Tesla Model 3, Model S, & X Dashcam With Sentry Mode Updated


Once again, Tesla makes notable feature improvements via over-the-air software updates.

At this point, we’re so used to Tesla’s over-the-air software update capability that we almost take it for granted. If you think about it, it’s truly fascinating that the automaker can completely revamp how a feature works in every car in its fleet. Just the simple push of a button on a keyboard somewhere in Tesla land and … bam! In all seriousness, there is a level of behind-the-scenes planning and programming for software updates like these that’s hard to comprehend.

We’re talking about Tesla Autopilot updates, and more specifically, the camera setup that allows for Teslacam (the vehicles’ built-in dashcam feature), as well as Sentry Mode. Tesla builds its cars with the necessary hardware, but then uses software coding to make the features work in its Model 3, Model S, and Model X. It’s important to note that older Model S vehicles without the latest Autopilot hardware can’t accept certain updates. You don’t need to pay for the Autopilot software to get Teslacam and Sentry Mode. The car must simply have the hardware set.

The most recent update allows Teslacam to capture and record video from the cars’ side cameras. So, while we’ve said in the past that some aftermarket dashcams may be a better option, the Teslacam now has a solid edge. In addition, Tesla vehicles will be able to store data from these videos, which will assist with the Sentry Mode feature as well.

Video Description via nosoproshop on YouTube (above):

Tesla Model 3 Dashcam with Sentry Mode Updated

With the latest Sentry Mode update, now dashcam is recording in 3 different angles. You will probably need a bigger USB drive now because your dashcam is now recording 3 videos at the same time instead of just the front camera.

Bicyclists suddenly moved out to the road while I am approaching. The truck was next to me at that time and I have no choice but step on the brake paddle until they move back into the bike lane.

Video Description via Ikani Tekalal on YouTube:

Tesla Dashcam 3 camera test

Tossing the 3 camera feed together into one video. Also a dude having fun on his bike down the freeway.

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Hopefully Tesla next adds:

1) Rear camera view,
2) Sentry Mode clips automatically uploaded to Tesla App,
3) Tesla App on-demand any camera view (a lower res viedeo feed),
4) option for custom audio clip and custom screen text for Sentry Mode.

To make it perfect!

1 and 3 are probably in queue if the summon feature is going to work like I’ve read it will.

CDAVIS said: “Hopefully Tesla next adds:

2) Sentry Mode clips automatically uploaded to Tesla App…”

Looks like my #2 wish list item already partially done:

Tesla says:

“Sentry Mode [OTA update] l will send recorded footage to Tesla for temporary backup and feature improvement. You can enable or disable this collection any time via the DATA SHARING video clip setting in Controls > Settings > Safety & Security. Please refer to your Owner’s Manual for more information.”

An option to add date, time, position, speed and VIN would be good for capturing insurance claim evidence too.

Date and time: When the dude with his white car ran into me. Position: Where his bumper hit mine. Speed: He was going faster than me. VIN: It’s my car he hit. Evidence: This is my USB drive.

I still haven’t received the sentry mode update yet. However, I’m glad I stuck a 480GB SSD in a USB 3.0 case in the car back in November. I have it partitioned for both music and TeslaCam. Works pretty well.

Need “Birds-eye” or “gods-eye” view too (like the Nissan Leaf had quite a few years ago)…..