Tesla Model 3, Model S And Model X Compared: Range, Price, 0-60

from left: Tesla Model S, Tesla Model 3 and Tesla Model X

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Which Tesla version to choose?

In the most recent months, the majority of plug-in cars sold in the U.S. were Teslas. The domination of the Californian company was especially high in the BEV category where it took from 75% to almost 90% of sales. This is why in this post we will focus particularly on Tesla and its three cars – Model 3, Model S and Model X.

We gathered all the models and versions (battery and motor options) to compare three basic parameters – the price after destination charge and federal tax credit, EPA range and 0-60 acceleration times.

The three Tesla models are available in a total of 11 versions (some hardware and some software differences). Those versions are currently no longer signed by battery capacity (75, 100, etc.).

Model 3:

  • Mid Range, Rear-Wheel Drive
  • Long Range, All-Wheel- Drive
  • Performance (Long Range, All-Wheel- Drive)

Model S:

  • Model S
  • Model S with Extended Range
  • Model S Performance
  • Model S Performance with Ludicrous Mode

Model X:

  • Model X
  • Model X with Extended Range
  • Model X Performance
  • Model X Performance with Ludicrous Mode

By range and price

The comparison by range doesn’t give us much of differentiation as after Tesla retired the 75 kWh versions of Model S and Model X, all are equipped with the same 100 kWh battery we believe (the base versions seems to be software limited by 8%). It’s expected that over time Tesla will introduce some new offer, again with two battery options.

In the case of the Model 3, there are two battery options – Mid and Long Range, so the step change in range is significant.

By range and acceleration

In the case of acceleration, there is a significant improvement when selecting higher versions. The 0-60 mph time can be cut by roughly 40-50% between base and top of the line versions.

*some models estimated

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“Those versions are currently no longer signed by battery capacity (75, 100, etc.).”

Also, the time estimation for the $35k base version has been deleted from Tesla’s build page.

If you include the tax credit, MR purchased in 2018 was “$35K” when you consider fed + CA + local incentives. Given that MR does 0-60 in 5.6 sec, figure for “$35K” version, I doubt Tesla could make it much cheaper than MR with same acceleration.

i think it would be no problem actually, we’re talking like 12 transistors here

A smaller battery provides less power, but you can compensate a bit by using a shorter gear ratio allowing for faster acceleration. That lowers the top speed, but anything over 88 is overkill for the entry level car. (have to be able to hit that time travel speed) … I expect the motor to be the same as MR to save costs, and for it to have ~6.6s 0-60 to follow the performance trend.