for any (unlikely) consequences, and Tesla’s not at fault for offering a “fast lane” for those who know what they’re doing.

New buyers already have to go through the disclaimers when they first activate autopilot on the car. It has been documented right here in the insideevs archives. STFA.

No dealership is required by any law to run through the operation of ProPilot, or any other variant of an auto pilot style system.

Sorry you are completely ignorant about autopilot and the law, and are intently insistent on staying that way and proving it in public. I can’t wait for you to respond with some drivel that simply further proves your ignorance, and your inability to STFA.

I’m sorry that you’re too blinded by your Reality Distorting Tesla Hater goggles to understand the concept of an option.

You Tesla haters seem to all be reading out of the same playbook today: Tesla offering the customer more options is a bad thing!

Perhaps you Usual Suspects need to look up the word “option” in your dictionary… if you own one.

Meanwhile, arrival date of the $35k Model 3 seems to be going into reverse. Lol

Tesla has some really good lawyers…. This is the 1st step towards limited how many customers will get the $35K car as promised.

1) Can’t put down a reservation for the vehicle at the promised $35K price point
2) They can now ‘adjust’ the price for new customers
3) In the Q2 live press conference Elon was challenged about the $35K car
4) I hope 300K customers world-wide that waited in line get their promised car $35K car – Regardless of what inpact it has on Tesla financials

“In the Q2 live press conference Elon was challenged about the $35K car”

It’s rather boggling that you seem to think that “proves” anything.

I challenge you to prove you’re not a serial killer. What, you can’t prove it? Then you must be one! 🙄

Tesla’s chief attorney is Elon”s divorce lawyer, probably why they don’t do well in court,the whistleblower will hurt them as he has a real attorney.

“Challenged”? He was asked to confirm that Tesla still intends to ship the $35,000 variant (despite speculation to the contrary), and that’s what he did. Big deal.

“Just because we removed any mention of the $35k price for the 3 from all of our websites, it does not mean that the $35k base model 3 is in danger of going away.”
Tesla Rep

I think they will deliver some base model 3’s for $35k, but they won’t deliver many.

They dropped all the pricing information off the main Model S and Model X pages too. It has all been moved to the “Order Now” link, where (no surprise) only the options you can Order Now are listed. Meanwhile the specs for the $35K version are still right there with all the rest of the specs for the Model 3

Meanwhile, you blindly make THE EXACT MISTAKE you were told not to make:

“It’s a mistake to position this as a change in Tesla’s plan because it’s not,” she told Ars in a phone interview. “We’re just focusing on the options that are available now for our customers so that it’s more clear. There’s nothing else to it.”

Nix, your comment makes me think of the scene in the Wizard of Oz, where the great disseminator said, “Pay no attention to the little man behind the curtain!” Well, Tesla has had the curtain pulled away and they may not like it but it is growing increasingly likely that the $35k base model 3 will be very rare. And do you know what? That won’t hurt Tesla much at all. A $38k base 3 will work fairly well, and in 10 years few will remember that the goal was $35k.

“…it is growing increasingly likely that the $35k base model 3 will be very rare…”

No, but it’s growing increasingly likely that this bit of FUD will be the desperate last refuge of the incompetent FUDsters, now that the serial Tesla Hater cult can no longer credibly claim that Tesla is either about to collapse financially or that Tesla isn’t increasing production of the Model 3!

Well, when Tesla does start selling the $35k stripper version of the car (assuming that the Trumpian trade wars don’t drive up automobile prices across the board), I guess you can always keep whining that Tesla is giving buyers the option of a 5-minute delivery… because IT’S TERRIBLE THAT TESLA IS GIVING BUYERS MORE OPTIONS!!
😆 😆 😆

Go Tesla!

The last ICE i bought, the handover took about 30-40 minutes and i’d forgotten 90% of it when i drove away.
The last (and first) BEV i bought the handover took 10 minutes and i remembered most of it 🙂

Even two months ago, my Tesla delivery was “highly recommended” to be out in 15 minutes or so. I did a ten minute look-over of the car for major issues then signed the paperwork. Then maybe five minutes of questions and I was out of there.